deb i'm just confused and
i don't want to be wrong
but how can that be wrong?
and i'm tired of the game
and i'm scared and i just want him to hold me
and let me cry
because it's pent up inside
and it's going to burst eventually
and i don't want it to be in front of him
because when it bursts, i freak out
i don't know

i just want to lay there on the couch,
grazing my nails across his back,
playing with his hair,
listening to that little sigh
as he wakes up again
i don't want to hear him telling me
he's not ready
and i'm not ready
because i think perhaps we are
we're just scared...

but maybe i'm just wrong
Tink he/she/it is good. i'm better. 000408
Free Free 000408
Barrett touching myself. 000919
Agent008 you included the apostrophe!!! 010118
((opiate_womb)) im a creep... im a weirdo..
what the hell am i doing here...?
i dont belong here.....
i dont belong here...
bzzmel i'm fucked 011207
ClairE sexy.

and fucked.

and not fucked.

How does life DO it in SO many ways?
TK ...just so happy not to be alone on blather tonight! *Waves hi to every one present in blather* 011222
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ...what i am

[& that is a mystery 2U]
[[& sometimes, even 2 [4,6,8,] myself]]
Toxic_Kisses Sick and misorable and PMSing and grumpy! 020104
yummychuckle craving glitter pens.

also I'm two letters one letter
only only only
erin. such a big sentence
to be crammed into so few strokes
of the pen.

but then, without being,
there is no thought at all.
Arwyn tired, scared, and need a hug desperately 020525
Reverend Lough I_AM 021219
p2 why is
"i am"
a complete sentence/response
is not?
yo mama 030705
Jane Doe I am.

what are you?
dudeinanigloo wasting my evening doing fucking social studies homework... 040309
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl in deep shit.
gotta go do my homework now or no happy shiny coins will i get.
dudeinanigloo You get money for good marks? Lucky! All I get is a god damn trip to Dairy Queen. 040429
uiiii sexy 040518
dudeinanigloo Now I'm wasting my evening doing fucking Social Studies studying for finals - go figure!! 040531
kookaburra what grade are you in?
(just for reference)
and weve got to be twins. i was on blather while studying for finals too.
x when rto everyone your dead then youre safe and then retract somewhere warm and take away your thoughts awake asleep make it buriwa sns then not carug us easy fir abd rgw ioutside goies on 040531
jio jio 100215
what's it to you?
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