parsley once this guy said "not yet" and it took me 5 minutes to get it 990628
Colleen Into my hand slipped my prize,
white with pink and blue lines,
folded delicately
by loving hands.
It said "Hi!"
valis how appropriate. introductions are always simple. it gets complicated after that. 991207
Shar sometimes we stop and stare at each other
too close to actually see anything
but we keep looking, unblinking
and i see his blue eyes
and strangely large pupils
and think of how beautiful they are
and how beautiful i feel
and then,
very quietly
and meekly
i pause
and say
Q :-)

(mine are blue)
Brad A simple word that looks like a yellow crayon sunshine. 000524
florescent light hi. 010612
kingsuperspecial the thing that pisses me off is it's the boys that have to go up to people and say it. girls may think you're the yummiest thing since toast with peanutbutter bananas and honey but they'll just ignore you and give you the 'whatthehelldoyouwant' vibe.

I'm done saying hi, at least for now. I'm just going to hide out in the garage and work on my motorcycle
kinkazoid sometimes im too shy to go up to guys and say hi, but other times i have enough guts to grab hot guys's asses and stuff funny how things work out 010612
yummy high? sorry it had to be said 011017
Toxic_Kisses yea, Just wanted to reach out to you all and say Hi, let you know I'm reading, and care. 011017
lou_la_belle hi

hows it going

didja know
i love you?


for awile now

but dont worry
i dont expect anything
not really

i just hope
that when you say hi

you mean more than that
andru235 hi 050902
? what you o ? 051007
%19 Hi! 060712
gala i like the sound of this word- 061008
me well isnt this something! 080214
what's it to you?
who go