psyki no, nevermind, i have nothing to say. 000129
Shar silly Andrew.

I don't understand what you're afraid of.
briana. i'm a world class undercover extrovert. 000225
birdmad pathologically so.

to the point where i only ever speak to the strange blue electric ether rather than risk saying a word aloud.

eventually i will become a silence and dust and can sweep myself under a rug
MollyGoLightly sometimes i just bounce all over people to hide the fact that i'm shy... 000506
Brad Painfully shy, i am, around members of the opposite sex. It's a curse. 000506
skiblu I'm never shy
Only scared
sarpedon There is only one thing worse
Being shy and not even aware of it

That is, I rank (extremely) high on the introverted scale, but I don't think it's shyness. I'm fine around the opposite sex, and maybe that's why I don't notice it.

But briana said it better than I (and in so fewer words):

i'm a world class undercover extrovert.

That's the way introverts and shy people are. Once you get to know them well, they seem very outgoing and sociable, if only around you. But to the rest of the world they are cold, different, and strange. Yes, I know. I am part of the secret extrovert society (SES).

Shhhh... don't tell anyone about it.
amy shy, i think, is scared of people, whatever degree of introversion or extraversion you want. athough the internet is maybe the first broad sweeping gathering of that secret society you're talking about. 000809
Sol I hate being so accursedly shy 010423
MC Hammer ! sharpen my pencil next time little prince.

sol b-day party, hats and mask your goodlooks bright ears. heads, shoulders knees and toes knees and toes.

sol, you sould have come to my 21st man,
you could have seen MC Hammer in the follow the leader Q. man shes beautiful, I'm jealous.
Rugby looks like fun!
blame you know who!
kiss someone that you once thought was beneath you, not class remember.
god dam funny party your havin'!
Sol are you a realtime aquaintance? 010429
.sunshine. my past life. 010505
Sol mmm, fianly we are together :) what relief. and shyness gives way. 010507
Sol mmm, finaly we are together :) what relief. and shyness gives way. 010507
ditto me is shy 010525
good night hmmmmm...
I'm just lost again.
see I don't lie.
and I'm a crap actor.
so I don't bother.
I just be.
[remy] my teacher had a conference with me, this one day.

she said my politeness, my shyness, and my respect for people was manipulation. people wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt, and i was taking advantedge of it.


punishment for being mean, punishment for being nice.

ClairE It's because I was shy that I became loud, and through trying to better myself how I learned to derive pleasure from hurting myself.

Fast_foward to today. People wonder why I can't take criticism. It's a form of shyness.
silentbob "Shy"

the heat is so great
it plays tricks with the eye
it turns the road to water
and then from water to sky
and there's a crack in the concrete floor
and it starts at the sink
there's a bathroom in a gas station
and i've locked myself in it to think

and back in the city
the sun bakes the trash on the curb
the men are pissing in doorways
and the rats run in herds
i've got a dream of your face
that scares me awake
i put too much on my table
and now i got too much a stake

and i might let you off easy
yeah i might lead you on
i might wait for you to look for me
and then i might be gone
where i come from and where i'm going
and i'm lost in between
i might go up to that phone booth
and leave a veiled invitation on you machine

and you'll stop me, won't you
if you've heard this one before
the one where i surprise you
by showing up at your front door
saying 'let's not ask what's next,
or how, or why'
i am leaving in the morning
so let's not be shy

the door opens, the room winces
the housekeeper comes in without a warning
and i squint at the muscular motel lady
says 'hey good morning'
and she jumps, her keys jingle
and she leaves as quick as she came in
and i roll over and taste the pillow with my grin
well, the sheets are twisted and tangled
and the heat is so great
and i swear i can feel the mattress
sinking underneath your weight
oh sleep is like a fever
and I'm glad when it ends
and the road flows like a river
and pulls me around every bend

and you'll stop me, won't you...

the heat is so great
it plays tricks with the eye
it turns road to water
and water to sky
and there's a crack in the concrete floor
and it starts at the sink
there's a bathroom in a gas station
and i've locked myself
in it to think

and you'll stop me, won't you...
nobody special yes that's me. dammit! why wasn't I born outgoing!
Another member of the SES
fucking shy as hell being shy causes pain in my life... maybe next year, my sophomore year in college, I won't be so shy and life will be exciting and not painful as hell. Shy people don't like being shy, okay? Sometimes it's alright, but whatever. I'm not that shy once you get to know me... Christ, where the fuck is a therapist I can talk to? Sigh, I hate myself sometimes. Even though I think I'm alright! Heh... 040630
minnesota_chris I think instead of shy, a lot of us folks just don't get out enough, mix it up with people, so it's kinda weird when we do. 040630
cherise minnesota_chris equals correct. i'm not shy, but i [sometimes] am quiet for fear of doing/saying the wrong thing. i'm just not used to people. getting out and doing things is still too new to me. 040630
tessa I always get it wrong 040630
nighean_siofra to shy to say hello
i'm scared of the memories
to remember last christmas
and how it played out

see i still like you
still see you in my dreams
to talk to you
would mean facing the past

and so i shy away
not wanting
nor needing
the bitter reminder
that you
like me
Pippy toe rot is it ok to be shy or is it a bad trait? 100920
a CURL lover...who is SO NOT Shy love

I am not shy

but I loved this guy

who still thinks he's a rock star

so he's livin the 'rock star'

ok I still LOVE the guy


he's shy

he even has a name
he uses about himself with the word shy

but he's a doll

I know I'm not supposed to say this stuff

I know I need to be quiet and shut the heck up about him already

I know I probly have no right to these feelings about him

he's somewhere else


someone else

I could have been something for him

I could have been someone for him

I always was FOR him

my love does not die!!!!!!


he lives in

Anyway, California

these days

maybe You've seen him there?

ding DONG was he hot

God forgive me

I need to lay low now and be more SHY

about vocalizing

the pain of a love

that never got a CHANCE

to see the LIGHT OF DAY

just *me

the one they laugh at now

and call


I could have been good
for You

I never saw the typos

I know

I was NOT shy

so I embarrassed myself

publicly over *You

I'm quite sane, thanks


I'm not shy

but, I do get shy moments



I will lay it ALL about You

on His throne

today I am bleeding it out on here

and lately

FRIG THE 20 something

(nothing personal, anyone..)

You bees doin that anyhow

out in

Anyway, California


the beautiful


amongst the

what's it to you?
who go