Q What the Heck, Anyway?

It was early, not noon,
and all through the
still always, frigid, house
the powdered caffeine pinging along
tarried my brain to douse
while this hotly electrifying song,
"Her Knees Deep in your Mind"
diverted my finger from tee to nothing
between s'essence and fried lemon rind.

Now, shocked, i do beg anyone,
yes, that's you in your only chair,
this frigidity can still warm to something,
don't you think?

Anyway, excuse me s'il tu plais,
ego amo te;
words are dynamite, you say
as much as anyone,
so, just like e_a_t,
i_l_y must be, right?

Copr. 2000

The song is on the Windham Hill CD "Conversations with God", disc 1.
grendel the antechamber of hell

a boring place
and more unbearable than hell because of it
silentbob What you say when you don't want people to know you swear. 000904
matt the terrible its like koo koo kachoo what you gonna do 001018
ninnescah It's a place where people who are convinced they are holy go because they can't reconize that they were truly rotten people inside. I'm pretty sure it is here that lies numerous nuns that hit small children.... see what catholicism does to you. 010314
Kevin The closest a goody-goody can come to a sin without sinning. 030414
Whitechocolatewalrus It's like somebody misspelled hick, or maybe neck. But then, they forgot the red. All the red neck hicks are going to hell. OK, maybe not, but it could happen. 031108
zoe death to all euphemisms. also, death to all words i dont really know how to spell. 040212
8 i don't wanna go to heck. i'd be bored shitless. 041022
what's it to you?
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