Quintessensual Jeff Noon, creator of Vurf, an alternate reality 991126
enon fuck, i forgot to turn in my blockbuster movie gia which was overdue. money. damnit. 000621
Miner wow that time is like too close 010609
yummyC Gia was a silly movie. Gia seemed like a borderline to me. angelina jolie looked really funny with her boobs bouncing around and being rubbed on that chainlink fence. how kinky. 010709
somenom i was born at noon 050529
Risen Rest In Peace

GMNoonie, Noon, Amanda...

I think you would have loved The Blue, and so I give it to you now.

In my strange personal metaphysics, there is no afterlife in the sense of angels on clouds, or judgements, or an immortal soul... but I also believe that we are more than blood and sinew - that our consciousness is not the limit of our existence, that we live on in others... and that maybe, somehow, the afterlife is made up of moments in which other people think of us. That each time someone smiles and thinks of you after you've gone, that is immortality.

I met Noon around the same time I first posted on Blather, and somehow, I just feel you belong together.
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