blather i blather and bluster almost incessantly. it invariably makes me look silly, but oh well. 980819
dallas all I can do anymore is sit and type and sit and read and there's really nothing going on in my head anymore. 980906
charley is alive. Conscious. Always reinventing itself. Sage. More than Sage. You. Me. Emotions, Thoughts, Ideas, Actions.. Blather is the beginning. Blather likes us. We like Blather. That's how it started. 980907
villier ptarmigan am 376 i have sit here so long that my blather is full so i have go now by 980908
amy one might blather for selfish reasons, to discover the associations in your mind. 980908
eric did sage really know what this was going to be when he started, or was it just another act of random genius?'s funny how even though most of the words are well known and familiar its so much like exploring to see what other people put to them. like, the words just seem to have absolute meaning in my own head without regard to any context but my own familiarity with them. but in this shared place i can see them more as symbols that i unconciously bring my own subjective colorings to. 980909
sage it was dallas' idea, i just wrote it. 980912
eric Dallas is DA MAN! 980912
Emma this thing really fucking rocks, Sage and Dallas. 980913
Pete as if see/speak could really keep me from the ceaseless wonder on the cathode-ray tube alone. 980916
sage new look! go us! 990114
luap how do transient electrons on a glass screen make a community? 990208
Danny I try not to. It tends to be accidental. A spillage. Sometimes disaster, always unwanted. Overflow of thought, not always thought out, escapes, awkwardly, squeezing its way out. 990209
Asylum blather, blunder, fall down drunk sober up rise again why the hell must I blather again? 990616
andrew pure lunacy, this blather, how did i stumble upon it? ah, but with lunacy comes brilliance, and of course, amusement 990624
Dillon malan Oh this is so ridiculous with a wet blather. 990625
TrickMaster it sounds much of a bladder. 990911
David gutteral graffiti, somtimes meaningful, somtimes no, either way it's a sign that something is amiss, either inside or out. One speaks to be heard not to be understood, if we all speak at once we can't hear ourselfes. 990920
Paultopia Weird. Very weird. 990927
THEBEST this is bullsh*t you guys are crazy 991015
h8r (diggety dot com) i wanted to do dis on my webpage, but with my words, and my definitions. i don't know if i'll ever do it now. this one seems so much better. that's just so fucked up. 991018
me much better when said with your tounge. 991028
Nate Higgins Listen rather than just wait for your turn to speak. 991030
Nate Higgins See babble. 991031
lokkust i think it's great because it can be done orally or written and sometimes both at once. 991107
me? abrahadabra: thus spoke zarathustra 991110
kimberly assault with incessant, incoherent, nauseum. 991111
ricmariem um, well, is it important? 991119
seattle -- aka blether? 991119
Alexander Beetle I have forgotten how to speak, I can only blather. How frustrating. 991120
trakie blather is addicting. i come back day after day. can't get enough. prolly cause no one else will shut up long enough for me to speak. here i can write what i think. 991129
amy oh blather oracle, what's with pam houston already, please tell me because it's driving me nuts and i've got stuff to do.

i'll be looking for your omniscience among the random words.
jennifer stupid clown

now I have to go back into therapy
Maq Dreqan It's strange. I sit at my computer for a half hour trying to find a picture of a damn screaming monkey, and where do I end up? Here. Maybe it's cosmic. My urge for screaming monkeys has led me a place where people "blather" about things that have nothing to do with screaming monkeys. How ironic. Or not. yea... not... either way, I still need a damn screaming monkey, bastards. 991208
deb is life

voyuristic, beautiful life

::smiles and tilts her head to the side::
chris i have a little heart it can only hold so much love 991211
susan I still don't get it. 991213
Quintessensual oh, believe me,
you are not alone
kevin adams i am but a man in seek of a love, unlike any i have or every will dream again. i want to have my wings returned, where they we changed for hands. i need to hold again. walk on the blazing sun to see her eyes again.
i need to discover who i am, in the arms of another.
nameless is not in the dictionary 991224
Rob rabbit, rabbit. I know you're there. Yes, I'm sleepy but it's all right because it's better safe than syphillis, right? 000113
bellee it reminds me of when my mother used to tell me not to babble...babbling and blathering seem to go hand in hand. 000121
Q You mean you didn't do as soon as possible everything your parents told you not to? If so, it's never too late to start. (The voice of experience SHOUTS, in case you had a little trouble hearing over all the noise!) 000121
bob speech: therein lies falsehood 000122
lir I like to be a happy lir. It boggles me so but that is fun fun fun. 000124
drew i have not read it in over a month.
since the very beginning, i read it every damn day... until now.

why, then, have i not missed it?
(he asked rhetorically)
lotusflower i blabber, therefore i blather. 000212
amy touches, tantalizes, and it is rather uncertain that it helps anyone at all...
i believe email is better...
Acuhymen i feel the urge to sift through this so thoroughly that it becomes sensical. As with God, the complexity doesnt seem to be ours to make sense of, but only to wonder at and interact with.

then again, its just a bunch of links.
Rachel life, a dream, saying everything you couldn't say. Sitting alone but so close to others. Expressing, wondering. The cold the warmth, the fire that burns within you. 000302
dizzy blather= blah blah blah... 000302
spamboy this is what we are. we compile sentences that we persume have meaning. all in the hope that someone will benifit from our misfortunes. but is it really about helping others? or is it just another way to deal with our grief? 000307
daniel i love blather
there's nothing to get
you just do it naturally
dean-bean What fun! An experiment of syntax. Beautiful. 000330
souljah To Blather or not to Blather? That is the question. 000403
sage works again! sorry everybody, my bad. 000407
sage for reals! 000407
typhoid does it now? 000408
The Schleiffen Man Blather the days away my child
But reap what you shall sow.
Find the way to heaven
If you know which way to go
SomeoneElse I suppose one should have a go...
Yada, yada, yada...
Bla, bla. bla...
The importance stems from the asinine nature of it all.
It's irrelevance stems from the import we all feel in ourselves.
me is a total waste of time. 000412
somebody something somebody says 000417
camille Jimmy Stewart ~Blather

Enjoy :o)
amybeary I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything.
-- SW
Lovely In this state of being, I am aware of you. I see, hear, feel what you have done. Your words are meaningless pieces of trash that dance around my ears, and pollute my mind. What I would give to stop you. Unconscience. Blather 000502
Yoda Here is one of my many RANDOM THOUGHTS....
If you sit down and take a break during work then your not working... if your not working your boss will see you and fire you... if you get fired then you won't get a paycheck... if you don't get a paycheck then you won't have money to pay the bills... if you can't pay the bills you will have no life insurance... if you get hit by a bus on your way to a job interview and are killed.. your family will get no money... if your family gets no money then they will starve and die... PLEASE SIT RESPONSIBLY!!!! By, James Yoder :^)
James Yoder What do i care if you care about anyhing? Why should I stick my neck out for you when you don't even want me to on the first place... Any yet, i still get the feeling that I need to make you become more like me, to make you care... I really wouldn't need to help you if no one cared... But until then, or if there ever is a then... Hello I am, Yoda 000511
Yoda I sit here a computer typing away pouring my thoughts into a site when i should be doing a project for school... What would it mean if i got the project done? what would it mean if I did type whatever i thought into a website... Nothing, I will die eventually and my words and project would be gone forever... Meaningless, a meaningless void which is all our lives. :^) 000511
mungo The gnomes dropped Huck & Finn like just another tree in the forest and the parking lot circus peanut vendor lost his list of cages and he said, “What's new?” Daily-go! What goes on and what changes Billy? I’ll tell you! Cribbage, it's been a funny old game since 1990 when Erik & the cow pits spoke of ancient things long into the night with their underworld drawl of the Puerto Ricans. Mickey strikes Las Vegas but it’s not summer yet and his sister Candy gets married to a land lubber when she found out that the Trout lost members… deaths in the family slumber thump the happy weed. “Golly,” exclaims Mickey as he sets the controls for the war of man’s treasure and he makes a proclamation of his war paradigm that came to him during a mental experience during slumber in an undelecate poetry reading entitledThe Thinner Report: a Sick Display of Wealthwhich was about random and killings. John's toe is busy & stuff. On the big old road, my silly songs stop time with a collage python spouting the words, “I am what I am! Yes!” Rapid eye movement sees John’s two books: “Dark Side of OzandSuicide Freaks Meddling with Fantasia’s Chief of Chieftains.” It’s a catch-22. 000513
Yoda If i get caught here typing into blather, then I get kicked off the school computers for the rest of the year... If I can't use the computer then I won't be able to do reports for classes... If i don't turn in those report's then i'll fail my classes... If I fail my classes i won't get through High School, If I don't graduate I'll be cooking your burgers... I'll spit in those burgers... And Then I will hope that the creaters of "blather" eats one of my burgers... Hungry? :^) 000516
gregg this is pure genius and i love it.. :-) 000516
MollyCule how did this site start, anyway? I just found it 2 weeks ago.

applause, Sage, and whoever else did create it . .
orb this site is blather interesting in the way it stimulates my use of my mind while writing and brainstorming. Like Lewis Carrol and his JabberWok words appear and dissapear to reappear and lead to something more than just the word's original meaning. what is this site?! ;) 000601
moonshine My babysitter owned a crow. 000601
silent bob blather is brilliant. blather is beautiful. i LOVE blather. Blather is my new best friend. i have spread the word of blather. When i was sitting in the hospital after my most recent heart attack from which a polish sausage was lodged in the inner lining of my heart, blather was the only thing keeping me going. i worship blather because blather is my lord and savior. i pray to blather and hope to be accepted as an elitist in the kingdom of blather. ah! 000601
Silent Bob how long has blather been in play? 000603
heather meow 000628
Judeman Uhhh... Yeah! Maybe a monkey. A monkey with one eye. A monkey that says, "I AM THE CRICKET WHAT KNOCKS!" (which is funny 'coz crickets don't knocks, they explode too much; silly!) 000630
dekadent a hypertext done right. a semiotic enterprise. infinite possibilities with finite amount of elements! 000703
bownan blather is graffiti for the modern age... the joy of making your mark in a public place (without legal repercussion)... staking out your territory, just like a dog pissing on a tree but so much nicer... joyously unrestrained mental chatter... 000703
jabbathehut someone help me. my testicles are iching.

moi moi tastes good, even though it cost 7 wupi. those are the first words out of my mouth after i wake up. dynamic hi fi. nailed neil. crayola. what the fuck, im slurpy.
just a good way of taking the piss out of everyone
kim all trapped words come out to blather 000712
eruth be dearest are a genius
dearset are a prophet, but what is selfish according to you...are words not now taken as seen through the eye of a beholder? why is selfish given such a negative connotation in todays world...what ever do you mean?

in response
eruth be i blather hoping to one day find myself inside a certain arrangement of letters and sentences...the beauty of numbers...the glory of the pattern...mabye ill be discoveren inside the screen of the silly man anyone out there...can you hear me...what do you think when you read this poem? do you wonder where i am? imagine what i look like? what baffels my mind? which woman holds my fancy? how my clock ticks? there are only a few of you and i am tired of the arrogance of america...who gives a shit if you are white and are no different them anyone else...and so selfishly, amy, i use this beautiful website to vent my i even belong here? is this even poetry? what is poetry anyway? this is where you choose to use your mind...

is still alive
martin Ruminate at my expense. Missions into distraction. Are these words? Do i have words? These are but words, but these are words. 000712
amy eruth be, what i meant, i think, was that you can play a selfish little game of word association with blather. meaning, you take a word, and see what comes up in your mind associated with that word, blathe about it, and discover connections in your own head you might not have known about before. as opposed to thinking your regular thoughts about the world and yourself in it, finding a word, and then blathing about it. that game would be more of a communicative thing. selfish is probably too negative a word for it, though. anyway, it was prompted when i discovered the word "like" was associated with spiders crawling across my bed (at the time). this is obviously rather self-referential, and nobody would know what i meant at all. and neither do i, really, but now i know that my psyche consists of such word associations.
but really, you can do whatever the hell you want. :)
kim i think it's more addictive than anything recreational that i've ever

Kreeyiss The fact that blather is addicting should be proof enough that the mind-locking phenomona does not exist outside of the SELF...a self could possibly become addicted to anything...

wait... if the "addictive focus" is a force that rewards the mind/body/soul, either chemically or physically, then the phenomonon is an "Addiction," in the western view of the sex or drugs,etc...
but, if the "focus" is a more "petty" thing, such as, say making sure a persons shirt cuffs are straight... there is no "reward" at all... the focus is a mere crutch for a mind unable to deal with the varieties of "reality".... in the dominant Western view, this is dubbed "obsession" and is frowned upon... even though petty obsessions probably keep these people from going Columbine on us "normals"...
just think a moment about how many mentally unstable people there are in the US.... now think what would happen if , one day, these people gave in to the psychiatrists and suddenly ceased their cumpulsive behaviors...

...yeah... OH SHIT.. is right....

i'm glad i smoke cannabis to relax, that way I forget about making sure all the cows on the side of the road are facing the same direction i'm driving...
i get to where i'm going a lot faster when i drive baked...wait, maybe it just seems like it!... at any rate, i know the cows are happier, and i always seem to be smiling....



klarchen Message to cows everwhere:





Best wishes,


PS to Kreeyiss: The cows are not smiling, they are just paralyzed with intense fear.
kreeyis no no no...
i can FEEL what they feel.... i REALLY do, i swear... and they are loving creatures, who KNOW that my intentions are pure, and that i do whatever i must to get through this tangled maze we call LIFE

you should take a drive with me some time... there's nothing in the world like seeing dozens of cows whizzing by at 100 mph, while the car actually doesn't move at all.... if you do it right, the feeling of complete stillness sets in, while the entire world outside the smoke-filled car whirls around, the whole time eyesight is completely double and twisted, mixing with tangential emotional associations....
it really is quite overwhelming...

but, still, the rush isn't at all comparable to the ecstacy of BLATHER!
jeffrey to eruthbe with love:

some people say
when I gotta go
see what I mean did
ya know that the cross wa smade of spit and metal
could have been a microwave if I was not so tall
did I tell you the on about
Mr Ohara
his fancy for oranges and sardines
or the one with an
eddie of meaning
over here now
no still over
here ha ha
the joker was in love with batman but the riddler got in the way
if I go to school and drink my milk like a good boy
then good old andy and his opy with aunt bee
would you like to kiss me ann marie
did not see what the car did in the dark garrage
but I bet the
cows are ok people
you Bastard
you called all
the black people and left
out me
Allen I too am America
I too will howl
stand back
Olsen the maximas of my soul is overflowing
into a timeless rage pouring on a phenmenomical word game
It is all about the benjamens baby
Did you see Icarus fall
I am spent but still horny
I would have got there by noon
but the hookers
Damn the hookers and the cows
We will walk slowly from now on
do not be so sad
I was here after you and on
the cliff I dive from for fun at lake
or on the park asleep in a pillow case
I see my feet
I see my hair in my eyes
with new shoes the original Jordans
The sultan of the air
now for my climatic summation
don't go there
don't jump
don't smoke pot
well hell they have prosac
the damn middle class
I was once Marx in another life
and I invented the bourgeois
but in India they took it seriously
now I am dead
and I AM A COW
amanda no, the word blather has a lot of meaning to me. all i have to say is you people don't understand the power of blather. i don't know where you got that word but you don't know what you're fucking with. 000722
stan Blather: to talk nonsensically. Foolish or nonsensical talk.

Blatherskite: Balderdash; nonsense. A talkative, foolish person.

kreeyiss ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ if you read the dictionary straight through as a book, the effect is not unlike reading the stuff up above...^^^^ 000804
Sava Razors pain you, rivers are damp, acids stain you and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful, you might as well live.
That was from Dorothy Parker. I like her a lot. Blather.... one of these days I will have something to say.
eruth be you know what?
it is a dern shame that so many of you pollute the spring of language with your terrible written accounts of what has happened. yes i just used passive voice you anal judgemental english majors. what are you gonna do about it? huh?

it stinks that i am so hypocrital because the words i have used should have never been used because you used words in ways they should not have been used in the first place.

that bothers me.

i expect feedback.
kreeyiss the focal point of criticism should not be aimed at the written symbols of the language we use and how these symbols are arranged... but what ideas, thoughts, opinions, observations, and (for the most part) WHAT is being communicated.....
the "best" way to write is the way that conveys bestest WHAT IT IS your words represent....
so much more than just the tense, spelling, and formation of sentences go into successful communication via written symbols....
YES.... i am an english major (by default)
but i'm like, fUck traditional views of how we should speak and write... there is only so many words and ways to use them, and anybody that tells me that my range of thoughtforms and communication are limited to my vocabulary is full of shit.
i would agree that an extensive vocabulary can improve thinking capacity, but thinking itself, (and communicating as well) is independent of language...
kreeyiss hEll, just look at eecummings....
to anyone judging his writing from a more "traditional" view of language, he is shit...
bUt... to someone who is not afraid to toss out all that enculturedclosedmindedb.s. that was stuffed into our heads for years; to one who learns how to speak and read and think, feel, and see his language, it quickly becomes blatant that cummings' take on written language comes eons closer to expressing pure thought than anything written in "english" symbols before.
me again in closing, i would like to point out... for the sake of "fEEdback"....
that words can and shOUld be used in anyway that serves communicating thoughts best...mixem around , fuck with em, sling em cross the r o o m.
do whatever you damnwelL please withem, just don't believe that language has any right or wrong way.
its my zumnin brane and i'll lang any way i flaunt .... don't be jealous
Mandi All I have to do is blather because blather is all I have. If I didn't blather I'd do nothing. So I blather. Blather here. Blather there. Blather in my underwear. I like underwear. I call them gitchies. Not itchy gitchies but comfy gitchies. Colourful, wonderful gitchies. My gitchies blather. They blather with me. My gitch and I blather. Together. As one. Me and my gitch. Blah. 000819
kreeyiss i don't completely believe you when you say that blather is all you have to do.... although your blathering gitchies sound fascinating! 000820
Q Blather was officially two years old on August 18. At one year of age, about 1500 "words" had been blathed on. At two, about 7400. I wonder if it will make it to 14,000 by three? 000820
Q Corrections: Blather was 2 on August 19, 2000, not August 18, and the approximate number of words blathed on by then was 7430, not 7400. The question still stands, though. 000820
splinken how come we're putting e.e. cummings on the same playing field with some fluffy bullshit?

wakka wakka.
cathy cow slobber 000911
Indigo ...What is the shape of the universe? Round like anything else, like a ball, a planet or an apple, wherefore art thou thinkinkinking, turning over the possibilities, that's called thinking, if i say "I know" I stop thinking and wouldn't that be terrible...blather be swimming and blather my face before the ultimate shave THAT is the shape of the universe-peaceout. 000924
moo INDIGO !
Not Barrett maybe Barrett POOP! 000924
ryanthered I stumbled on to this blathering looking for song layrics. but i stayed for the brillant conversation. 000925
Raina babble on 000926
shiva i stumbled onto here looking for something (which i don't think i ever found), and now i'm stuck and i can't get out. 000930
kreeyiss AHHH but is anyboby different from anybody? and if so, who is the wiser?

everybody cannot exist independently of anybody,.... so, although the volume and, perhaps thoroughness and quality of everybody's knowledge maybe greater than anybody's, it is no more special than anybody, and probably anyboby as well
is "special" really anything more than a couple syllables we like to associate with an individual to keep from plummetting into an abyss depressing self-reflection?
i mean, everybody knows (but not anybody) that no two things are EXACTLY alike.... everything is unique, anythinh is unique... so if anything is unique, what's the use in reacknowledging the characteristics that predetermine WHAT that thing is...
"She is SO SPECIAL to me because she understands and loves me..."
...well, she wouldn't be your girlfriend if she wasn't any of those things, so shut up....

"this dirt is special, it is suitable for growing cannabis and raspberries.."
well, if the land were not conducive to growing plantlife, it would be more like cement; then we would be complimenting its smotthness, greyness, and sturdiness
anything and everithing that IS is not SPECIAL
valis just blather.
it's all the wandering tribes, coming back to the new tower of babel

if you ask me.
... there is nothing like a joy to move the lips around the tongue in order to perform the ultimate oral manipulation of moving energy from the stomach muscles inward in the attempt to force the lungs to exhale air through the voicebox in order, ask. 001005
Indigo blather about what may may consider sin...murder, homosexuality, theft blather about life-sex, love, happiness and did the dog get the newspaper this morning. 001005
Indigo ...I'd blather about what one may consider sin...murder, homosexuality, theft blather about life-sex, love, happiness and did the dog get the newspaper this morning. Never really knowing it was always mesh and lace... 001005
Indigo oops!! 001005
ass facely i've seen the difference and it's getting... OUCH! STOP THAT! 001021
kreeyis ..... and its getting PAINFUL
....too many people these days are afraid to give in to instinct (as you are)....

it is only natural when one realizes they are in pain to scream out in confusion and wish the source of their disharmony be banished from reality
alon thi sblat heris area lbl under 001030
ass facely i got a cat named tonya. 001030
moonshine Seems as if all blather has become is an Anne landers column. Bleh 001031
ass facely i gave it to anne landers in the ol' browneye! 001031
anne landers and oh was it exciting!

moonshine- do you need any advice?
thebashfulboast Can anyone understand the ebb and flow of my status quo? 001031
thebashfulboast My life outside, I'm an Agorraphobe.
The binary pride is easy to probe.
Here I'm free, My e-life.
alas, life for real, froght with strife.

Are you my parallel, can you relate?
A grey lonely hell, full of mental masterbate.
god i am here for you, my child. ask me anything. 001031
PiRho to blather is to live (life is blathering but in more of a quasi-organized manner) Or is blathering a public declairation of something subconciously manifested in our actions without finding a final resting place other than on a server in whoknowswhere read by whoknowswho

atleast it is shared with those who will find it amusing (or annoying)

god i am the god who is going to cancun for a couple weeks. you can be god if you like (you certainly don't need my permission). satan will be in charge while i'm gone.
peace, out!
glass If I opened like a flower, and showed you all my delicate petals, would you stop to take a picture, or crush me like a bug? 001102
not god well, sweetness. i'd stop to take a picture. 001102
not_barrett how 'bout video? 001102
not god what i'd really like is some high quality audio. 001103
not god but i'd be happy with even a vague representation in any medium 001103
kreeyis (notgodeither) Maybe something done in pastels?
Could that be the medium you crave proper- to depict the likeness of your fondness on a pedestal?
What you really need is BLOOD, something to offer to the deity that distracts you, Beauty's slave
not god just a high-bias cassette would be fine. 001113
kreeyis Just remember... don't leave it on your dashboard on a hot day! 001117
snakeyes WHO is blather, what is this place where we come and share ourselves so openly!! who is the creater? who is the caretaker? is this a trap?? it is good or is it bad......please tell me 001121
insolence a zipline, where she sends me flowers and candy,
and i send her wrappers, chewed up cigarette butts, and a foul stench in return...
i hope my ambition is enough to save me?...
kitten on drugs BLATHERING BLATHERSKITES!!!!!! 001121
Glory Box is a word that I keep trying to spread, but who listens to a flaky teenager with a literary bent? Certainly not her flaky friends. Only those others with the literary bend, and boy-o, are they difficult to find. 001125
- Blathering is an artform which is rarley understood. I lets me express my feelings and emotions in ways which otherwise would be impossible. It lets me talk to those who i have never known without fear of exclusion and lets me confuse those who i hate. 001125
Indigo something that could never be said in an out of the way place, or put to the test without ever being introduced verbally. My mind sorts out the many possibilities of the words and the perceptions of them by others, there seems to be no hope in getting a point across the wobbly and endless bridge that stretches between human beings. So I close my eyes and let the silvery air passing through my lips flow like putrid and meaningless vomit, hoping that someone may find a diamond, or a ruby-maybe even a fucking stone. In the end there is no sense, just...blather. 001125
John Sitting alone in my own transformations caught in between my own babbling, just one more time I swear i'll listen, just one more time please don't leave. It's difficult to keep quiet when you are all alone, it's hard to be boisterous when everyone's around, it's hard to say thee emotions when I'm crying all alone it's hard to keep on going like this when I know this all along 001126
rache Do not listen to a word I say, just listen to what I can keep silent.

It still amazes me the complexties of our lives. Reading so much, that is all so utterly different, and realising it was all sparked off by a single word. I guess that shows all the intricate webs and links that we all spin between everything under the sun. Its the same with dreams. It is impossible to analyse someone's dream for them. Impossible. Even the smallest object can mean so much to one person, and nothing to the next. The meaning also can be drastically different.

It makes me smile to find again all those different interpretations here, the conscious this time rather than unconscious. Reading all the different reactions created by a single word. So much can develop, from nothing.(reminds me of a certain situation close to my heart...!)

One finds oneself,(appropriatly perhaps) blathering. Or maybe blather is not the right word. Its not about nothing is it? Maybe everything is about nothing.

Nah, it can't simply be nothing. before you study chemistry, you believe solids to be solids. A pure substance. You then discover that it is all wrong. Solids are made up of particles, atoms. These atoms, though very close, have tiny spaces between them. The atoms are made up of protons and neutrons found in the centre. Around this spins electrons, which are structured on shells. But what is between the electons? I can't believe it's nothing. Nothing simply can't exsist. Because it has no exsistence, so therefore there must be Something.

Does that make sense? I'm not sure. I don't reckon I'm here to see that things make sense. Its much more interesting to keep pondering, to analyse your own self and everything around closer and closer than ever before.

Gosh. You see. Blather.

Strange. Some people can go really deep and explore everything around them when only prommted by a single word. Others keeping nodding and smiling through life, Riiight....okay! they say. Others shrug it all off with a casual "fuck this".

Interesting innit?
pat sajak yas it is. 001127
Barrett I like peanutbutter. 001127
mike hawk a language spoken primarily by politicians. 001129
Dessert Rat A form of toblave, which as you all know meens to bluff, not true love.
Betsy loves true blather.
kreeyis whirr-nirr-wrey-knew... wrahh nah blah-nahh........ whunununuhnournahnahh...

all we do is say what sounds pretty to is like Icarrus rusting thru sandwhich's nothing we evah sah befah...

ice is my necklice crawling walls of skin to inhahbit my hair
do you care
my my my all this ice and no liquor!
mymymy all this time and no tupperware to save it in.... time has a shelf life of about a moment,
maybe two....... ahhh but t,
fUck, wUht, iS
a moment....
subjective or OB
real or really illUsion
i do not know,
or maybe i do and there's no way to know for certain if i really do
fo-pah & $poopoo
plastic smiles erupt from talking heads
they all vote "y" for superhero-cloning beds
make a take on thirty biznizscandals
and all the children wait for the scraps leftover from the eXpressO cArt of high class goodietooshu-pie
whipped cream in submarinally transmitted diseased dolphins
Pacman Yessssssssss, I think some of you have been visiting this site a bit too much........ 001201
Chris Something I have found.

To try and conquer it is an exercise in futility.

I shall leave or risk suffering the same fate as those who endlessly type trying to make their mark, as I do now.

Shit! Bye...
rache I'm bored. my head hurts. my head is spinning, everyone is annoying me. Every get those days? When just everyone is annoying and irksome. Blha lllhab blah ....moanomonamomnamoanomonaonamo
I hate mocks.just got all my marks back.
is it true if you do well in the mocks then you do crap in the real GCSEs, hope not. I;ve done OK. Niicelyy.
My bastard of a father still yelled at me for not gettin g straight A's. He's so mean. i was really proud with my B's. He has to go an spoil it!

Hmmmmpppppppphhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!I'm going to drink tea. Oh man tea, that deserves a hold link to it'self, if there isn;t on already! yeaaaa.....go visit TEA....
Indigo I...I remember the day,
I thought we couldn't lose,
rRunning round the garden,
In your mother's shoes,
Playing silly sisters,
And drinking green TEA,
'Twas on a cold autumn day,
That someone's car had broken down,
The best of summer ends
When you give a celebration,
We can leave but really can't go,
It would ruin the celebration!

wexlerrrrrrrr fuck blather! 001209
Megan This site rocks. 001211
kx21 BLATHER A to Z:

Q: Q&A
X: X2Y
LeVi click the name, sarah. 001225
tweedle is a shitload of incomplete sentences. 010103
Daily Allowance blather.html is now a fucking huge file - 373k 010103
green_demon_1 Once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered weak and weary,

over many a quaint and curious volume of frogotten lore--- while i nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

"'T is some visitor'" said I' "tapping at my chamber door---

Only this and nothing more."
Zeroshin Obstreperous. 010118
johnboy poop 010122
squirrel free association
-er, it is free, right?
this tastes like 010125
Seth I love playing word games. This is one of the most fun I've seen. Thanks to all who've provided it. For your time. 010128
cletus what advice would you give to someone who is not very good at expressing themselves through words? 010128
cletus P.S.
Who here likes the movie "sixteen candles"? Cause I,m watching it right now.
cletus Anyone? 010128
cletus Seriously, I don't mind being condecended to, just talk to me.
I'm very lonely.
cletus Awww.....Screw you guys, I'm turning off this fucking machine. 010128
cletus And don't say anything mean about me while I'm gone. 010128
cletus If you're real lucky I might even come back. 010128
cletus I'm a person too, you know! 010128
cletus I,m not the type of person who gets my kicks just sitting around talking to myself. 010128
cletus I have other interests, you know.
I'm not just going to sit here and wait for someone to respond. My wife is sitting in the next room and I have more constructive ways to spend my time.
BitchRich disjointed epic dialog
entertains me thoroughly
kx21 what advice would you give to someone who is not very good at expressing themselves through words?

Conventional Advice from
Perfectionist / Unconventional Advice from Idiot: Keep away from words

Conventional Advice from Idiot / Unconventional Advice from Perfectionist: Blather more with words.

What are Conventional and Unconventional Advices from practitioner?

Are you the perfectionist or idiot or practitioner?

Copyright 2001
kx21 Answer:

Advices from Idiot & perfectionist divided by Two, and
Conventional = Unconventional...

It implied that the advice from the practitioner is somehow confusing...

And thus, Wise man could be a fool &
vice versa.

Copyright 2001.
SCOTT darkened dreams
blather seams
good way to vent
alex311swim the ever constant changing minds of millions that converge in one place to be interpreted as one.

Its the constant change that we all go throug, just as we change. We "blanther" our emotions, problems and ideas, and yet we still have more to "blanther" about...
cletus Stop it!!
You're making my brain hurt!
cletus Oh!
and by the way,
the answer is,
I'm the practitioner of idiotic perfectionism, that is, I've perfected the practice of idiocy, or in other words, I've got a P.H.D. and I've just opened up a practice in which I assist my client in the persuit of the perfection of ultimate dipshittery.
kx21 Dear cletus,

Who is the IDIOT of US' 2000 Presidential Election,

George W. Bush or Al Gore:-

a) Before the Election

b) During the Election and

c) After the Election?

What are your professional advices for the Idiot(s) at stages a), b) and c)?
carey talking and blathering he peared through the tiny hole and saw what the big picture really was... 010207
kx21 from zero to infinity,
from SHIT(s) to STAR(s),
me pervert 010208
cletus Dear kx21,
If you don't already know the answer to that question, then I'm just stupid enough to answer it. The answer, which I believe is obvious to at least 50% of the population of this country, is good ol' Dubya. The only advice I have for him and the other half of America is to suck on Janet Reno's waddle while John Ashcroft along with Pat Robetson and all his other little 700 club buddies cram fourteenth century governmental mind control scare tactics up your poop shoots
cletus Dear kx21,
If you don't already know the answer to that question, then I'm just stupid enough to answer it. The answer, which I believe is obvious to at least 50% of the population of this country, is good ol' Dubya. The only advice I have for him and the other half of America is to suck on Janet Reno's waddle while John Ashcroft along with Pat Robetson and all his other little 700 club buddies cram fourteenth century governmental mind control scare tactics up your poop shoots.
cletus it was such a good point, I had to make it twice. 010208
... Hey, just out of curiosity, how do you Americans feel about your from of "Democrasy". You have only 2 candidates, 2 parties. Is this an accurate representation of you as a nation? A democracy should be made up of many parties, so that everyone gets to represent their people in government. But then if you did it that way, ol Dubya, (or whatever his name is, that dude from texas) wouldn't be playing God in the White Building thingy right now. 010211
... The NZBC would like to take a moment to make a general apology. In the last statement/question(s) put forward by the NZBC a typing error was made. The word "Form" was spelled "From", which is a totally different words altogether. We would liek to apologise for thos mistake. WE are sorry. We are so, so terrebly sorry. 010211
... Oh, crap. Ma', I dun it again. 010211
kx21 Such a profound thought!!!

A right Structure for so called Good Democartic Nation, i.e. US:--

No. of Prime in political parties should be more than No. of major religions (four?) and less than no. of main languages (seven?) in the World,

i.e. Five or six prime political parties.

This conculded that US is not a Good Reference for Democracy...
And probably all Countries are bad reference for Democracy...
And Democracy is only a buzzword created & used by some renowned political leaders / scientist to justify their existence ...
... Well thought answer. I suppose that there is no real difference between governments, or political parties. Things go on regardless. You may have a good president (not that you do), but is his assistant a good man? Because he is president to. And the cabinet officials? They are president as well. 010211
speaknoevil blather is artful,
like the schizophrenic.
premises but no arguments,
nothing to interrupt the flow,
and nothing to force it.
Kevin I felt for the light switch and stubbed my toe on the doorjamb, naked, alone (I think) and completely in the dark there was no way of knowing, no way of guessing... A slight howl as I grabbed for my foot and lost my balance. there was no pain, no way of knowing. A few hours later as I lay face down on an operating table, I could hear them whispering about me and the muscles in my shoulders clenched in shame. Silently I wept as I listented to the "major debate" between the members of the staff as to discern, uncover or rather to even EXTRACT the real that "'oiled up boy'" in op room 12C had a potato lodged in his rectum.

the secret was not 'how' but rather, that it felt-GOOD...
firehunden ice cream





Erin All of us here think into things to makes me feel that im not the only deep person in the world 010225
erin the luftwaffe yeah like a puddle 010301
surreal the waters of my mind begin to muddle, that shirt smells like sausage,
your breath like frozen language. i will choak on your shirt.
surreal before you choak on my skirt 010301
johnny west always remember to shave your navel. 010304
borint is this a true experiment or just another example of how bored people are that they have to trawl the internet contributing to this kind of crap 010307
nocturnal hey, you don't like it? let me show you the door. 010308
monadh please make me a home in here
I have to rest somewhere
and this place seems to have such
fine phrases
calming expressions
I need to wake and rise
and feel the fresh spring rains
if only I could sleep in here a while
perhaps I may find a sanctuary
of thoughts and words
to carry my heart
erase my longing
quiet my sorrow
mikey thank you for being here. for giving me something to do thats constructive. for giving me the chance to maybe make a my life or in that of another.

for giving me a place to rant, share,cry, vent,indulge,hate,love,laugh,smile,debate,object to,make friends, make enemies,express myself,kill time
kx21 The Spice of Mind,
The Soup of Brain...
Kass Oliver. I hate you. 010312
cheeze blather is fun

and don't say i hate you to oliver
kx21 It's nothing more than Q_As... 010316
laura what a creative idea. it's great.
i have no idea how i got here,
but i will be back.
Chrity I need people to create meaning for the word, "eny". It's a CONTEST! :) 010408
Chrity Mikki is my best_friend,
and I blathered her in!
Chrity mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq

Chrity I_have_words 010408
Tim!!! tim blathers at you 010411
eeeeeeeeeeagzehhhhhhnzarys ayg aeyhaeaeaetadyyuuuuughteatg6yauegtwr7iayufaeazfdovzoomkfhhhubububiouysrauigvhusfhsuzfdshyguzxc hfyudzguvfdywzisofjodfajfgoiiofigo8iowwwwruoklsfjetijglddilreelifmtkuretmucfncidnogmbmvhdndjgmfye,anduu ioikxdjdfondgfnfcnjfjfchrfdjjrhrdjzvxofokfnfnnfjkofcfvn sdmdzixnfsdnzjcsjduddwannafvcaBnhakjmdjvjnvnhahqasanjmv mvnvnnvnvlsdi 010418
pinkish all search engines lead here. 010419
flo who has words?
do you?
there is less space in here than there used to be.
i remember when i could run.
now i seem to be sitting hunched, the ceiling forced down upon my back, the walls pinning my arms and knees.
ther are no words anymore.
there simply isn't the space.
Sol modeerf snaem rehtalb 010422
MercynRe virtual crack for pseudo - intellectuals... and college kids with no sleep and papers due. 010427
syd I don't think language could never let me forgetting myself but I'm getting lost in all the words that I wanted to say or that I would say, or that I will say soon, or all the words that I've said - maybe thay are taking the control in my mind, thay could go out of me without any control, without any discussion, and I can't help leaving them freee, of an explosive freedom that could fuck and blow up my brain ,so that I don't know really what I'm saying, and I'm trying to forget, and the only I could is... blather 010427
yoink Spilling his materia all over the keys in such a slapdash manner that even the Gods would be jealous. Honor, morality, and fear are thrown out the ventana. Stop trying to sell me this shit, and stop calling my fucking house. I KNOW IT'S A COURTESY CALL, SO STOP BEING SO DAMNED UNCOURTEOUS!
i once ate a cricket
blindforyou insignificance of their words is lost on finger can't hold the weight of ignorance...but must be subjected...too much pride...swimming in an empty pool...too much nepitism...carved into your sides... 010508
Miner Oh dear, I really hate this word, for some reason it makes my mind fall to pieces every time I try and put something for it…… doesn’t it?

Yup really messes with our mind, we really have no idea why, but at least it makes for an interesting(ish) conversation when nobody is on and we haven’t got a book to read or have had enough practice playing instruments we are no good at or anything else.

You’ll have to excuse him; he tends to babble on a bit

No I don’t you stupid fool, all because you cant think of anything to say, just sit there all quiet and looking stupid while everybody else has fun.

He also tends to be a little dumb, and aggressive, poor fellow.

Yeah well at least I’m not a poncy pratt. You spend all your time being nice to everybody else, and then putting me down when nobody is looking, what does that say about you, you two f aced bastard.

Now that is just not true, you know I’m only trying to look out for you, give you advice when you need it, and point you in the right direction when your unsure.

Oh, well in that case, hiya, how are you doing, and umm can we be off now I need a drink.

Hello, imp fine thanks, come on lets go get a drink, I think we could both use one after that.
nocturnal that was creepy. that sounded exactly like the conversations that go on between two of the voices in my head. one's always saying how stupid the other one is, and the second one's always telling the first to shut the hell up. it just goes on and on. it's awful to have to sit through, but one can never escape their own mind. 010508
ReapersBlade2001 Empty Lives

rever scarred without repair
I stand atone
Too depressed to care

Insults plague my soul.
Killing it one. piece at a time,
I tried fighting it
But it is Such a crime

My mind ishaunted by
mistakes and voices
I'm in a room
Dark with no choices

I'm at the end of the pope
there is no where to go
My death is near
I just know
snow_angel sometimes I talk and no one listens. but I dont care because Im so crazy that its just a bunch of nonsense and it doesnt make any sense anyways. I want people to know that I have the funniest outlook on life and I will never get mad if you ignore me cuz Im damn happy in my own little world. 010511
DannyH blather, v. orig. dial. [variant of BLETHER v.] intr.

To talk foolishly, talk nonsense. Often in ppl. a. Hence 'blatherer, a foolish talker (1866 in E.D.D).

1825 BROCKETT Gloss. N. Country Words 18
He blathes and talks, is a common phrase where much is said to little purpose. A person of this kind is .. styled a blathering hash.

1891 KIPLING Light That Failed iv. 59 If you were only a mass of blathering vanity,..I wouldn't mind

1920 D H LAWRENCE Touch & Go III. i. 76 They've got a set of loud-mouthed blatherers and agitators among them.

1951 J WYNDHAM Day of The Triffids i. 15
Gentlemanly tones which blathered about this 'magnificent spectacle' and 'unique phenomenon'

The Oxford English Dictionary 2nd Edition 1989
ladybird This is a very beautiful place. Language amazes me: the sheer impossiblity of it. I think this site is just gorgeous.
My ex-boyfriend quoted at me on Thursday: "art is what makes you proud to be human." (I know he nicked it from someone else, I just don't know who)
My conclusion: this site is art.
melvinwang my mind does it anyway, why be ashamed of my own thoughts? that would be fake, you know 010515
Jesse there was once a girl i knew named Jolie, her hair was pink and her cheeks werent rosy. one day she turned to me and said with a grin lets go drink some gin...i apologise everyone....that was dumb 010516
just another one of them people you worry about yes it is Jolie who has the green ball of flem... 010516
Jesse jolie is not a person 010516
frozen a habit that's too easy to leave behind.
change your identity daily, and no one will care.
the repeater

lovely-ugly dancers
floating downstream
carelessly sinking into the new-dream
wes the machine gone bazerk due to overload of input resulting in the the mass slaughter of languistics reflected by a bloody mess of puzzle pieces that probably made sense before they were disected into the shreds of nothing that they now are. 010522
mer the refreshing breeze of the altered senses smellingwith the eye hearing with the skin touching with blather 010603
zeegirl I'd blather be silent than live in a zoo. 010608
User24 do you ever wonder if
a) fate brings us to blather
b) there is non-one but yourself on blather, and the rest of it is either

a)your subconsciuos spelt incorrectly, or
b)a super elite team of a global government, tracking your every move?

No, i dont either.
black-dyed gel product BLAH BLAH BLAH!! I'm sick of everybody whining on blather. "Ooh, my boyfriend doesn't love me, my arm hurts, my dog spot ran away. " BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Stop whining on blather and get a therapist, or better yet get a carton of Cherry Garcia. I'm gonna stop posting for tonight, and hope there's less whining tomorrow. (OOH, LOOK WHOSE BEING INSENSITIVE. JUST KEEP WHINING ABOUT IT!) 010610
Allison I don't understand it. It's so mixed up. No one can explain it to me. What is blather? 010611
Dafremen Blather IS. That's really all you need to know. 010611
Pythagorus Hey, user24, your "what ifs" are close to home. I am the Janitor/Prisoner at an underground military mega-fortress in the Alaskan mountains. I created blather within the A.I. corridor on sub level 26 in my spare time, you know, in between mop-strokes. It somehow "leaked" onto the internet by unknown methods. I suspect it became sentient and figured it all out, or perhaps it was discovered by the Military Scientists, anyway - now they will know that it was me, so please help me to escape! Oh no! What was that? I Heard some-!

Uh...just simulating, ignore that previous post by him, He was just kidding, we will be watching you.
kodakrome if blather you'd rather
that's fine
but a pitchfork in the pork
is not my idea of anything to do
with my time
personally i'm partial to rhyme

as long as it is deft and not bereft
of the reasonable and the sublime
kodakrome if blather you'd rather
that's fine
meeshie jolie blathers all the time 010617
Sheena the one word that can confuse but yet make so much sense to one simple mind. i take it this site was created for that purpose. some will get it and some will go away confused. hopefully ull get it cause it took me awhile! 010618
josh blather---well its good to write out how certain words make u feel. it helps u releave tention and it could help other people who read what u wrote. weither u think so or not, your opinion will influence others. Some people struggle with putting their emotions into words..if they feel the same way towards a subject as you do, you could really give them comfort because they know that someone out there understands their point of view. 010618
sgsdg this is tight 010618
dB Why is it here? Who created it and for what reason? I know that the home page kinda tells us a little.
I think maybe this is kinda like a mini text based version of the matrix. What if the creator is there watching us?
Or what if it's like the ruler of the universe in the Hitch-hikers_Guide_to_the_galaxy?
black-dyed gel product why is no one ever on at 2am? 010618
nocturnal I feel ya. this place gets kinda slow right around this time. it sucks. 010618
toga jolie plays this game alot 010623
mygestalt the collectivity of conscious thought brought to you by the minds of the internet.... 010623
mushroomman Blather is anything you make it to be 010625
User24 black dyed gel product:

oh fuck i totally forgot what i was going to say....

be right back.
boner blather is cool, but bleating would have been better. So all the fat cows of the world could also join in. And don't forget your daily sucky and fucky. Now it's Chabba time.. 010717
st3fan for me blather is a very beautiful piece of code and it defininetely belongs to a new art of writing!!!
Sometimes I feel like it´s a mr.j´s for people who mostly like to read and sometimes write but long to experience a new way of conversational interaction. Not comparable to a chat or a forum.
I just wished it would have been made more "opensourced" :)
black-dyed gel product I hate blather 010717
black-dyed gel product I love blather 010717
illya23b more! more!
abstraction is the key here.
and i should hardly be here.
associations, at last:
raw materials for a Glass Bead Game.
now let us make some culture.
gretje blathering fools
like oatmeal on smack
my brain is cracked
blither, blather,
words twist into nothingness
pixels blather into imagery
i peer at the shaded pixels of
others moving silently
kx21 Tell me how to create and build a Whole
I will tell you how wonder you are...
kx21 Specifically
how to create and build the Whole
in Blather...
I will tell you how wonder you are...
Fire&Roses when you talk... things start out making sense. Your sane. Then suddenly it all goes wrong... something slipped. That fine line between reality and illusion has shattered and broken. You grasp desprately try to hold on. Trying to make sense. but your thoughs continue to tumble forth randomly... without purpose. 010723
melda jolie had a little quacked upon her knee 010725
jacobcansk8 felling smooth feeling something new not feeling for you liking my new style liking the new wild i have inside i guess i am changed for the better she hurt me and i don't care anymore jah live jah work jah die jah music make you feel high rember songs of redemption rude boys are living bob marley was right everything little thing is gonna be alright 010728
seg what? whither blather which i stumble upon? what mindframe is this? which project fun? good words have you? good words have anyone? morphine speaks slowly but oh so clear............ 010803
TaterHead have it or you don't... be perceived with the mind...
...its all in your head...
...everything about blathering can be described by one thing...
...listen to clint eastwood by the gorillaz... sums it all up...
deanne blather like the wind does as it hits my umbrella on my picnic table 010808
The Editor blather is twisty tangly delight.
but really it will take your mercy.
let us know who blathes
victor godot just as mr. Beckett bla-bla-blatches still today sitten in slight bothering pains yet unvanished e/e/cummingly re-arranging pastiche of what others quite demanding sign-researchers call semiosis-which-is-life, here it came and comes self-stretching to the goal in lust and luxury which other call sin the so-fascinating nouveau regime of great romance bla-blathered.

excitement penetrates the Gates of Achievement.
lost is a good safe place for me. 010817
you im trying to find zack. 010819
kx21 It's a flavor of The_string_between_stupid_and_Q_As... 010819
innermountingflame slather
like jely
on my belly
wordy terdy
hurdy gurdy
Dance little monkey
chocolate bootay I know a female who never blathers..

it makes her beautiful.
ghettobitch nerd 010917
wetdream lost is extreamly gay...........soo....WHATCH OUT!!!!!! 010918
Norm what's it to you? blather
where go from
Wicket water, as crystal as tears, as fluently as thoughts...drown in it, never coming back... 010922
a girl we throw our words out here
but they don't end up too far away
always at our fingertips
just reach in a pull them out
in conversation
why is it so much easier to express ourselves here?
Juve WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF THIS THING??? AM UP TO HEAR WITH IT. JUST QUIT THE FRIGGIN SITE AIIGHT??? hEY THAT RYMES. OOOPS WHADDA'YA KNOW...MY CAPS ARE ON. LOL. sorry for that. for what? shut up! Leave me alone, i wanna be alone. I am schiz·o·phren·ic but we are okay now. Very funny. Well you aren't at all funny yourself.
So what?! I drive to skool...i rode the little bus today! Wait! We are the same people. How can you ride a bus if i drive. who cares, just stop typing. OKAY YOU BOSSY SONABITCH. hey kuitchyabichen!!! Huh?!?!
Laura Sweet heroin(e)
Cuts euphoric
You devour truth
zaycontessa japeers craypers, and I thought it twas blither all this time! 011009
tate Jesse is weirder than a gang of drunken mimes 011010
nanny i was sure that i had said my peace about this before, but i guess not. well, i have now. 011011
Juve see juve
see ebonics
see black_english
see slang
see nigga
Juve see juve
see ebonics
see black_english
see slang
see nigga
see haters
jenniferAB convoluted daydreams drift through my mind...unbidden, and with no thoughts of leaving 011014
blather alus yes...Jesse is like that 011015
blather alus yes... Jesse is like that 011015
Ladakh Buddhess I stay up half the night
listening to the crazy, mad
thoughts glistening in this
empty, sad cavity of a mind-
These questions
of universe
Scribbles incontinent
Flowing prayers
Flowering visions
sjy65ugshj blather: a pity fuck for the masses 011029
Alexander Beetle To create (a) blath(e). 011029
anti-social butterfly i happened upon this site by accident in a search for jem and the hollograms videos (don't make fun), and it is the best accident that's happened to me in a long time. i love this place. 011030
AnGelA I came across this site because I was looking for or for the free mp3 download site. Anyway one of the site's is someone's homepage called webfreaks and they have a link to this site. I love it! 011030
Jol I stumbled onto this site looking for
bootlegs of "the Doors"

now I keep coming back.

It jumps out so I speak/write it

I wish it to jump in as well so I read
anthony broomfield confused thoughts ramble clear in purpose, oblivious to home
typing senselessly and spewing forth nonsense believing there is truth outside
look within and see the blather of home
there is your purpose
remain still
can you hear it?
blather at its best
Solstice Is this heaven? Where everyone can speak their mind, about anything. Even if it isn't important. If you have news you just HAVE to tell someone, or just think aloud, whatever. Sharing your thoughts with other people, sometimes it helps to organize your thoughts (sometimes it makes it worse). But finally I have found a place to talk about my new boyfriend, and all my feelings and thoughts about it. I think I am finally home. 011104
Josh Lamb Blither Blather 011105
gooooooooooooooo my fairy tale queen...insomniastic dreams and chlorine-filled chimes...spingling timmy shams and goblets of rabbalams. shimmer and blow for this is the end 011113
smirk mwahaha smelly cat...:) catty smell catty smell feeding what you are they? smatty cell smatty cell fault not your its..... 011113
blushingpoppies love 011119
... ...endless words dancing around in my head... beginning... end...
...have no discretion...
jealousy kitten hooray.
blathering is fun.
CJ it's what i do every day
in my little carlyjo way

my soul is love and I am me
life is only bad if evil clouds pass over
good will prevail and freedom will take it's rightful place.
Bide time well it will run out.
Annie111 i just discovered this and it is amazing. Like the end of the internet, but better. I love that there is no explanation, just words. all we have are words, and sometimes looks. 011127
ClairE I heart blather.

Isn't everything anyone has ever said or is saying or ever will say blather, anyway?

There's no true commnunication.

That's why it's so fun to try.
ClairE Fuck, Annie beat me to it because *I* took the time to read everything.

I have to write a five-page paper on the ode. Tonight. Nothing doing.
ClairE Shit, I still haven't started. Now 10:25. Ick. 011127
ClairE Sounds like "slather".

Which makes me think of butter or suntan lotion.

Same diff.
ClairE Hey, what happened to my "rhymes with "slather" comment"? Fuck.

Anyway, I said slather makes me think of butter and suntan lotion, and that there's not much difference.
ClairE Anthony: so what up

ClairE: eh
C: blather
C: but i am going soon

Anthony: blather lol dude man
RAH RAH 011205
ClairE Sometimes I_fucking_hate_you. 011205
Youre Too Loose 011205
Schmoo want to live, want to love, want to kiss, want to sleep. Instead type. Maybe tomorrow. 011206
S.D. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel, looking, loking breathlessly. 011207
jon I found this site by accident. The accident was serious. We're talking fatal and stuff!

This site proves the old axiom:
"Someone always comes up with a brilliant idea before you do."

Okay, you got me. I just made up that axiom.
Joe Corneli I have been looking up words
for a couple of years. Filled
about 25 pages of a an A4 notebook
made by Claire-Foutaine, both sides,
usually one word per line, sometimes
more lines if needed.

Not a whole lot of words to
show for 2 years, but I've learned
a lot - and besides, it isn't all I
do. Why do it at all? I'm a mathematics
student and in this trade (being a
mathematics student and part-time
mathematician) I've come to appreciate
how good it can be to know the definition of something. Say "homotopy".

But I grew up reading books, and a
big goal of mine is to be able to understand what I read well, and to be
able to express my ideas well. I figured, if you know the definitions
of the words you do, you have some hope of being able to write good sentences. If you know this, then you move on to
paragraphs. It is hard, of course. There
is a lot more to words than their definitions. Etymology. Which words are like which other words? Put a few together and you can get Rhyme. Alliteration. These aren't only poetic
techniques; they frequently really mean something. Why else? I had a fascination with hip hop, which hasn't gone away, although it has been transmuted into a fascination with music more generally; that had something to do with it; I read this magazine story about French kids who would look up tons of words in the dictionary, finding Rhymes and definitions to compose rap. That sounded
pretty cool, so I was disposed to try it
myself too. But I just stuck to looking
up the words, not composing. I would
look up every word in a passage by
Shakespeare to see if I could understand
more of what he was saying. (I tried
to use this to generate essay topics in
my Shakespeare class, and similarly in
a class on sociology and the writings of
people like Marx. The profs didn't like
that so well, and I just barely managed
to pass (the Shakespeare class -- I dropped the Social Theory class)).

When I read parts of this site, I noticed part of the truth of the title
-- words stuck together are definitely
blather, especially in hypertext. You
click on one word and get teleported
to a different subject area that is
wildly different. You can't click on
a phrase and find out more about that.
You might have two words stuck together
like "french fries"; you click on "french" and you don't get anything like "fries". Did you want fries with that?
Tough luck. But life is kind of like that.

In high school my AP English teacher gave the class the assignment of submiting reports that were inspired by
something that came from our previous
reports. Only half of them were allowed
to be written prose, the other half had
to be something, anything, else. That
is sort of like this site. (Although my
girlfriend at the time, who took the class the year before me, managed to make all of her reports about different
aspects of photograph. Mine ranged all
over, I hadn't even imagined trying to do something that focused until I found
out what she had done.) Around the same
time I found a webpage by Laurie Anderson that had all of the most frequently used words on it that you could play with (It was called "The Green Room"). It would be kind of interesting to compare that list to the
stuff people have written on this page. A good project for someone interested in
Information Theory and Linguistics.

Two other wor(l)d(l)y inspirations have been the books of Russell Hoban and William Faulkner (well, actually, Falkner inspired my punctuation more than my words -- but I do really like his stuff). Someone else up above had
a very funny Hobanesque quote "I've sat
here so long, my blather is full" which
I enjoyed. This kind of prose exemplifies how words run together, and
the consequences are really great.
Just recently I grabbed a book by Derrida to read (on the toilet). I liked his word-play, as a friend of mine had
promised I would a couple years ago. In
this book "The Other Heading", he makes
lots of serious fun with the word "head". I thought it was quite clever.

Anyway, gosh, this site provokes some
new questions in my mind about reading
words, about the verbal landscape in which we find ourselves. The words you
all have written make new definitions -
I found that Mozart, for example, was
defined partially in terms of Coltrane.
And other crazy things like that. I
stumbled onto the site trying to find a method for manufacturing seratonin in
the brain without drugs (to recommend to a friend of mine who takes Paxil) - Google led me onto your page about Exctacy. Not quite what I had in mind,
but words are like that, and I can't complain. Also kind of interesting that
the writers (not unlike graffiti writers) define themselves in terms
of the words they use. Many of you
have written things much more sparingly
and subtly that I have. The many-voiced
poetry of this site is weird and striking. Conversations are not frequently between people but directed
at the words themselves, that is another
weird and interesting thing.

My main question for right now is, how
much server space does this site take up? Thanks for making the site, I'm impressed and at least for the moment
quite fascinated. Good luck with everything--
Schmoo Here's mine for the day...why is it that number key pads on phones go (top to bottom) small to big, while those on adding machines and computers go big to small? Who's brilliant idea was this? 011210
blather hey look it's me 011217
god to me?
shopping for nuts
little idiot twist, turn, thrash in the water. fight, resist, scream, shout, what's it all mean? who's got this outcome calculated and ready to go? twist, turn, sink, float, the density is changing and i can't make up my mind. inevitable enigma's coated in sugar, surrounded by a dream, by failing memories; false in purity and mocking with wit and wisdom i don't understand. 011218
ilovepatsajak blather is inspiring. you are all inspiring. 011218
ilovepatsajak i print things out from here so i can keep then forever and i read them when i don't know how i feel. 011218
ilovepatsajak them* 011218
ClairE Aw. ::grin::

I like happiness.
meh pitches, falling...craters seeing..with eyes of silver, hares and two....see you without ears, feel you without lips, but your eyes are shown through my tongues, the multiple and the ripe...spiky these tongues fall on loosened crimson, cheeks and bone...stick with lime...fall with thyme....ply wide open, pull to the touch. when my mind is off crazy, on sane, with my line upside down and the window pane..closing...up..down...right....wrong...chip the top fall right up again 011218
ClairE "Dude, blather changed your life."

Should I get down on my hands and knees and pray in jeweled churches

or should I just do some weeding instead and look up and smile and be thankful for the sun?
bandaids go to: my_story 011218
stuff i didn't know you needed a title 011222
no reason why does it disappear? quickly and it goes quickly...but i just want it to be quicker. sunshine in a bag? how? is it plastic, or paper, or Maybe Satin?

evil backwards is live backwards is evil.
devil backwards is lived backwards is devil.
"the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

is addictive.

reminds me of automatic writing.
never could...
no emptying the mind...

is that even possible?

too many plants and colours and water and fish and vegetarian sharks speeding around there. no no...sister's aquarium.
ALL mixing together. what if people and things don't WANT to have meaning? i think so

Love. Music. I LOOOOOOOVE Music. O's put together. O's put together. :)

This all makes me smile. with the whole face, eyes and everything.

giving birth to a pterodactyl do they have knees?
flabbeRGaStiNG af-FID-avits

but never. ever. EVER. a doily.

never all there. one foot across. one hanging back..always, always hanging back.. bring it forward. you need it. bring it forward!!! come on...just once...please...

we're coming. we're getting there. slowly. just give us time, enough time.

-and thank you.
Ant "Forget regret, or life is yours to miss!" Regret sucks, we all have regrets, but what to do... 011228
little idiot spinning with centripetal force into a world which doesn't really exist. 011229
natureboy i heart blather 020104
little idiot blather hearts you 020106
lilst kilu when i'm sound to two and all is you, you're waiting....your inflating the chance is invisibly converging into one confusion and i cant stop taking....a breath. a slight, little nack of a left turn dive scurvy turvy chivy shizzy........peek 020107
no reason tired delirium
drainage of blood and water
masochistic curiosity
unrequited love
empathetic babies
survival reflexes
a perfect balance of talking and listening

miles of stones
wavy, blurred, unclear
lost in winds and fog
never black and white

paradigms and paradoxes
i have a pair o' docs
it's too hot
fuck way off
weather changes you
little idiot what a strange day, encoded in strange memories and calculated with a certain sweetness. i can almost see it ending, coming home on a train without my backpack wondering what the hell i am still doing; oscillating back and forth and back and forth and none of the blanks seem to be filled in, and none of the questions will ever really be answered; like failing an exam because of a biased teacher. and what am i to do, where i am to go? i think maybe i'll just chillax here for a while and deny you access altogether. 020112
kellicrane blathering is cool 020112
littleidiot it was a cold sunday, a dry sunday, and i didnt feel right, i felt strange, something was wrong. spent the day running, i did, round and round, it made me dizzy and my thoughts were all upsidedown. i couldnt hear you, couldnt see you, you were out of reach and telephones everywhere seemed empty. i remember your words on paper; took them for what they were worth and it made me wonder, your words, and once i thought i had it all worked out but off you went; out of reach and so my thoughts went backwards, went cryptic and connected, but then the music stopped and it all slipped away.
next sunday was better, things were warmer, telephones were still empty and i wish they hadnt been, but i wasnt alone - i had my dreams with me, and we danced together in the sun for hours and hours, and it got dark but i still had my dreams, and i dont know what you had but im sure they werent dreams. youre not that kind of person anyway. i aimed for twelve hours but only made it through ten, it was august fourth, the weather was perfect, everything was perfect, and my biggest concern was keeping the back wheel aligned and whether or not i could learn squeakers before sun-up, and i met some people and it all seemed so very epic. i had all the essentials as if i might not come back. i moved from spot to spot so as not to disturb the neighbours, i watched paper boys operate in the dark, and i hid from sprinklers on automatic timers, and i peaked around two, and i yawned around three, but on i went. i had discipline then and could see everything so clearly. i took breaks, sure i did, and just admired the earth when it wasnt disturbed, and planned out time frames for music and even followed through, and nobody could bother me cuz they were all asleep. but i was riding and sitting and listening and fixing and thinking and it was peaceful and medicated: there was no staring, or honking just stars, and the moon, and sweat, and emotion, and bliss
fully i danced over and across. it was all so perfect till i walked in with a damaged axle. you thought maybe i had come for the tv, but it was just me. after that sundays all melded together and nothing changed. i shouldnt have waited. i shouldnt have spent one year that way. it was strange and in the end it just fell apart, and i just became uncomfortable in a different way. i don’t understand, damnit, i cant even realize my own thoughts anymore and i write more and more, but it just oscillates back and forth, and back and forth and its entombed in secrecy, and it means nothing, and it means everything, but its me, its all me, its all littleidiot.
ever dumbening Blather is the writer's sleeping hour,
Of nightmare or of dream it is unclear.
The censorcreeps in to stop the thoughts.
I alone can cease my doubts of night time.

She sent the flyer, should I follow this
Path? A not-cheap journey into what-ness.
How could I have seen this day from many
Days before? Those tons of bricks may leave now.

After all, you are qi wen. That cannot
Change. Name and form. Conform is not your way,
And yet your way will not be new to us.
We together sink into the waters.
ever dumbening (erratum. blathers fault) The censor (fear) creeps in to stop the thoughts. 020123
phil PDS! 020127
no reason ooh my eye
people who hold the door open for those few extra seconds to let you grab hold of it...the thank you that follows...good covers of songs...i know what diatonic means now...sitting at a piano...she has such a rich voice, perfect for an unsuperficial...relaxing, calming, enjoyment without worry...
friends emotionally attracted to women but physically attracted to men...
abstract introvert/extrovert feeler...
pacing, pacing, pacing...when does he expect me?...can i ever expect him? do i want to?...blurry, dreamlike friend is like a drug whose presence makes everything all right...creating melodies...a warm smile...same wavelengths of humour...subjective and arbitrary
lilac_air to keep the door open and never know when to let it close 020131
lilacair let it all IN and let it all OUT and keep it going on and on and on...I love to blather don't you? 020131
jess Jesse is not here. 020208
nooneissincere i dont feel like writing 020210
manzinator someday you'll wish today was tomorrow, even if today was horrible terrible, but by that time, it'll be too late, blather your way through it. 020211
no reason why is it that i can't even organize my own thoughts until i write them? nothing is clear until it's on paper, has to be set in stone, black and white, all there for the affected, the impressionable. 020225
jolie my name is jolie. 020228
User24 I've heard evil rumors that you're 'deleting' or 'editing' blather, please, archieve it on CD before you do, I know for sure I'd be willing to pay say £5 to use blather for the year (not a lot per person, but lots if everyone payed it)

I just think blather is so great I'd hate to see it go!!

PS: If you do make a CD anyway, I'd buy it!

Or print it off in a book.

Or.. erm - Audio! Yeah! Audio CD - listen to blather on cd, cool!!

(I better go now..)

(a copy of an email I sent to
. . 020302
acid burn the horse is at it again. i want to rip her eyes out. the sentiment is unbearable. you must die now, you must. i have fallen off again. i want to eat you. may i eat you? you are a pregnant thought. you are a stupid girl. 020303
guess how do i join blather? 020303
little idiot you just did. 020305
confused how do you make your own blather title? 020306
Mahayana confused
welcome friend

you make your own blather title by clicking on the term [blather] at the lower right-hand portion of each page and you can delete the word[s] in the white box titled "word" ... and create your own title and then type what you have to contribute in the bigger white box that is titled "says"


+ you can use more than one word in a title but must use this _ for spaces, or no spaces at all

the only other symbol that i know of that you can use in titles is this symbol '

dont know if i confused you more
helped you out

welcome again confused
not confused anymore thanks to you. :) 020307
phil helps you to see how important your writing is. 020308
mr trying this blather seems to be serious, like life is serious and writing is serious.

i just want to be good.
still confused... uh...i've tried putting in my own title in the "word" box, but it always says "ummmm...what kind of word is that?" Any ideas? 020312
MollyCule confused -

are you using spaces between the words? You have to either runthemalltogether or use_underscores_like_this.
fli Wouldn't you rather......blather? 020313
Syrope aw im at the bottom of this huge page, no ones ever gonna read this...oh well...

the universe is in the shape of a torque, so it (and thought) truly is infinite in every dimension. and i love is sort of a big intellectual orgy...only more like intellectual masturbation because no one is every truly satisfied, else we'd all visit once and never come back...and you can just click on my name to see if *i* did that lol...then again i do have my rep as being sexually insatiable..
shnork jesse has been gone for a while now... 020317
Mikey Fresharoo cold fries! the bane of a toads existence!--Im eating from my wallet! its goos. Its verrrrry good!==6B or not 2B"=="That burns like anything"=="Frozen screen bunnies"=="Take it off granny"=="Motalifo"
Each a direct thought from a baked mind. Some serious baked idealology.
Mikey Fresharoo Pick it pack it dire it up, its the thorazine shuffle..GOVT MULE 020329
Mikey Fresharoo Fire it up. Liberace fires
out piano riffs from
the forest-Liars!
C Bronson pullin pistols
for unpaid treats
Pay the money he will keep
while he dismisses
Dopey :-}> Aloof there are gots and bengals 020329
Leroy Adey In the screaming silence,
I try to lose myself
There is no hiding place
No hiding place
For you
With your cartoon savior by your side
Joey Joey Joe Jr. Shabadu Poop is good for eating and car fuel 020330
Norm Thats not as bad as the Anal Rape. 020330
god hey hey, i'm the monkees! 020331
Beniamino Alles ist Gerede 020331
HappyPipe Drunk and feelin good. Not done by the nature, but by the drink. Itsallgood. 10 Months. I Love It 020402
Monsoon If there was an ape with a chest of soap, he would have 2 chairs to use for conquest. Move your piece to the outer ring. Trust in finding jokes brought under cavernous dandelions engulfed with yoke. 020408
Boulez The red caravan at the prisons edge
and the corpse in the blanket
and the work horses in the horseshoe
I dream of Peru with my head on the point of my knife
god i can't believe the albatross has dug them trenches with just that sickle and tongs 020411
zubin mehta i can't believe the albatross has dug them trenches with just that sickle and tongs 020411
ncon i came across this site years ago

it caused me bliss to read what real people were really thinking

and now i realize that i had a small part in that

kx21 Small is beautiful...

Very small is wonderful...

Zero or Nothing is perfect...
no reason Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget
What thou among the leaves hast never known
MXD Just Some Thoughts:

Ya Know Whos High? The Guy From The Rock Of Gilbraltar Is!!

I'm Takin 1 More Ride On This Goat. On The Whammy Side! The Whammy Side!

30 Minute Half Childs

Allright Then, Lets take the Fuck Off!
little idiot what to do and where to go.. decisions and outcomes all enrolled into a package of nothingness. 020512
enrico I do not like commands !
Do not command me !
recycledfunk blather= a drunked stupor on a saterday night before i need to be tested for lifeguard profeciency... oh well f it 020525
little idiot don't know don't know don't know.

feeling empty.. like a wide eyed giant with no where to go and nothing to do... thoughts and realizations slipping and second-guessing themselves, and nothing is what it seems to be. nothing is solid.
JanieG ever admantly fought something off, waiting for it to stop, or preventing from happening, and then when its gone, realize you missed might have lost a chance in life? The chance for love? or for a new start? 020607
heather dangerous we are here. 020611
mish this is quite curious. blather to me is spam, junk email, senseless crap that nobody needs. 020624
poeticmisfit an empty chasm of thoughts, thrown into a pit of confusion, mystery and words that mean so little...but at the same time can mean so much. asking " what is this?" "why is this?" and "where did this come from?" leads only to the minds own answer where you are left to decide for yourself what you can trust. 020722
Daria This is undeniably the longest blather page in all of the blather kingdom. I am waiting for someone to prove me wrong. But, it should be the longest, since we all obviously spend so much time blathering. It is an imporstant subject in our lives as soon as it enters, and we have a lot to say about it.................................................or maybe its just me. I always have a lot to say, even though nobody ever listens, and by blathering I have the idea that out there somewhere someone just might possibly care. or not. But at least I have a chance. Not so in real life. Maybe i should just quit typing now. 020722
newton When I was maybe 3 or 4 years old, I remember being under the impression that firemen started fires. Someone eventually pointed out my misconception, and told me that the firemen in fact put out the fires. That made me wonder who did start the fires (I guess I assumed arson was the only way a fire could start). After that, I pictured groups of silent, mysterious men in black masks, who would sneak into your house and set it on fire. 020722
littleidiot i'm listening, daria.

blather is a wonderful sea of emotion and nonsense. and i love it.
so please, don't quit typing. ever.

that goes for all of you.
jake pondering blather vs. blither - idiots blither, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. perhaps add-a-lots blather, never separating the grain from the chaff. 020808
ahlahlahlah on and on it loves to go
and you'll never find me in here
Adreann Wingren (Bubbas girl) yes i have.....words so many that, in time thay chase me in circles, until eventuly... thay pour out of my mouth,my mind,my heart.the other day he told me that he loved me,a charm,i return his feelings ten fold,blather.....a new meaning to my mixed up thoughts,my crazy,yet brilient ideas,and my many words jumble to get out of my mouth,to be spoken first,last this way or not typing...but to the same effect.....blather.i'll be back to un-scramble the scrambled,to make sence of the un-senceable....but if i do that it might only be un-scrambled or senceable to me, hence..........why should i even try? much meaning in a incignificant word....but if you think about it...they're all incignifcant little words with no meaning,the meaning lies only in our heads,its what thay tought us,thay tought us...the meaning of words,thus enableling us to speak, thus , we can comunicate hence......we have thanks to them, we can do this,by this i mean sit here for hours, reading other peoples nonsence and writing our own, but its good nonsence non-the-less,its nonsence we need to ready our minds and stimulate our hearts,to prepare us for some enormous thing that every one says will come,witch probably wont, not for this genoration,or the next....beacause genorations befor us have waited all their lives,only to find out,in the end that its never coming..........blather..........i want words of advice frome a dead woman, someone that lived a long full life,tought and learned in return , so her words would wisper in my ear sweet wisdom of long lifes past............but it all would be just more words,words to make sence of,but ive hade 15 long years of practice for that and for... blather........i think i shall go now,im going to pull myself out of this twisted,yet un-cominly usfull world of words...ill be back to blather some more..but now other family members need the life to its fullest people ,remember that,live life to its fullest.................blather......... 020814
object of lust(Bubbas girl) i had to come blathering back again,but not for long my fellow blatherers,because i have to go blathering off again.

i'll be back

I Fling Poo ;)

sombody talk to me

Blah blah blaher blather

im issb ub ba
ilo vebl ath erin g.

blather helps release all the nonsense words that get traped in my brain. Thanks founders of blather!

o shit! i gotta blather off again!
and for any really stupid people out there (if there are any in blather, wich i doubt)1 g2g

BLATHER ON GOOD MEN(and women,never forget the women,i happen to be an excelent one myself:))
little idiot it is such a strange connection we feel, twisted and turning and tumbling and rising back up to twist and turn all over again.

i cant feel my legs i cant feel anything why is it so cold here i want nothing more than to dance under the sun for hours on end without any interruptions or questions.. no strangers with peculier looks, no encouragement, no criticism, just the sound of metal whipping around in the air.. of harmony and complete understanding. is that too much to ask? i think not. terrible expected normalities are killing me. goddamnit.
slip For fucks sakes - blather 020816
blah blather, i think, saved my soul, and my heart.

And possibly my wrists.
Lith blather: genius: mastermind: head honcho: boss: cool: chilly: chillin': hanging out: slang: sling: broken arm: roller skates: scary: me

I love the trains of thought this site encourages. I bow down before the lords of blather, whomever they may be.
Wiggum If you are the police, and you police the police, who will police the police? 020828
~gez~ is everyone that blathers a freak?

time to make my addition to the kings name
MrPete An insight into millions of minds 020908
doownosiop .sluos fo gniruoptuo na 020914
... Under the perfect day: produced by some trees, a comedy about the greatest love story told over a cup of coffee, a secret tested in the ocean, an investigation in the playground, a new special about losing your hair, a body chemical responsible for children of all ages and a chance to make a difference in autumn sunlight wearing swim trunks and sleeping in a blue boathouse that will last a lifetime. 020915
LeVi smoke 020918
sic yada yada yada 020927
xeni when i was last in the darkness, it would never occur to me that you stood by my side 020929
mike uh 021004
littleidiot god
sole it's a great feeling when you blather and people understand. They start to blather and then you blather to a higher level. It's pretty rare though. 021012
Jeca blather=the most loaded word in a place that is the embodiment of loaded words... or loadING words... 021013
Rhin Sage, i love your dream book! after reading only a few entries, i wanted to fall asleep and wait for my own dreams to come...

Dallas (do you still read here?), for some reason i imagined you as being older...well, older than me anyway. hmmmmmm. nice pic by the way. not bad...not bad at all. also, the dream/color concept<