SaMaNtHa i know it's not right, i know it can kill me, but for some reason, i want it all the time....i guess that makes me an addict huh?...doesn't that suck...i hate the word addict, but i like drugs...maybe it's just a phase, maybe it's just because i'm never know... 000901
birdmad i am exceedingly sensitive to stimulants

too much coffee and i am chattering and goofy and very talkative...then my stomach starts to kill me

the only time i have ever done meth...i overshot that mark and flew into a violent rage...when i knew somethihng was wrong i had to beg my friends to tie me down and leave me in the big walk in closet until i came down...

by the time that happened, i had bad rope burns on my arms and ankles and had headbutted a large gouge into the wall of the closet near the baseboard

i like drugs too, but there are some i have to avoid like the plague
wexler yuck! 001209
surrealchereal fuck your yuck 010601
emo My friend wants to do speed.
so i can't physically stop her.

short of taking the damn pill right out of her hand/mouth.
But thats not going to happen.
she says it gives her energy to do stuff....she is depressed all the time. and never wants to do anything.
Well, we just came back from the mall, music outlet, and movie. when she tell s me this.
smoking pot is one thing.
Im not her mother. but i am an influense.
i say "a swift kick in the ass will give you energy like 3 times."
she laughs the first time.
Why can't people just find the positive ways to help their lives. not that mine is any better than hers is. its not.. but this isn't about me....or actually maybe it is....

is it that the only reason i care is because i dont want to feel guilty about not having done anything to try and stop her from taking?
My conscience is at stake. i am not willing to tarnish it. ive polished it up for a long time. left a lot of people behind.

because i got her to smoke her first ciggarette. her first bowl. her first beer. She is like my little sister. but my friend. i don't know what she is.. she is leigh. i used to pick on her when we were kids.
i copied her. she copys me. she likes a singer. i like a singer. she got plugs. i want plugs. weird.
so this whole thing is really selfishly to protect my biased consciencce.

she was the one there for me with my mom in the hospital. not josh. forget josh . fuck him.
unhinged railing meth
there was nothing i could say
i don't want you to be
what you have become
i loved someone
so much different than that
but i won't say it
not a word
it's your choice to make
not mine
the mutiple acid hits
the thick red scars
the boys that make my
intuition crawl
and i know
that i can not make you think
better of yourself
beyond the softness of microwaves
kisses could not have the same affect
i think so much better of you
MollyCule i've given up something i once loved so much for someone i love so much more. either one could kill me, though. 020312
no reason mess with a lisp 020313
good people canon city, colorado. named the meth capitol of the usa, for obvious reasons. never tried the stuff, though. 020314
continuous ache sorry to let so many people down... 020315
cindy brady look wuth you gone and done
you made a "meth" of things
and im telling alice on you
minnesota_chris clarification_please 020315
girl_jane The other day, I was at work-waitressing at the truck stop-and this guy came in. He asked the other waitress for a bunch of coffee filters, and she gave them to him.

After he walked out, I said to her, "You know what he probably wanted that many coffee filters for right?" Her eyes got really big, "Oh shit."

Oh well now...
jane depressed confused cant eat cant sleep want to slow down but cant gotta keep going i think ill help you clean talk for hours cant remember what i was talking about oh yeah junior high keep remembering random flashbacks could go forever 030630
chris of opioid i like the other end of the spectrum,, opiates,,, i too hate the term addict, but i do love these opioid substances and the way they make me feel. maybe im unhappy too. maybe i like to relax one or two nights a week. i dont see the harm. i dont want to see the harm, anyways. 031129
and im confuzzed i dont get this site 040123
lady dee 6 lines
4 bumps
first time.
chewing, talking.
talking feels good.
went home.
alone in my room.
got scared.
felt guilt.
felt shane.
locked myself in bathroom.
blurry vision.
cold tile floor.
so scared.
never again.
misstree what an odd little dance it's been
these past weeks
i just wish
i could sleep in the middle
but maybe that's this one's
blessed curse.
walt dizzy breaking_bad 131024
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