ravensfears Never be angry at the person who cried at your funeral. 020208
carne de metal Sometimes I'll play dead just to see who cries for me 020210
bel i cried. i'm still crying. because i made some mistakes and i can't go back and fix them. 040423
skyburst777 last night i sobbed myself to sleep

this morning the heaviest rain fell
wordless i cried myself to sleep last nite
nd u wont ever notice
i hid myself from you 2day
nd u wont ever know this
Maple Tree he makes me cry and he's all i can think about. i hate it and i love him and he tells me everything not knowing, simply trusting me to be a good person, but i am not, i just love to hear him talk, love to know everything about him. sigh. 060219
*SuPeR^ChIcK* things that make me cry

my ex
my children
my thoughts
my life
my fears
knowing that I am the only one I have to depend on
unhinged attachment leaving my body

so then i can bask
in the best_gift
anyone has ever given me
i am still
nothing left to dissolve
what's it to you?
who go