dallas why do you need to know? just pretend like everything is great like everyone else does. 980826
emma i said so. 980901
eric because what else is there? 980903
amy can't be just one cause.
easier and maybe better to think it though.
adam you have to be afraid of getting hurt in order to love someone. that's why. 990303
ceorl if this were a causal universe
your question would be answerable,
but you can't have your chaos
and explain it too.
OTK sometimes i sink
sometimes i climb
it all fits in
it's all in time
poot when i was in the 1st or 2nd grade and i learned how to spell "because" i thought it was the longest word in the world 990830
megan there is no reason, its just because 990902
Nate Higgins A sometimes feasible explanation but never an excuse. 991030
valis ultimately: because it's there, stupid. 991215
anchor baby because someone says you can't

that's why
FooLmOOn because Y is a crooket letter and you cant make it straight 000116
:^( becuase i said so, that's why. 001005
casystotyle why? 001109
oodles i can 001109
Bell R the answer for those with no answers.
or those with answers so lame that they must make up reasons that they don't sound like fools.
suzy it is has always been and always will be. You cannot stop the inevitable pull of fate and death and disappointment. Make up your mind with a vague magazine. Search for us. We are here. Do it now. Because you want to. 010217
k i'm doing this because i've told that i'm uncaring for too long. and i hate it because i'm not emotionless, even though i should be. 010218
god i used to read "boy's life". 010218
p. because.. life's too short
because.. no one else would do it

such a versatile word, what's it for? it's gotten a bad rep. for being associated with almost every excuse out there.. but it's also an intelligent word, for it is used to explain many things..

i do this because it's a hidden passion, it's my favorite hobby. expression, can't be beat, and you can't live without it.

G_wiz13 a simple answer to heart wrenching questions of which it would hurt the person more if they knew than they didnt know the answer. 010228
bijou i'm the mom and i said so. 010610
cindybrella hello baboon. 010611
nemo because................ thats how it is 010807
Jol its there... 011028
Allison Reasons, reasons, reasons... 020103
youinquired you do not need to know. isn't that what we should say to those who poke their long bred noses into business not contended by the society of those stressed about the ridicules of modern day reactions? 020428
ME ...I care.'re you.
...I can. seemed like a good idea at the time.
...there was nothing better to do.
...hmmm...good question
J ...becauuuuse the world is rounnnnd, it turns meeeee onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... 020821
megan because you make me feel like there's actually a point in waking up every day. because you give me soemthing new and exciting to look forward to with everything you say. because you make me smile and laugh even when i don't want to. because like tonight you hold me when i cry and put yourself aside, and lord knows i'd do the same for you. because you understand me like no one ever has and still love me on top of that. because you always tell me you love me, and i can tell you do just by the way i catch this look in your eye sometimes. because you're so perfect, i could never imagine life without you, and never want to. *because of cake* because i love you more than anything in this entire world, and i really believe God has a plan for us, since he's blessed us with this much time already. 030209
Danbo toedoe....what a strange name for a dog... 030424
trixie Don't hate me because I'm semi-attractive but have no problem with that and still act like I'm the Queen Mary sometimes. 030430
Blue Reaction The world has conditioned my mind to think the way I do. It’s both good and bad. I am who I am because of what everyone has made me.

I blame myself for all that has gone wrong in my life. You can have the credit for the good. I am happy, this is my reward.
A Because a common love brings us together, we actually enjoy each other's company for one and a half hours. 031202
x because it seems to make sense to shut myself off from everyone, and become a robot who just does my job, i will not 040321
mona loves you because of you
because of you

every time its because of you

you are in and you are out
but now matter what

its always because of you

its like magic, your own special magic
I dont even have to see you and that smile just pops into my head
mad marrianne because the only reason i can spell this word is because it is in front of me, damn,
because the wonderfull wizard of ozz!!
love & hate Because i'm not perfect,
because i'm not pure,
because i'm not sane,
because i'm hurting so much,
because i love you,
i'm sorry. just because you are you and i fell in love and hurt you. i'm sorry just because your my one true love.
x twisted x because thats how it is, dammit. 040705
nonlucid is it ever an acceptable answer to a child? 040705
Ivory all you blind idiots
and eccentric split apples
insanely strange critics
condemned kings of assholes
reflect on your scars
and imagine your nooses
tightly surrounding
your sorry cabooses
SJ because I love him 040722
nonlucid because it is so, yes. Look, you see that is. It is because it is, and because of everything that preceded (if the past exists) which existed with the sole purpose of making it so .now. It exists because it is right and necessary for it to exist, if it did not it would not exist.

Circular... circles are the most perfect shape
Only for tonight
TrueNight i really do love you. no matter how much i try to deny it.


will you be lonely with me? we could be lonely together... it might be nice...
dreidl Because of Judiths bravery, she made the Syrian general thirsty by feeding him cheese and when he got drunk she cut off his head. This act inspired Judas Maccabees to the hieghts of his bravery and helped to free the Jews from Hellenistic oppression. By his act they were able to restore the desecrated temple in which the flame is rumored to have burnt for 8 straight days even though there was barely enough oil to burn for one day, giving rise to the celebration of Hannuka. 041221
beatles Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round...

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high.....

Love is all, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue....
blown cherry Abbey Road was on my disc rotation today. Afterall, it was my birthday today, what else could I possibly have on but John, Paul, George & Ringo? 050214
palm im bound. 050314
whispers by what 050315
is going on? what? 060911
. . 080915
jane she turns the blue sky black
i put her on her back
am i dying?
she is lying
next to me
she comes again

from the central reservations
in the subways
at the stations
it is waiting
it is waiting
to be free,
to come to me

from the devil came a daughter
i was bathing in her waters
she was crying,
she was lying
over me
we come again...

she turns the blue sky black,
she puts me on my back
is it the night time?
it's a lifeline
to the day;
it will come again...

kill me before you die...

PoP i woke up once and i told someone about a dream i had, and they said huh! that's funny, as if it wasn't a dream or something. Maybe she meant to tell me that the dream was real, i really did sleep next to a big crocodile and the crocodile put it's arm around me as if we were a proper couple. That's sweet, i thought, if only it were true.

ohh.. and then i thought... what does he want?
unhinged it's spring
it's raining
what's it to you?
who go