dallas in the presence of something great, I turn my head to get a good feel for the people around me. I'm not dissapointed. 980912
Equin0x The faceless people-set that, one day, I must toil for. 000525
NearPerfecTheory The very word has been striped of all character, all personality, all emotion, all truth... To shroud itself in the gray coldness of efficency. It is a foul word that enslaves it's users so subtlely... do they even know? do they even know that the word is so vague and means nothing.

It's only eating them.
When I've grown old, I wish to have said better words to my family.
niska i enjoyed your company over a cup of tea, and you told me the meaining of life...

empty your cup.
Frank i wish i had some...never do never am able to keep or sustain...its kind of sad 041013
a clever disguise get away from me
all theses images come jumping off of empty pages
get away from me
all these memories come flying out forgotten cages

the boy is gone, they say
then who's this breathing down my neck?
the boy is never gone
he only digs deeper

i've an evil twin
all these body parts and broken hearts are duplicating
somehow trapped within
and when i'm alone i hear her groan and feel her waiting

the pain is gone, they say
then what's this creeping through my dreams
the pain is never gone
it only burns deeper

if you wanna know
i'll tell you
but i swear you don't
want to see
there's a little boy trapped in the corner
of a crowded room
and a million ghosts
surround me...

get away from me
no one so alone should have to keep such
what's it to you?
who go