For sure! There are many of them making up this website! Though, these pages are of the class "web." 000712
onceidid come and open my pages and i will tell you a thing or two for you canot just judge
a book by its cover
Sintina The book of hate has far too many.
The book of sorrow has greater still.
The book of the lonely is infinite.
The book of god is shorter than these.
The book of happiness is shorter still.
The book of sex is torn and wet.
The book of forgiveness has the fewest.
The book of life can't be found.
The book of death is all around.
The book of love has pages missing, but it's the most interesting read.
The book of friendship is tattered too.
mutantboy oh surprize. nonsensical people are fucked up by definition. we are the mutants. 020523
~gez~ thats really clever...
nice one whoever you are

did you copy taht, or are you really actually kind of clever?
hsg .. endless_book_of_paintings
and instructions_for_dancing
what's it to you?
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