silentbob skin color
hair color
speech impediments
clothes they wear
musical preference
the people you run around with.
you shouldnt judge people. no one should. they aren't you. get over it.
AN!MAl decide over another 030508
the judge judge me I'll judge you back 031120
Doar ment is inevitable 031120
homo_boy everyone judges every one else....
even parents...
a parents love is NOT "unconditional"
if you do one thing they see as being "wrong"...you no longer have their sympathy, their trust or their love....
take me for example...
im a straight (and i use that term losley) A+ student..
i am on varsity water polo, swim and Dive at my high school...
i think of myself as popular...
good looking (not great but good)
and my mother loved me...
then she caught me in the arms of annother boy...
her love is now a flickering memory...
nothing more...
i hate her...and she i...
what can you do?
Reez tells me in a sentence
what I can do
where I can go
I'm at his mercy
yet he has none
once agian It has always amused me when people say, "You cannot judge me, you do not know me."

because they are wrong. Maybe people should learn to say, "You should not judge me, for you could be wrong."

but even that doesn't really make clear what you're feeling.

People judge because they are human. If they did not, they would not be human. Millions of unnoticed judgements are passed everyday. On people you do not know.

People judge you by the words you speak, or write... or the expression on your face... the music tyou listen to and the clothes you wear... the job you hold... the people you talk to... even something so small as the way you hold yourself.

And they decide things about you. That you are smart or dumb or clever or beautiful... and maybe it would be nice if others saw us as we saw ourselves, but again, maybe it wouldn't.

Maybe you think I'm a worthless waste of space, or maybe you think I'm intelligent, or maybe you believe that I know how to write, or that I am old, or that I wear strange violently colored clothes. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're not. Feel free to judge me.
Elmo Fuck it all,
Fuck this world,
Fuck everything that you stand for,
Don't belong,
Don't exist,
Don't give a shit,
Don't ever judge me.
Turkey Judge not, lest ye be judged.

That's what they say, anyway. But when have you ever known such things to work? If you're nice, does that mean others will be nice to you? If you help someone when they need it, does that mean that when you need help you'll get it?


But, does that make it right?


Judge not, lest ye be judged.
Nothing Adequate It's not that you are judging or prejudging... It's that what you see is only part of me. 061002
tr if you want to judge me,
feel free to do so.
but don't think
judging isn't coming right back at you
what's it to you?
who go