djdown grows from the area between my toes. is that normal? 980826
jeff if you want it to be, i suppose. i can let you borrow some clippers if need be. 980905
Caine I have hairy knuckles, but I can contemplate them. Does that make me more or less like Captain CaveMan? 980920
eric i think i saw a statue of that once -- a guy contemplating his knuckles. i didn't know they were hairy though. 980923
caty actually, I don't remember Captain Caveman having hair on his knuckles. 981006
emma people have become infatuated with me because of my hair, which is very straight and reddish-blondish-brown, and then they discover that they can't stand such-and-such a thing about me, no matter how much they envy my hair.

It sucks.
adam there's nothing that equals the all-powerful awe found in the presence of a owner of great hair. great fingernails are good too but hair amazes me. =P 990212
[marissa] they all say
"you've got the greatest hair."

but i'd rather look

at his.
and the lurid beauty,
of its silent current
across the ripples of his
just above
bright brown eyes.
ceorl I cut it all off, but I can still feel it. It is ghost hair. 990422
daxle for awhile he was stunned but tried "OH Blue Hair!" for old time's sake and his friends were not impressed
some days later he tried "oh... red hair" feebly, because it's more indescriminate than that
Colleen If a person with red hair is called a redhead, can you call a person with black hair a blackhead? 991111
coolM a reason for my parents to cry. It's like the way they wore it many years ago. Today they say: "Hey boy, cut your hair. When was your last washing session Mr? I'll cut them when you sleep!" I say: "May I have a look in your drivers-licence? Uhh, is that you on that picture (grin)". 991207
Seed The power will go to hairness.
We will dominate.
Brad Molly likes to put buh in her hair. my buh-m is on your hair... 000310
c-spandrea. i told you your hair was beautiful, and two weeks later you shaved your head. thanks. 000501
Lisa whips my face when the wind strikes up 000505
flyingreddeath cat hair makes my friends die
and they never did anything to the little fuckers in the first place.
birdmad "ooh... The Hair Theives...they come in the night and steal your hair, they do."
-- eddie_izzard
moonshine Beware, Beware..
Out of the ash I rise with my red hair And I eat men like air
MollyGoLightly Mine is dark. And thick. And it's creeping down my neck. I'm so impatient for it to finish growing. 000523
Tiffa I hate hair on any part of me that isnt my head, eyebrows eyelashes or a tiny cute patch of curls. notice i said tiny, not overgrown. You know i think i ought to get a body wax....just because i hate it. I think girls should be hairless except for the places mentioned...i dont think it matters with guys...unless they are thin, have black hair and pale skin, piercing grey or blue eyes...i know i know, like a vampire. and they look young. then they remind me of a girl with beauty and i think they should be hairless so i can just stare all over them, touch and feel....ok im becoming flushed.....must stop. 000523
MollyGoDoubleStandard whoa 000523
larla i don't have time for hairlessness. 000523
larla but i'm fine with that boy thing 000523
birdmad once, my cat and i both fell victim to a flare from the furnace when i was trying to light it one winter...

i had primed the pilot light a little too well and when i finally got the damn thing lit...


Crispy eyebrows and beard for me and seriously abbreviated whiskers for Sammael
lola it's time to get my hair cut. it's always the same- i cut it chin length and let it grow for a 9 mos before i cut it again. i can't seem to think of anything else to do with it, but this time i think i will cut it a little shorter and dye it some hue of red. since i'm getting rid of my red sweatshirt with the butterfly patch in favor of something less conspicuous. 000527
Brad I got mine cut again today. It's really short all over. I remember in high school when i used to have long hair all the girls loved it. But i grew to hate it... when you're as busy a guy as me, long hair isnt conducive to efficiency; it tends to get in the way. Also, it's hot. Also, it makes me look more like a rock n roller than a jazz musician, a visual miscommunication i do NOT care to perpetrate. :) 000527
WoNDERGIRL As in the hair upon his legs, which feels so ultimately cool when he's on top of me, that I almost sometimes wish I were a member of the sex that didn't have to shave theirs. 000527
The Schleiffen Man Hair is a fleeting commodity I know will leave me someday. Everyone in my family is bald, so there's no escaping the barber known as Mother Nature. So I grew mine long for the hell of it. Since I was 14, I let my hair flow. Down past the shoulders at one point. I settled at shoulder-length for a happy medium of length. It was always hot during the summer. So when I tired of it the Summer of my 19th year, I let it go. My ex (for now) keeps the ponytail in a ziploc bag in one of her scrap books. I have pictures to prove that I once had hair. But now I look like Vincent D'onofrio from Full Metal Jacket. Sleep sweet children. 000527
grendel well according to a group of silly teenagers who saw me at the record store the other day, with my long hair shades and beard i look like some pro wrestler character called (and i quote) "the undertaker, just not so damn tall" or something like that

i'll have to check around about that
birdmad if my dad was still alive, he'd hassle me at every turn to cut mine.

i can only imagine what he'd have to say about my earrings

oh well
caite i had long, sexy locks of deep brown
she took it in a pink 80's hairband
and chopped it off
it was a cross between a
thwack and a thump
as it plopped -that's it!- behind me
there was so much hair i had to walk on to get out of that place
short long
all mine
now it's all short
many layers
i look like that chick val from 90210
and i feel like i'm five again
with a cheeky grin and tiny laughing eyes
Mary Hmm...I've been thinking of getting my hair cut... 000806
Babylon Brother My hair is down my back. If a woman says it's lovely, I kiss that woman. If another woman calls me Fabio, I'll smack her --- then kiss her, anyway. 001016
lolita my hair is short in the back and on the sides
my bangs hang thickly in my face, pieces of them sweeping dangerously close to my shoulders
it's been a rainbow
now it's deep blood red and streaked with purple-black
when people stare i just smile and nod
when they touch my hair
i hug them
tourist Used to be a sign of solidarity
against the undeclared police action that was sending everyone of my generation back home in bodybags or wheelchairs.Then it was a sign you were cool enough to score some dope or share a joint with.eventually as all things do it diffused through the culture to the point that it meant nothing for certain. all this was sumed up by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, when they sang."Who cares if hair is long or grey or partly bald we know that hair ain't where it's at. There will come a time when you won't even be ashamed if you are fat.LA LA LA LA"
guitar_freak dude you get creative when you get stoned. I just dyed my friend's hair checkerboard and mine pink. wooo hoo!!! 010101
johnny west "The more ya got, the more ya want," says I. But what about the self-righteous sons of bitches who believe in the absence of all things hairy? Removal is not just! Removal is DEATH! Chew upon fourteen consecutive pepperoni sausages, and you'll taste my meaning. Perhaps a more suitable maxim would be this: "The more ya got, the more ya got." 010304
vampers sometimes turns magenta when you want it red 010324
demitria monde thraam i am so attracted to long hair on guys it is beyond "preference"; it even, I believe, is way beyond "fetish" at this point and the only proper descriptor is "paraphilia".

It may be because when I was little I was very weird and the only people who treated me like I belonged were hippie types.

But now it's not the culture thing at all, or at least, as much.

it's the presence. A guy with long hair leaves a trail of motion when he moves his face. A wave of himself. It's a flag, it's a flame around the face, it's a lion's mane, a stallion's mane, all those images come to mind but

when i look at a guy with deliberately shortened hair
i think
work slave
i think
it just sits there
on his head like a lump of meatloaf
that doesn't move when air touches it

it just looks so normal
like all the movie actor "studs"]
it looks overmasculinized
which to me communicates no
real masculinity

i only want to fuck guys with long hair.
my boyfriend, now, i'd do him no matter what, because he's got
invisible (to all but me) neuralnets
hanging down his face
hanging down to his shoulders so
if the actual hair disappeared
(neither of us want it to)
there'd be that.

but on anyone else:
it has to be long enough to move
or i don't feel the sex thing

it wasn't intended to be...
this superficiality of mine
but i kinda think it's justice
since virtually no one wants to have sex
with a girl who's as fat as I am

i guess i feel some sort of
silly stupid pleasure
in being able to say
well, dude, i guess it's mutual then
because i'm a fat ugly cow
and you're a shredhead

ps: guys, you can put hair back in a rubberband when it gets hot and annoying.

it's worth it to keep it
i'm not the only chick who loves it
just more
extreme about it is all.
grendel George Carlin's "Hair Piece"

People see my hair
say "beware!"
and go off in a tear
i say "No Fair!"
but then they're none aware
nor are they debonair
in fact, they're just square
my wife bought some hair
at a fair
to use as a spare
did i care?
au contraire!
spare hair is fair
in fact
hair can be rare
-Fred Astaire got no hair
-Nor does a chair
-and where is the hair
on a chocolate eclair?
-Nowhere, mon frere
so be fair with your hair
be a bear with your hair
wear it to there
-or to There!
-or to THERE!! if you dare.

now that i've shared
this affair of the hair
i think i'll repair
to my lair
and use Nair

-Do you care?
lizardqueen What exotic spun gold."
He had whispered it to me in his stingy alcoholic breath.
Now,only 2 days later I studied it in the mirror, pulling it apart, straightening out the waves with a downward stroke of my hands, watching the recoil with the release of my fingertips. It hung thick with golden streaks on-top of tiny waves.

I locked the door and grabbed my scissors. I reached behind my head, pulling my hair back with one hand and grasping it like an ice cream cone. I squeezed the scissors through my hair, chop by squeaking chop. The more hair I cut, the faster I wanted it gone. I couldnt stop until it looked disgusting.

The bathroom counter was littered with clomps and strands of my hair. Some of it had stuck to the wet parts of the sink. It looked beautiful so far away from my face, and my neck felt bare and naked in the back.
My vision began to blur and it became increasingly difficult to breathe. I slid down to the tile floor with my back against the wall. I tried to regain my breath but i was too upset, too dizzy, too exhausted. My hands examined the remaining hair i had left behind. A choppy, uneven, ugly haircut. It was perfect this way.My fingers ran around to the back of my head all too easily. It was perfect this way.
unique butterfly i hate my hair. its such a mess. 010602
Darkshroom Long and curlys my way,
I've grown it since 6th grade,
I don't think I'll ever stop growing it.
It's fun to watch people stare at me, an 18 year old guy with 3 foot long hair. It's even better when women ask, "My God! How did you get those curls?" or just, "What do you do to it?"
My answer is a triumphant, "Absolutly nothing." Followed up by only a big grin.
baby satan dry, damn you! DRY!!! 010814
whoremaster as convincing as that is...the verbal ass-kicking is still under consideration. 010814
baby satan why? what did i do?! 010814
ilovepatsajak your hair, it's everywhere 010917
Annie111 is gushing with red and blonde and laughter

and i never get sick of it.
ClairE (from 12/19/00, in response to girls' negative attitudes to body hair and removal procedures):
My hair grows almost everywhere on my body, but in very small quantity. In fact, I have such a lack of hair that upon meeting a pen-pal for the first time, she kept asking "Do you have pubes?". Because I am so fortunate to not have to worry too much about hair removal, I don't even think about the topic too much. I shave my armpits whenever I'm going out and wearing a sleeveless top (because I can understand that being unattractive, even though it's no big deal). My legs are not very hairy and I take pride in not shaving them in this hair-hating world. Not to say that I NEVER shave them--I shave my legs when I'm going out somewhere where I'm dressing up (which is unusual), and sometimes just because I like the way my legs feel afterwards (extremely smooth--worth the investment of time once in a while). My boyfriend complains when I don't shave my legs, but he doesn't actually mind (I don't see how he possibly could, because my hair is almost non-existent and not prickly besides). He's just teasing. He always says he wants me to shave my pubic hair, but it's just the right amount. Too much of a hassle. He doesn't think it's disgusting or anything--he is just interested in what it would be like. (He's shaved his legs, but that's his own story!)
The hair on my head is very nice. I am half Filipino and half white, so my hair is nice and long and black, and not too coarse. I love long hair and can't stand having it short. I have nice eyebrows, even though if you look closely it is a unibrow. One of my friends once told me I should pluck it, but if you ask me she was either reflecting her own insecurities, or was just trying to help me out with her own beauty tips. I love the way I look--I never wear makeup and only shave when I want to. I do have one confession to make, though--hair grows (lightly) on my foot and toes, and even though it is not gross, I shave it whenever I shave my legs, to make that concession to the beauty standards of the day.
One question: what does everyone think about the double standard between men and women? If anyone should shave their armpits, it's men! Robin Quivers once pointed out, how can deodorant possibly work if your armpit is completely covered in hair? I don't think anybody should HAVE to shave. But people usually keep their head of hair trimmed, washed, and otherwise neat. Shouldn't that courtesy be extended to all body hair?
I just want to say to all of you who are manipulating your bodies to please someone else: you don't have to! For one moment, close your eyes and forget what everyone else thinks--THINK ABOUT WHAT you LIKE TO DO WITH YOUR BODY. Then act accordingly.
If you don't like body hair, that's your opinion. But you shouldn't rag on others. Speaking of which, we would all appreciate if no one uses the board for a personal fight.
I hope I haven't left out any other hair. I could go on for a lot longer...
ClairE Nowadays, I just don't. Except I shaved my armpits a little while ago 'cause I dressed up for a RHPS party.

Dude, I fucking love my hair. I always get complimented on it.

It's my security blanket. I got it cut "short" once (bottom of my shoulder blades), and hated it. I can't imagine cutting it again.

Some people can't stand to have long hair. I can't stand to have short.

Like I said, I could just go on and on.
birdmad i cut my hair last week (fairly short, there are still visible patches of the red dyed section on top) and am toying with the concept of a beard (more than just my usual goatee - or i may ditch the goatee and grow some really funky sideburns)

but by contrast, i razor trimmed my eyebrows and am letting my nails grow again
ClairE Ooh, sideburns are dead_sexy.

Many of my friends agree.
sad girl his hair is gorgeous.
soft and wavy. its long enough for my fingers to get caught in but they dont get caught because his hair is so soft.
its got to be my favorite part of him, besides his soul ofcourse.
jewish negro hair's to youoooooo. da tings youoo dooo to meee tooo. are youuoooooooo a jeeeewwwwwww? i vant to tellh youse, m'head is filled wit tings to saaaaayyyyyy! 020306
Ivonna H. them say them, man. 020307
Ivonna H. then say them, man. 020307
bethany once my boyfriend of 3 years told me when i asked him i there was onething we could change about each other he said
and i quote
"you're a bit hairy for a girl"

note: this was his first time living with a girl and i shave once a week due to laziness

my thing was
ya know that skin disease infalago where you have white bloches...well that one over your dick...yeah it's pretty gross...when i blow you it's like a slow mo of a 1928 black and white that went througha pickle jar and came out blurry

good thing i'm 1/4 polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crimson I used to go in for haircuts with my sister.

"Your hair is so thick and straight, it's beautiful. You look nothing like your sister, her hair is so curly. Do you wish you had her hair?"

They would say the same things (switched aroud) to her.
I never liked to answer them. I felt like I was at the doctor.
hangthedj lars from rancid has the best hair 031030
elsa its oh so pretty

in the right place, in the right shape, in the right shade.

other wise

get rid of it
it is ugly and gross

and i am not pretty because i don't have the money to make it go away
celestias shadow I love my hair. It's beautiful. It's this weird dark auburn color with some red highlights. It turns bright red in the sunlight. When I was little, women used to stop me and my mother on the street and talk about what gorgeous hair I had. I used to hate that. Hearing something for 8 years gets OLD, no matter what it is. Luckily nobody says it to me anymore.

This isn't meant in a conceited way. I swear. I'm sorry if it sounded that way. But my hair is my favorite thing about myself. Might I add, my favorite thing on a VERY short list. So, I had to take a moment to say this. I truly love my hair. It's one of the only things I wouldn't change about myself.
RoXXXie pull my hair 040105
misstree "I LiKe yOUr HAiR!
I'Ve GoT HAiR!
mY mOMmY sEZ i'M PReTTY!"
(puppycrusher on a bus)

bright bright red again, as of last night.
Chelle I looked into the mirror today and noticed a longish hair sticking to my forehead. Assuming it belonged to one of my cats (their hair is everywhere, I swear, I sweep the floor in the morning and there are little "kitties" running around my floor by night.) Anyway, assuming that it belonged to them, I just went to brush it away and discovered that it wouldn't. It was attached to my head. I just wonder what made that particular hair continue to grow while all the other hairs around it stopped so soon. But answers just lead to more questions I suppose. 040118
queen of darkness there's a hair on my keyboard...

not any more...
haha i defeated the hair
jenny enny dots mine is brunette and naturally curly. i just bought this stuff that is supposed to make have a gold glow and then it will wash out. might look tacky but i was recommended not to get my hair lightened by a co-worker. she says that when the roots grow in a few weeks i will look like trailer trash. 040201
Eowithien I hate mine right now.

Maybe its just the season. Yeah. Well, maybe its the length. Yeah. Maybe its just 'cause its your stupid hair.


But I can't trim it yet. I've got to have it Mamimi length for the Anime convention that I said I'd go to.
TheInventionsOfAKnight is really annoying. I would cut mine off if I didn't look freakish without it. 040224
pete i love my hair. i have so much. i havent had a full cut in almost a year. it is curly and would cover my face to my lips if it wasnt curled up naturally.. ahh.. hair 040314
white_wave my hair is naturally curly. but I straighten it sometimes. it's kind of funny after I get a haircut, then I straighten it. it looks alot longer than it was before I cut it when it was curly. So then if I let it go curly after about a week, people say "Did you just get your hair cut?". No it's been cut for a week, hadn't you noticed? I can shrink or grow my hair, almost magically. It varies by about 3 inches. 040326
emmi it's long now, seems like it grew halfway down my back overnight. some people say it's red, others strawberry blonde, others orange and i say better orange than banana. i get ringlets in humid weather, usually i am just a little wavy. my hair is very soft and i like when people touch it. i've only recently learned to love my hair. 040707
LessonsFromAngels I had a boyfriend once who told me that my hair looks better down. When I used to wear my hair down all the time, people told me it looked nice when I put it up. now that I often wear it up to get it out of my way, people wish I would wear it down.

I also find that the longer it gets, the more it is loved. People used to call my hair the color of fire. I guess I pretty much grew out of that, as now it is naturally a darker red and generally more appreciated. At this very moment my hair is that firey orange, containing bleach from when I attempted to dye it purple. Only the ends really took. All the same, it didn't matter because Cade, Amanda and I had fun that night, squirting purple goo all around the shower and singing along to the Spice Girls.

It does not necessarily matter whether your intent is fulfilled, as long as the outcome is that of joy.
shield56 Is a pain. If you don't have to waste time washing it, it has to be cut, or combed or looks a mess. 050401
orange sky i cut five inches off and i could hardly tell the difference. no one else noticed. not a single friend. my hair is still over two feet, shiny red, gold and wavy. it is me security blanket. it makes me feel good. it means i get compliments all the time. 050505
laurah i have always wanted dreads...
long knotty twisting ropes dancing like snakes around my face

but my hair's my halo

i'm afraid i'll miss my curls, they have a mind of their own

but i'm just like everyone else.
amele curlycurlycorkscreweyhair is a pain its the best as well :D i luve curly hair on guys if its not too messy 060706
grendel lookin a little like lemmy dark brown, a little frizzy and a little bit curly, slightly longer than shoulder length paired up with a set of 'chops that used to be a full beard til i cut out the middle 060706
workinprogress. i have too much 110112
not not not not as much this time, and no screaming or jumping out of windows, but it is still pretty crazy of me 110813
R15EN As I watched my hair fall to the floor, I felt like Samson without Delilah. Short hair is just a symbol of my lost strength. The hand in the small of my spine. I feel smaller now. I look harder. Which is good. I don't want anyone taking too close a look. No one will get close. I'm going to curl up here.

I plan to become a hedgehog.
Lemon_Soda My hair is long again. 140930
what's it to you?
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