me? haven't converted me yet.
but i guess it's still only 3:30.
elimeny I hope my selfless act was convincing.
I should win an Oscar.
For not crying.
For not dying.
For my skill at lying.
For my skill at smiling.

Selfless, because I did it for you.
Kind, because I knew how hard it was for you.
Beneficient, because I know how guilty you feel.
And I didn't want that for you.
But I acted so well, I deceived myself.
Then it hits me, and I can no longer act, because I only want you back.
But too late, you've already soothed your guilt.
How funny, that what I once shunned I would now be grateful for-
Your pity.
Because it's a piece of you.

So I hope I was as convincing to you as I was to myself.
I hope yoiu are damn grateful, for me saving you the pain that you inflicted upon me-
Because I cared about you.
Because I worried about you.
Because I loved you.
So there.
freakizh look into my eyes
say my name
say my name
please, say my name

and i'm all yours.
Norm maybe people are acctually just that gullable. 011103
what's it to you?
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