Dafremen I am so grateful for this chance to gaze in wonder at that which created me. At this wonderful opportunity, to think, and feel and act and be. OH and I thank everything around me for the part it plays in making THIS the show to see, always.

Thank you, oh thank you for this lucky break! This shot at it, this chance to prove myself worthy of it. Thank you all.
silly ... dead!!!!! 040628
emmi in the end, i'm grateful. it took this much for me to find out what i want. i wouldn't have had the strength to stick to the decision, but i'm grateful that he did. i was just so blind, i couldn't see that i never did respect him. and i had no reason to lower my standards because of him. for a while i guess i was trying to see the best in him and the situation... but there are limits, and i should proud of that. 051022
Sufjan Stevens Oh my
friends I've
begun to worry right
where I
should be grateful,
I should be satisfied.
unhinged this christmas was the first christmas in six years that i was on speaking terms with my sister. my last night in town, we all stopped at her house to visit. she was bursting smiles to have us over. i laid on the overstuffed chair with my mom and cuddled up to her while my dad and my brother hid my brother-in-law's coveted denver broncos bottle opener and was completely grateful for my wonderful family and glad that we were somewhat whole again. the older i get, the more smooshy i get about these things. maybe it is also the distance between us. 090124
forlater The older I get the more I appreciate a good snuggle with mum, too.
And the more I appreciate all the jackasses I'm related to. I love them all...
anno_salutis for mangos
Argentinian tangos
and Dodge Durangos.

for karaoke
Gumby and Pokey
and fresh gnocchi.

for theoretical physics
high school civics
and Slavoj Zizek.

for T Rex
Tex Mex
and morning sex.

for the game Klax
Bird on sax
and Oliver Sacks.

for forced rhymes
compelling crimes
and theories of time.

for the dream of the '90s
for all manatees
and the Florida Keys

for all of you
the color blue
and all we do.
epitome of incomprehensibility Ha! I like that. I'm grateful for curry, ginger, blather, friends who challenge me to things they don't end up doing themselves (namely, NaNoWriMo) leading to the first forty pages of a surrealist experiment where there's a professor of political geometry attributing the fight over Gaza to the Israeli preference for equilateral triangles and Palestinians for isosceles triangles ...and the fact that nobody in Canaduckia is likely to shoot me for writing something like that. As far as I know.

Wait! I live in Canada! I was supposed to be done being thankful a month ago. Damn it, I'm always behind on things like this.
e_o_i I like Slavoj Zizek; I don't always agree with him, but he strikes me as being amusingly contrarian.

And, on the serious side, his sentence at the end of "On Violence" (I paraphrase) that "the greatest violence is doing nothing" has sort of haunted me, and I've spent a few random night wake-ups wondering if he meant that as a good or bad thing. Or something beyond/besides that. Or potentially both.
dafremen It's a disturbing notion..that people can sit around just watching the world turn to shit and think that they are blameless.

Thinking about it led to the conclusion that: Apathy is treason.
e_o_i Two thoughts: yes, not caring about other people's problems is not just selfish but potentially harmful. That's the bad side. The violence an onlooker does by not stepping in when he/she sees someone being bullied, and so on.

The good side, perhaps: sometimes doing nothing is the best way to respond to an act of aggression meant to elicit a response, as contained in the phrase "Don't feed the trolls" (terrorists are generally trolls). But "Don't pay attention to them and they'll go away," is probably taking things too far. Sometimes what's needed is a response that's not violence, at least not literal violence. Not taking the bait, that is, not responding in the way the bullies/trolls/terrorists expect a response can help do "violence" to their agenda or modus operandi.

(At least I think so, based on a bit of observation, a bit on my own stubborn ideas.)
e_o_i And yes, "apathy is boring"! 141130
Perfectly_chaotic I've used to listen to all these drunks say they are grateful for their disease and I could not get it at all.... If it were not for the negative consequences of my drinking I would never have been at the right place at the right time to meet you.... The swamp of the past holds no regrets in your arms.... 141201
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
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