dallas Go suck my big toe! 980901
eric has some yellow. 980903
Caine Little bits of plaster flaking away. Probably a stain on the ceiling, shaped like a continental map. All the floorboards have spaces between them, noticeable ones - someone wedged a penny in there once and then, when the plaster fell and the roof began to leak through the continental map, the boards became wet and expanded so that you couldn't pull the penny out anymore. 980927
k the sun the moon the universe - i am bursting at the core 981120
-i- you are the everything 990209
adam is more important than me. 990212
[marissa] she vowed to press it all in her
picture book; without any words
to describe the spell of everything
she smothered in thin, neat sheets
of plastic.
Chris is nothing 990307
Rainer trinity 990407
ceorl will it be enough? 990420
Morphean everything you ever had is mine. I own you, your thoughts, and your very dreams. You thought you could defeat me, but I triumphed, overcame... I won, and against the impossible odds: One man against the world, and I won. I am my own man now, and the devil himself can't take that away from me. Neither can you 990930
hstain everything I think about 991112
me? blather is so much better than everything.

singing songs
to the gongs
we belong
to king kong

[king kong
died for
your sins!]

so strong
still you're wrong
steve as far as the word goes, means absolutely nothing 991203
stephen is a lot more confusing than blather. which is not to say that blather is confusing, not in the slightest. 991208
sinkdaddy rock-n-roll! 991210
nameless i'll try to put it as simple AS I CAN, is, is for singular and are, is for plural. pluarl, is many or a couple or few but its never one and singular is only one so its ironic that you can only say "evrything is you", because everything is not one-its many or a lot and you cant say, "everything are you". but you can say "you are everything" although you in that case mean one and you cant say "you is everything" got it? 991218
nameless everything zen everything zen
i dont think so
i dont think so

nameless you know its true
everything i do
i do it for you

(brian adams)
jules everything here is cold.
my fingers, typing these letters are starting to loose their feeling.
But I haven't lost my feelings.
I just mis-placed them for awhile when I was so sad.
everything here is wonderfully warm, in the middle of this canadian winter

("with New England in my heart/ it's only cold when you sleep alone/Pink chimneys in Maine couldn't keep me away" -The Promise Ring)
old hick The big 1. Anything else is just a fraction. 000216
girl henry rollins knows about Everything.
read Eye Scream. the chapter called Everything will destroy you.
Free Everything is bigger than anything. 000406
t spinning particles of dust
descending prisms of light
WoNDERGIRL you are mine
everything I love
I love your every thing

and everything you are
is beautiful
you're everything to me
Silent Bob Everyone has an everything. You have to find your own. To me my everything is not God. it is not satan. it is not MONEY. it is not POWER. to me beauty isn't everything.
It's love.
infasia If have everyhing, that also means I have nothing, if I have nothing, I have nothing and therefor I cannot have everything, so I'm screwed either way, or is it no way? 000727
Kasa If you have everything
Then Die.
For you have nothing to gain
And everything to lose.
somebody the entire universe down to the smallest atom is one massive store house of energy, energy scientists say has always existed and will always exist, yet somehow gained form in such a structure that it hangs with more grace than any structure, moves with better timing than our most precise watch, with fluidity that makes our most graceful dancer seem as tumbling boulders...

its moving, its aging, its dancing
paradox is good. the only thing that is bad is what you make so 001026
mareberry my fingers trace her eyebrows
like the circles you make in the sand.
the warm glow of her smile
and the heated passion of her kiss
set me on fire
like the raging sun above us.
i pull her closer,
as if any space between us
is too much.
how can i describe this love
to one who cannot understand?
i know the shape of her mouth so well
and the way it feels against mine.
if i could completely breathe her in,
i'd never want to exhale.
because when our eyes lock,
i feel such a strong connection...
it's as if we'd met once before
maybe in a dream.
and when her arms are around me,
i never want her to let go.
i just want to be her everything
because she is everything
to me.
marvin gaye died for your sins everything's everything 001127
xemopartyx I couldn't decide whether to go to you or not so i stayed inside today and did nothing at all except for sit at my computer waiting for you to get on. I couldn't even wait by the phone. 001127
and i miss you ... but the girl 001127
rollins it's hard to talk to you
certain words i never get to
words that could save me
words that would stop the pain
this is everything
my life
the wounds
the flickering lights of fear of mortality
ubliss *ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss*


The common Fault among You, U and everyone else or EVERBODY is that:

When you got nothing, you want something.

When you got something, you want more_thing.

When you got more_thing, you want everything.

When you got EVERYTHING, you still want SOMETHING.

And finally, you lose almost EVERYTHING or YOU ended up with NOTHING.

Isn't this the beauty of the UNIVERSE or a vicious cycle to fool and trap every man and woman in the UNIVERSE?

Copyright 2000. ubliss.com
god everything is everything 010116
Vinny Taplin Everything is anything and anything isnt everything. All that is known comes from a source. All that has been passed is not passed though thin air but through a means of communication. Unknown to me the words that have been spoken about a friggen new years party at Vinny Taplins house. I am Vinny. If you dont believ me call me in two time zones away. I have ears and you who posted it knows what they are looking at. Busted. Why try to tarnish the reputation of one (or two) when you know that is cannot rust. I dont even live there anymore-dont talk sh#@. I know... 010122
god everything is everything. 010123
marissa can hurt u.
everyone and everything.
Stephen If it is all the molecules in the universe, then where is the universe? Is it our solar system and all the stars in our entire galaxy, and all the neighboring galaxies as far as we can see in all directions, plus those in the vast distances reachable by light shining from the dawn of time? And what about the distances beyond even that, that existence BEFORE the dawn of time? Those molecules located so very far away, reachable only by light existing before light was born, in the universe's history that preceeded even time itself... 010127
jo all encompassing, yet not round
infinite yet easily found
are almost
my everything
kx21 Given YOU.
Take away or give away Everything from

What is left for YOU?
god poo patch trimming by the berry bush 010127
kx21 It should be:-

i.e. The SOUL

cyb Circles, round, wholeness.,molecules, space matter,no matter what we are contain it, ........... 010129
god i was country, when country wasn't cool. 010129
*maryJane exactly what has gone wrong in the past 7 days. 010203
chanaka is going to hell! 010203
ubliss *ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss*


Proven method to HELL with unlimited &
timeless guarantee:-

keep EVERYTHING for yourself and
Leave NOTHING for others...

Is there any Proven method to HEAVEN with unlimited & timeless guarantee?
those of you ... giant flopping granules of salt.
This is everything gnihtyreve si siht
Dafremen ...and you are one and the same. 010226
alkalinepixie everything is alright. he said so. 010305
Trent Everything

Beauty is everywhere senses can see
Beauty is everything
Crashing waves on empty shores
Star speckled skies in serene shades
Sunset images blanketing backgrounds
Windy noises on summer nights
Rustling grass and flowing breeze
Flowers filtering through to my eyes
Dazzling pictures of nature's simple truth
Green shades of life breathing joy
Intricate scenes in downy clouds
The motions of life and tranquility of death
Every musical envy finding its way
To my reception that I appreciate so much
I can hardly take it all in sometimes
Every ounce of pleasure perpetuating
From every corner and particle abound
Everything that I see, hear and touch
Smothering me, almost too much to bear
And then another wave of beauty
Calms me, releases me, and I drift
Into a serene state of love for all
And the only thing that saddens me is
I wish that every human could see
That beauty is everything, everywhere
Instead of faded senses that see nothing
In everything

Copyright 2001
ubliss *ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss*


Proven method to HEAVEN with unlimited & timeless guarantee:-

keep EVERYTHING for others and
Leave NOTHING for yourself...

Tell me why and

I will tell how wonder you are...
Dafremen ridiculous
mikey haha daf very clever!!! 010315
Moe ...has nothing to do with ZEN 010320
Lindsey It didn't take long
for me to stain your jacket
with hope
and false securities.
alkalinepixie this is everything i feel right now.
i heard the taste. it was dry in yer mouth. you've tamed me drastically. how many ways do you break? i'm dropping you hints. i've given you hands to trace. flesh is a useless thing. beautiful thing. something easy to break. but if you died tonite. i'd make you a legend. yer obviousness only hides yer true genius. if you died tonite. id make you a legend. - camden.
kx21 As good as if not better GOD... 010321
florescent light everything- emcompassing all.
If we do not define the limits, everything is impossible to define.
peta it has all fallen apart,
but we still have a little spark of that dream,
that vision...
we still have the yellow flowers
and the ancient trees to share their wisdom
but only for a little while
don't close your eyes to the world,
and leave it behind.
don't let it die...
kx21 Given that
Everything is somehow connected to Everything else...

What is the limit of Everything?
kx21 Name something which can be found in Everything... 010322
nocturnal atomic particles
that was too easy
kx21 Empty Space, or more precisely super tiny holes like Nothing...inside the atomic particles... 010323
Chrity go to:
mblase everything is great... but everything2 is better. More anything, more nothing, more everyone and everywhere and everywhen. Home for the starving mind. 010426
The Truth Even before the Universe was Created,
There existed Love and Connectedness.

These were the foundation upon which the universe was built.
Phil Is my shity answer beautiful?
Is my fuck you entrancing for your delectible Mr. Candy Brain. Is satan's razor sharp loins something to dribble over for a few hours on a sunday evening right before piano practice. Is the fact you only see beauty in itself beautiful (give me a clue if I am getting anywhere) beautiful. Is the fact I can destroy beauty beautiful also too you. It took me so long to learn how o spell that damn word. Well no, I simply know everything isn't beautiful, and I know that like anyone knows anything else, I've seen it. You are so cracky silent bob. Let me show you my poop sculpture of you. Everything is bullshit in my book, just a bunch of neverwas.
NinNy Nu Nu de Cosmos?
I'm goin' to the moon one day.
amy shhhh. quiet. 010527
CinnamonGirl in it's right place 010604
johnny west That's what I thought of putting in here when I saw "everything". You beat me to it. So, instead, there's this:
:::singing in his best Neil Young impression:::
I wanna dance with my cinnamon girl...something something...we could be happy...my cinnamon girl...
CinnamonGirl and in return I shall say:
"john I'm only dancing
don't get me wrong
I'm only dancing"
rollins this is everything.
every twisted sinew car wreck love
Amy H. What is everything?
Is it the sky?
The Moon?
The Earth?
What really is everything?
god everything is everything... 010610
Nola everything is you,
your surroundings areeverything with out you in side them.
Frangie Janelle is my everything... 010625
black-dyed gel product everything is wonderful right now, and I say that without sarcasm 010713
Casey is like a 1 million piece jigsaw puzzsle. I can't put the damn thing together, and the dog came up and ate a few of the pieces 010713
rollins This is everything.
every twisted, sinew, car wreck love
sykoze "everything, everything
im invisible, im invisible
why dont you call me i feel like flying in two,
why dont yo call me i feel like flying in two
like a razor of love, like a razor of love"

phil everything divides into one 010719
monadh returns to itself
having realized
the dream

and the sleeper
dwells in the centre
exists as one
the one someday ill have everything....the way that i want it all to be. ill smile at you just to see what it makes you do and you wont remember anything of me. until then i will waste...and wonder what it all means. until then ill be sick and never have the taste....
OF everything.
thedunator What is everything to me, is also now nothing to me. 011001
oren "Everything is catching on fire."

See also: fingertips.
ClairE And then some! 020122
2:34 (We are all just testing to see if we like it here)

It was salty

I am the wierdest part of the thing. I feel all oozy and sick now, I don't know why

I was born traveling towards the sun, destined to never see it set.

Up is achieved by turning left while thinking right, and walking forwards while leaning backwards.

How to be a Wizard

bla waka gookie choie ha ha ha oooo, bluh bluh bluh...ooooo pretty thing ah ha! HAHAHA! ooooh eee eee ee oo a a a. And this next piece is a collage compiled from some of the earlier cubistic drawings, very experimentlal, ummm you can see from the closely centered lines, here, that special attention was taken to reveal...

Robots make ME feel things

the contradictions run deep around here, they are so profound the gravity behind those words has me in an orbit.
What is not, is what is

My dreams are so beautiful, what a waste.

Sort of, tilts his head slightly. An hour later it tilts foreward. Time drags the head slowly over the decaying body. It reaches the floor and becomes seperated, bouncing violently down the stairs. The mouth falls open with the final impact, a moo sound can be heard inside. Wallpaper sheds slowly, from sun and moisture, falling slowly like petals on the moo skull.

it has to be seen in the eyes of all who read it

reality takes a long time to imagine

I used to be just the right height, there is no future in being tall.

Two is one thing
representing two other things, that's actually three, unless two represents itself and another two.
math + logic = 0

Normally I just blow bubbles, but when it starts to dribble down my chin, and I don't feel like cleaning it off, I usually turn on some P.O.D.

"It's gonna be (alright)" Ween
you should be anticipating dissapointment.

Ahyt gf4e cji ajdklf , ods. 333 osd dokweaaaaaa
Mahayana ever since 'the disaster', poor phil, just hasnt been the same


I was once full, now I just watch my vomit flow away on a blanket of air, across the darkening sky, a rippling sunset.

simple maze, purple and green.

You know that feeling you get after taking a nice long dump. That's the feeling I get whenever it starts on the radio, "Today is the greatest day"

Stands inside the doorway, feeling the air move outside.

blathering idiots unite and resell kleenexes in the aisles of furniture stores and laundry goes to waste in the mouths of possums, large cattle thrive on the prosperous green growth.
New colonies of self influencing matter are formed, life begins anew, at a 10,000th of the traditional wave length, the planets resources are economized. Blathering continues and
unless we conform to it's needs the hope of all future generations will lie in the hands of these mice. Look into yourself for answers related to the topic. For in 10,000 years what
will be scribbled on the walls of a decedent bathroom stall in a fashion aquired from today's elite slackers and joke sayers? Blathers I say, and will say until the day comes. And a beware is posted for all those rats who manifest themeselves in my dream, chewing through the miscommunicated lines of tommorrow's forgotten telephone activating services. I
hold this stick of wood to remind you all how big it is and how much of my words lack meaning, but still give an aim. Because my fellow excuses, this is the future, our efforts lay in your hands. We may begin the race, but we will never flush away tommorow, for hopes of saving today.
Utilize the forces of direction and prosperity. When you look into the eyes of my grandchildren, don't look blankly, but may you think of sex and forever give graces recieved to gifts redistrubeted, lacking unity, describing recession, and drink the bottle of vodka. For the happiness of the reception was not possible otherwise. And in this time of need for "cattlism" may you be reminded of it.

If I am in the universe, and your house is in the universe, am I in your house?

Is my shity answer beautiful?
Is my fuck you entrancing for your delectible Mr. Candy Brain. Is satan's razor sharp loins something to dribble over for a few hours on a sunday evening right before piano practice.
Is the fact you only see beauty in itself beautiful beautiful? Is the fact I can destroy beauty beautiful also too you. )It took me so long to learn how o spell that damn word.( Well no, I simply know everything isn't beautiful, I've seen it. You are so cracky silent bob. Let me show you my poop sculpture of you. Everything is bullshit in my book.

When you look at one thing, and it's moving back and forth, not far enough to be impossible. And the thing right next to it, is doing the same thing. But you can't look at one without the other appearing to walk away.

understand that you yourself are 1 of those people: who like the commercials I don't like & can't remember the details I need to know, but which I can't remember. And you can't be stood by someone who is watching you be a complete *#%^*!e, something which they will do later. Understand that because they are *#%^@!es themeselves, they never truly hated you for doing it.
And that this is why nothing could be done about it.
Understand I am a sick individual, who believes they will never get better, therefore am sick of never getting better, until I get better, then faithfully believe I will never get
sick again, and feels good about it, until I get sick again......
the theory would prove you do be an ass bent on destroying the world with your lack of understanding don't be a blind and stupid guinea pig for marketing analysts who try to decide just how dumb everyone is.
Understand what you try to teach.
Understand that nobody understand why things work the way that they do, and use your senses.
Believe the crazy people, and don't talk to the kids.

are me and the bar tender, just friends?

People are never allowed to visit my grave. Not a moment passes each day, an open casket lies to capture my corpse. The tragic moment bled from my memories, my eyes stared into the
beauty that unfolds after death. Disconnected from the true tragedy. But a strong will took hold after the short conversation. My scarless arm, something to believe in. Each day a new thought I still can only wish had formed back then, the day the actions of my body showed me the power of my unnecessary. Beauty so costly, it seems as though my fate is now sealed,
and how I feel now it seems will stay with me, what reason is there to stay a fool scratching away at nothing but the roof of my coffin?

I am traveling from limited madness to a motionless sea

I believe a biased voting system should be established

There is a symphony
I wish you all could here.
They play so swimmingly
in the rustling of my hair.

I am going to go take a bath in a trash can

I don't think enough to talk all the time, so I have emergency vocabulary.

I'm all alone

You can turn around in a full circle, to the right. To an outside absorber it would appear a circle would first go right, and then left, and then right again (or down then up up then
down or whatever). But how would someone running in a circle see it as? It's seen as distance, not direction. Equidistant single-directional motion. Or like my teacher showed me with the "directional-force" arrows, one pointing towards the sun and then another pointing in a constant direction, the arrows moving around, ironically, like clock hands...which would be going either clockwise or counter clockwise depedning on how you
were looking at the orbit. It would feel funny.
Is right more like left, or is it more like straight ahead?
(I wish I could provide illustrations)

Wear your raincoat!
They've got their guns
I have my court appointed attourney and my kidney in a plastic bag
School kid shot, shooting at the dog, cop gets off, uncharged.
Oh shit, he's got a tazer, that means he'll use it this time.
Car load of students.
Stand on a street corner, and smell jelly roles in the morning.
Tainted buffallo donut
volume off of the tv. Behind bars all you punks, don't stop till we've searched the trunk.
So you have a friend, his name is Brian, you know his name? Brian, he's popular guy, you
seen him around. Silence....Silence....get on the ground!!!
*The foundation
of corruption.*
Looking at me
eyes drueling
"I am here just looking for THE facts"
Get out little piggy
before the wolf comes back.

My braindead friend and his brain-dead friend turning ourselves off in a room
Not bad,. It just means I didn't think a lot,. Like when you've found someone you like but then let them walk on by. When did EYE forgive myself for you???
I don't want to be down here, walking.
Knowing the miles are a different kind than the ones that I can walk,. Either your heart dies, or you can just never wake up,. So many other possibilities.
I guess I was never any good at saying what is on my mind,. Everything chokes my throat up,. And makes me feel lost. I just hope I will be remembered some.
I really doubt I could act suprised or happy to see them again,. Or them too.
I will always be in next door but they will never come and visit,. We'll just get stoned and stay through motionless hours, like fish in a glass, no plans,
and then I will go home and wish I had been doing something,. And think about things. While I was with you in soul.
I keep hoping for a reason why,. Maybe someday you could pay me back and then we'll get along better, maybe we could even have some fun times,. Story dies.

your striking beauty like gold in my eye

It took me a long time to recover them, and they are the most useful guides I have ever found. I hope to never be without them again.

live with the destruction

wooden sword
non-hemp necklace and backpack
2liter Mr. Pibb bottle
economy sized fingerpaints(r,y,&b)
dusty sunglasses
1 trick ring puzzle (very nice)
uno playing cards
computer disk and other physical collections of interest (ie photos)
magic puzzle pieces in a bag
flourescent 12 oz 7up can
wind chimes, Van Gogh book, diary, "danger" sign, notebooks, ect. in Postal Service
closet doors & poster "The Doors"
dried orange peels in hacki sack
large bowl
and one large car and car wheel
box kite canopy(rods wanted)

If you get my mom, tell her some crazy story and that your a friend of Brian.

The next person who I see spelling jsut incorrectly will be shot and killed, then displayed to the Cubans.
flo- the cubans are not interested, they spell it juts, and take it without ice.
well then it will be a pity when I kill the last cuban.

I was reading this book for three hours, I thought it was a dictionary. But then the cover slipped off. I still can't make sense of it.

any final words?


one of those things I throw into the box of, nothing excists in the first place.
noelle Someone once told me that i was their everything,
how is it possible?
how could someone feel that way about me...it makes no sense.
i'm nothing special
its physically impossible to imagine someone thinking that i'm the world...because i'm not...not even close
so next time, don't use that world.
there is no truth to it.
it doesnt register.
i'm no one's everything.
stid the beauty of everything can most easily be seen in a nothing 020412
.blekk.tchynah.dol. i have an opinion on everything.

this is it.

Mahayana pursues or is pursued 020704
silent storm find me here
speak to me
i want to feel you
i need to hear you
you are the light
thats leading me
to the place
where i find peace

you are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
you are the life
to my soul
you are my purpose
youre everything

and how can i
stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this

you calm the storms
you give me rest
you hold me in your hands
you won't let me fall
you still my heart
and you take my breath away
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now

cause youre all i want
youre all i need
youre everything

devalis todos y bonita. 020807
Perspective_Of_Soul Why do you engulf me so ?
Why do you strangle me wretched tormentor?
Have i not been that which you desired?
Do i not fit into your complete scheme?
Damn the simplistic complexity you treat with such high regard.
Curse your components and terraces.Your windows and doorways.
I dismiss your invitation.
For you make me choke on it.
why everything everything everything
you were everything you are everything

Were we all truly your everything.. dependent upon who is your most current love?
Anna_Began I stared in at heaven today, again, and it still takes my every breathe away. it's still beautiful and he's just more so. I'm coming home again. 030201
ferret everything is spinning, if i don't post again tomorrow, i am dead, email me please if i don't, at least tell someone something nice tomorrow, horroscopes are slightly flawed, they don't include the terrible tragedy of the day. my day never seems as good as the horroscope says it should be. everything and nothing. "sometimes i would give anything just to be something more than nothing" 030202
the cow says moo. 030211
angie A: What are you thinking about?
N: Everything...
A: Good or bad??
N: ....*thinking*....
A: Good or bad?
N: Everything...
A: About me?
N: ....*thinking*....
A: About me???
N: no...
A: Will you tell me if u are?
N: Yes.
A: Okay.
N: What are you thinking about?
A: You. I love you.
N: I love you.

wonder how many times we've had that converstaion...

Everything's gonna be okay.

You are the only one I wanna dance with, talk to, be with, laugh with...ever.

I hope you know that.
User24 You are everything, everything is you.

I am you, we are they.

Nothing is gone, everything goes.

(Insert various other headfucking concepts here)
whitney it feels like everything would be fine if i could just let it be. 030529
shoccolo because there is so much we don't know of, there is no such thing as everything. 030815
miriku everything is
everything everything
everything is
spins everything
everything is everything
everything spins
Lady Whight everything looses to time 030921
Kristopher "Helga, Helga, get me a Map of Everything." 030921
crushed wrists Sometimes human emotions get the best of us.. a feeling can be so extreme that it seems as though nothing in the world can compare.. but, as we all know, great things must come to an end.. a life, no matter how beautiful, must fall.. i don’t see this as falling, though, but as beginning.. a beginning to new wishes, a beginning to new hopes.. a beginning of greater things.. i’ll be what i’ve always wanted to be.. i’ll be the wind blowing through your hair.. the sun shining on your skin.. the tears falling onto your cheeks.. i’ll be the angel kissing your pain away.. i’ll be your everything.. 031113
magicforest Forgive me for every time I let my pride, my resentment, my fear and my jealousy slap you. Forgive me for every time I stabbed you in the back and you blamed someone else because I lead you to that conclusion through my own wickedness. Forgive me for every time I sabotaged you and gave you pain. Forgive me for every time I deceived and manipulated you. Forgive me for every lie and every unspoken word. Forgive me for covert operations and underground runaways.

Forgive me for loving you so helplessly. All I want to do is be with you...
Louise every thing i see reminds me of him because right now at the end of it all, now the dust is settling, i keep on remembering past times and how good they were

i keep on remembering the bad times and how they made me cry

i keep on remembering the look on his face when he told me about Susannah and how wonderful she was, and how he refused to admit he was in love with her. how she seemed to be everything to him and

yes, his new best friend is the only appropriate term for it

i am pushed aside but silently, there is nothing i can do or say about this

it just happened
neverisalways ...is...yeah
That was deep...?
aljfl what i meant to say is infinity 040207
Luke Go out, stand anywhere.
There is just as good as here, or there.
But some places are easier than others.
Like the second seat from the back,
back in high school civics.
Back in that seat next to the window
in the spring
with tremendous towering trees
laughing at the glass.
Somehow the silent resting chalkboard,
the hum of the janitor's floor buffer,
is more important
than all the history and the notes.
That is one of those places, moments
(just when the breeze hits your forehead)
when one can suddenly know:
everything is connected.
chemical you are everything. your ex girlfriend told me you would be. 040219
everything now u can say u no everything 040317
kat/// brian may be rude when you meet him but just think if you aproch a singer like there everything there just gonna want you to fuck off but if you aproch them like there human then they might just give you a little respect 040328
BW a lot... not much... that's how 040409
angel we are everything and everything is us 040409
hsgatincamail zen 040410
misunderstood this shits crazy 040413
estarocks what is everything? people say we can't have it, but that's because they don't, or maybe they do, and just don't want to share it with us. 040612
hsgatincamail a simple spec of dust with proper perception blowing across it like a warm wind. there you have everything. that is, if you are humble enough to hold dust that close to your heart. 040620
love & hate Katie, you are my everything and without you, i have nothing, i am nothing, i am noone. All alone in a sea of faces waiting for you. You are my everything 040620
insert name here people use this word too lightly.
it encompasses every entity, feeling, time, place, thought, memory, hope, object, statement, receipt and reaction in existence.
emily nothing is everything everything is nothing. so, therefopre we are neither ntohng nor everything, no one is everything to anybody becdause they're also nothing. nothing is a part of everything as everything is a part opf nothing. so as this is indeed true we are all meaningless beacause without an everythng there is no nothign and without a nothing there is no nothing so....what are we? we're not one or the other, so what are we?
() happens everywhere at once 040929
Tired Is in it's right place. 041024
Staind_And_Souless Will you be my everything? 041101
BitterSweetDream I used to be someones everything.
Now I am everybodys something.

I need someone
Joe Sa Feen everything that can go wrong will. 060209
L0v3IsFr3 Everything we value is nothing.
Everything we aspire to be is gone.
We drift from hope each and dream that doesn't fulfill, to the next.
Tomorrow is a lie.
And everything you will ever hope to do will fail.

But don't let this discourage you.
LS Heh...if your serious I apologize, but I'm laughing at you. 060601
birdmad all_at_once 060705
z everything_happens_everywhere_at_once 060706
nom this blathe loaded amazingly quickly 060706
everyone there are so many things included in the word everything. 061019
caresscoffee I feel silly now 'cause all I can really say is
If we werent such good friends I think that I'd hate you
If we weren't such good friends I'd wish you were dead
Rob In all of it
I see a part
of you.
Jake what does every thing become when you discover that everything is one? 081206
In_Bloom If only
Twice I've had it
The 2nd time I thought I'd grown wise
Please please please
Let there be a 3rd time
that which makes it feel safe to give up to sleep
that which makes it a joy to open my eyes to in the morning
that which strengthens and boons me through my day to where it feels even shadows can't touch me

Thank you
camille sometimes_i_miss

hsg Howhyou're sun_shining
falls out of disguise:

Maybe if I turn_around
I can half_view again.
. . 091207
har http://puremango.co.uk/blathefix.php 101105
har http://puremango.co.uk/blathefix.php 101105
har http://puremango.co.uk/blathefix.php 101105
thy everything is the natural progression of everything. 110705
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