human It's said that without pain there is no no gain. What does this mean? Adopted and abused buy steroid shooting muscle men and women. Regretted. It should read with out EFFORT there is no GAIN.
Optimize your output of effort for the most effecient gain. This is true in every application.
ass All I can think of is that damned little gator that ambushes you all the time and watches what you do in order to send you a multitude of popups. 030708
niska i think it means that satisfaction never comes without sacrifice of some kind...

although, some asshole is listening to C & C music factory down the hall.

now that's painful. and i don't know what i have to gain by it.
june as painful as it is she'll do it ultimately always because she loves him. 040129
Me Oh yeah. It's like full emo ! 040303
what's it to you?
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