Bill ...
There are women and women and some hold you tight
While some leave you counting the stars in the night.
sparker I've never understood a single one of them. Do you think that maybe they are a different species? No, no reproduction...that's right. Well how the hell are we so different? 991207
valis i spent some time looking at the crayon drawings posted on the wall at denny's. children had drawn their ideas for a float in a parade about the environment.

the girls' drawings would have a rainbow with people holding hands underneath on thick crayola grass, with a sign underneath saying "together we can change the world".

the boys' would be like this: a drawing of spiderman fighting electro and doc ock. a caption underneath would read "and spiderman goes thwipp with his web and wins!".

moral of the story:
girls are boring.
deb women and girls, my dear, however, are two completely different species 991209
valis ... just the difference between neuroses and psychoses, in my experience.

deb hey, theres nothing wrong with being a psychopath :) 991212
valis all this psycho talk coming on the cusp of a shitty breakup is making me ... well, neurotic.

sigh. women.
SimplyMe women; those enchanting, confusing, wonderful, horrible creatures you can't possibly begin to understand, much less live with, but i'll be darned if i'm going to live in a world without any 991214
amy this is totally unfair. both "women" and "men" were blathed for the first time together at the same, and look how much attention "women" has gotten compared to "men"! 991215
Bill thank you for noticing how much more attention women get than men do. yeah, it's really unfair. i'm hurt and sad. i think i'm going to pout. 991215
me are the sum of what is worthwhile on this earth - they excite - they produce - they console - they guide - the sun is a distant second to what life requires to proceed forward 991215
gaudior are a tangled web of deceit, vanity, confusion, and indescribable beauty of body and soul.

and I wouldn't come within 10,000 miles of living without them.
ikon I'm stronger than you, boy.

I'm the iceberg. I'm the thunder.

I am the monster in the dark.

so why can't i fucking stop loving you?
Yitzhak are the grace of God, presuming there is one. If not, well, a breast will do and much better than a wafer on a warm tongue, softly, softly. 000305
girl sick demented evil people. dont ever trust them. they always hurt me every time i try to relate to one. i question how i can be one of them. 000326
oog ya wanna know what BLOWS !!!!!!!!
I was gonna ask my ex out today because i thought i picked up some vibes, (if ya know what i mean) i was about to do this and then some other guy walked up right in front of me and asked her out. needless to say she said yes.
Brad dude... that was a certified boof. I'm sorry... I feel your pain. :( 000529
moonshine I want to be immortalized by the paint brush 000529
MollyGoLightly I want to be immoralized by the paint brush. And if that isn't a real word, I'm going to be very disappointed. 000604
Brad It's definitely springtime... i fall in love with every one i see, practically. 000604
MollyGoLightly it's summer, dear. that would make the feeling a cousin of love who i think we're all familiar with. 000604
grendel hmm. summer indeed.

pretty young office clerk
in form-fitting outfits
bright eyed, whip smart
and devastatingly exotic

i'm nearly thirty years old and have tasted damn near every conceivable experience (good or bad) under heaven

but when she speaks
when she walks by
when she smiles
...suddenly i'm as helpless as a starstruck schoolboy

but i know my place
so i'll just keep my mouth shut
i i dislike this word
i'll call them girls
(unless they are real real old and
unattractive... in which case i
won't call them anything at all,
except maybe grandma...)
Aaron my mother, my sister, and the girl that would have been my wife. all the love of the world and all the grief and pain that i've ever had the joy the know. women are the love, the gift, the creators, and should be cherished as such. oh how they hurt. they don't realise the power they hold over me. 000805
Kaskarkaminski Aaron, take it back, and they will come back! 000805
Seth I've been telling Aaron that for many weeks now. ~*Sigh*~ It took me a long time to realise how to take back control of myself from women. Then I meet a woman, and I'm O so willing to give control up to her. The unfortunate thing is that she's just as confused as I am. That just means that we'll be able to grow as people, together, and will be able to share with each other. I love life.

The journey continues.
peyton "Needs to the wound, what a woman makes best is a bandage." - Strife

When there isn't one near me I think they are vile evil creatures (see: succubus) that will tear your heart out with their meaningless smiles and cold manipulation. They are the Everest that has killed so many. They have left me bleeding and broken and have caused more suicides than any other thing on earth.

When there is one with me I think:

Warm.. soffft.. smell good.. mmmmm

If you agree with me, put a little design like this, ~~* at the end of your respective post(s). It will make me feel so much better about myself. Trust me. The power of ~~* is astounding when it comes from a total stranger.
Seth They have such a tremendous power, what with being able to create life. Too bad they use it in destructive ways, as a punishment to man. The world would probably be a better place if they gave up these girlish antics. 010111
kx21 In MEN, they find a UNIQUE meaning of their EXISTENCE or VARIOUS Definitions of LIFE... 010111
kx21 In MEN's eyes, they could mean Nothing at one instance and Everything at another instance.

This, most probably is the root cause of Women Right Issue and Movement.
kx21 Their talent, or more precisely competency level in using the power of proven tools such as Smile, Love, etc., is probably declining over time, judging from the fact that the divorce rate is raising steadily all the times. 010112
kx21 TEN Power Tools (Ranking from high to low)

Qualitative or Inner Beauty Tools
1. Smile
2. Love
3. Compassion
4. Forgiveness
5. To be determined (TBD)
Quantitative or Outer Beauty Tools
6. TBD
7. Complexion
8. Body
9. Kiss
10. Sex or sexual relationship

Do you agree to this ranking?

Are these tools relevant or applicable to MEN as well?
Jack Nicholson goes to Eastwick "A joke, or did God do this to us on purpose?" 010112
hard house heaven 20 push ups a day and you never have to be afflicted with women EVER AGAIN!!! 010515
ClairE From What the Men Talk About When the Women Leave the Room :

The room itself. The women. The absence of women
in the room. What the absence of women does
to a room. The sound of all those women getting

up and leaving; all of them at once, like wild
birds or hunger. How the world can be conquered
if only...Just don't tell the women.

What the absence of women will do to men
eventually. Fears. Men talk about fears, bad
dreams, women leaving, the room swelling with

the absence of women. Bad dreams have a way
of walking in the room when the women leave.
Each dream is an afterimage of a women leaving.

-Dionisio D. Martinez
Annie111 i hope that men feel the same way about women that we feel about them. i hope they respect us and think that we're capable and intelligent and not afraid of anything except death. that's all i ask for, a bit of eye-to-eye thinking, not all this gender crap that seems to get in the way of everything. most of my friends are guys, and then i have a few close female friends. They provide different things. women are good to talk to about anything, but especially emotions. guys are there when you don't feel like analyzing or thinking, you just want to play ping pong or see a movie and laugh a bit without all the heartsick shit there to bitch and moan about. sometimes i think that guys must have to feel an awful lot out when they interact, because they don't talk about it like we do. they just have to know it. men's intuition, if you will. although i guess they don't even care most of the time (at least my guy friends don't). 011128
ClairE Fuck, *of a womAn leaving. 011128
ClairE If you see gender differences as bullshit, Annie, then why do you go on to talk about the ways in which men and women are (almost, you make it seem) inherently different...::sigh:: 011128
sapphire_ she doesn't tho' *tilts head*

emphasis on emotion, not action
skitzerman hi 020201
Norm Simply, the root of all evil, it's that easy. She made me give up a large chunk of my personality (excess booze, bud, broads, and, um, violent tendencies)

It's like I'm a nail in board, she pulled me out found a fresh spot on the board, and hammered me in twice as deep. You can't trust anybody, Fuck.
Paci Annie 111: Dont you realize what youre saying? You have never been around guys when theyre alone. Every interaction youve had with them in your whole life has been affected by the fact that you, a girl, were there. this is the point that throws off alota girls. 020304
Billia wimmin

those words have no soul.
Syrope women have a pain threshold 9x that of men. they carry more body fat more effectively (more equipped to survive in famine), and the corpus callosum (connecting link between halves of the brain) is not eroded by testosterone - the more connective fiber means women are just as logical as men but balanced by emotion and subjective thinking skills. weaker sex, my ass 020325
jon_dog a friend of mine had his girlfriend go gay on him. wierd, huh? 020327
B.A.Dorman women are human
and men are human
both try to mould each other
yet both are equally dependent of the other
we crash and fall because we try to understand and mould
all we can do is accept and enjoy
me deb, there's a difference between a psychopath and someone who suffers from psychosis (a psychotic). If you're psychotic that's ok, you can get treatment, if you're a psychopath, you should most likely be behind bars 030624
x you're only about 4 years late. i'm sure deb will come back to blather for you and respond any minute now. 030624
synchronicity actually , she (deb) showed up a couple of weeks ago looking for jennifer

coincidentally enough.
alf garnett unintelligible simian commonly used for binding roving male apes to beech trees. Often referred to by the male as "loveglove" 030728
monkey wrench not to be confused with chalk or other calcium based deposits to be found lining household pipes. If you find one blocking your radiator valve call the Gas Board instantly and a charming plumber will come and give her a good bung. 030728
giyo Men seem to control the world, however, women control us men, and thus, women control the world. 040123
S Roses are red
The colour of lust
If it wasnt for women
Mens pieces wud rust!
freedom are horrible to each other even though we know what each other goes through 040322
white_wave Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus

Women like candy bars
Men like their penis
quotree men are from earth
women are from earth
deal with it.
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Fierce Women need to join together anf fight our exploitation.
Lesbianism is the power against "them".
Cough. Chauvinist cowards!
levine I hear the word and immediately think
of opression
levine I hear the word and immediately think
of opression
I am Nothing special or mysterious, and certainly not the object: of desire, of attention, of anything. Just plain old human beings like me.

Men are the strange ones, the decorative and desirable and alien ones. They always have been, but we haven't often spoken of it.
in a silent way cassavetes said, "i see them as soft friends, in trouble like the rest of us." i've always liked that. 130116
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