Q Do I sense correctly that you are having a problem? Like egocentrism, or that you haven't been able to get it into your brain to just forget it?

How many "you are not the only one, in fact you are not even one" vibes do I need to send back? Not vibes, really, but specific, point-blank statements.
sarpedon My only saving grace
The only thing that keeps me going
Neither of us can express ourselves clearly
All that we leave are gestures
Not so important or particular
Subtle actions
But taken together
I get a certain vibe from you
That you want something more
I sometimes wonder
If you are getting those same vibes
But each and every gesture
Brings us so much the closer
We can't stay apart for long
And neither of us has pulled away
We build upon each other
And I am now sure
We will discover each other
Constance In time, we will. Unless we both become distracted with someone or something else. The longer the spell is broken... 040223
no reason maybe if i play 071207
no reason i_don't_feel_your_vibes_at_all_anymore! yay! huzzah! rejoice! it's about damn time. 090902
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