Wes! i love you, i show it, you return the gesture... this is my happiness... 991203
andrea i always pronounce this word like "jester"
it's a bad habit
Joana. So, I was walking down that street... filled with people, in their materialistic commuting... and I heard someone playing a guitar.
I followed the sounds and found a pale face, expressing his pain and loneliness... playing only Nirvana songs, but singing them with soul. I stopped and let the crowd bump into me... feeling their annoyance at my break of their continuous movements. There was a plastic jar in front of him... with only two pennies... I searched inside my pocket and found some money to give him. I found my way through the rushing crowd and leaned to him, as he held the plastic jar to sadly glance at the results of his begging... and placed the pennies gently on his hand. He looked up at me and smiled. His eyes were deep blue... pale and tired. He had life within himself, though... I could feel his ironic happiness as he thanked for my gesture. I looked behind us and showed him the ridiculousness of all that crowd with a movement of my eyes... and he smiled and nodded in agreement.
I smiled and kept walking through the street, not looking back as he continued playing his guitar... echoing his voice through that street until the noisy crowd smothered the sad music.
That voice that I never heard again...
ilovepatsajak that's beauty 010917
oldephebe *sighs, viscerally* 040701
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