Q He sighs.

My door is always open for you. There's no mystery in using the espresso maker or opening another bottle of merlot, is there?

The fridge is always full of health food.

You can use my 'puter to get your e-mail, order your pills, and do as much else as you want, whenever you want.

Yes, the stereo works in the bedroom, and so will your cell phone.

You can read any of my ten thousand books, outloud if you don't like my music.

Now, what, pray tell, can't you understand?

Yes, the busses run at night around here.
klairchen That's it.

My bags are packed and I'm outta here.
birdmad where are you headed?

can i go too?
ladybird me too! me too! I'll make myself useful I promise....I am good at opening bottles of Merlot 010514
sEth *looks at clock.......sigh* 011111
Aimee God this sucks... it's so hard being this far away from. You can only imagine how much I miss you... Logan, I just want to hold you and I just want to fall asleep in your arms. Is that so wrong? honestly, is it? I miss you so much that it's made me cry numerous times. *sighs* I'm glad I went home, but I want you here. I know I'll be home in a little over 19 hours. Oh sweetheart... I wanna come home. I want you to kiss me and give me that wonderful feeling in my tummy every time I'm around you... I love you 011123
unhinged being an idealist and a cynic is a rather uncomfortable dichotomy 011123
dondeestanlosjaguares In between songs that only two lovebirds know how to sing, there are infinite "sighs" that shower those fine-tuned, heart-born notes.

In between waves of a blue ocean on a sandy, white beach, you can hear the same infinite "sighs" in the wind against the surface of the waves.

In the middle of the nite, tossing and turning around in bed, not being able to substitute the absence along their side, "sighs" escape the lovers' breaths as they reach across the bed to find it empty.

On the phone, in each other's arms, far away from each other, in a state of ending daydreams, you can hear these "sighs" rippling the silence like a the first drop of rain over a shallow lake.

And after those "sighs" an "I love you."
DavesHeroinGirl I couldn't have written it better myself. 030124
In_Bloom You hold still as I brush dust from your sleeve and then sigh with a "hmmm" sound
You sigh, "hmmm"
we give each other half smiles and walk forward into a new day
Other people are allowed to hug in greeting or exchange air kisses but we are allotted only glances
And sighs...
blown cherry hmmmmm 090528
does it ease the pain? The sighs lasted...not long. A matter of weeks. Long enough to pass through the Via Dell'Amore @ Cinque Terre, pass under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, pass around the taboo of PDAs in Istanbul, then pass along all together.

blown_cherry will sigh_no_more
oren size 100408
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