ravensfears Whenever the rain falls
and sorrows become to harsh
dont forget to call
I'll make it all better for you.
scott mac. whenever you see fit, i suppose we can catch up, get right back where we started. I wouldnt even be able to make up a good enough excuse not too, honestly what else am i fucking doing. All my friends that i have taking quite the liking too, i wont even know in three years, i live in my parents house, i dont know why i think so much about every little move i make, it slows me down and leads to me making less and less moves, i dont even think i have gone anywhere yet. Am i even supposed to go anywhere, is warwick it for me. What if i spent tens of thousands of dollars on education that would do nothing but teach to not want to try anymore, can anyone be that stuck. I really need to find a new job. Fuck them for doing that to me. Lets get married. 080812
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