dallas I need my daily dose of technicality. 980907
s to know i'm alive 981015
blind what you want and what you need
don't mean that much to me.
Pacia the thing that most do not. 981107
riley if we need the same thing, can we provide it for each other? i need it, therefore i don't have it, but if you give it to me i'll give it to you. love. 990212
adam is what i need, i need need...i need to be needed...i need to know what need is so i can understand it and have it without it having me. i need to own need without owning and i need to be needed without being owned. 990213
daxle I need to know that I will not always be happy, but I will not constantly wonder whether things will ever get better. I need to know what it is that makes other people feel that they know things will get easier. I need to know how people have faith. 990430
angsty-artist a girlfriend. 990607
emsie I need this summer to be the best summer ever. I need a boyfriend who will love me in all my stupidity. I need money. I need things to get better in my life. I need my dad's hugs. I need money. I need to be needed... 990629
jess I don't want you, but I know I need you. 990630
lee Dear Need,
You paralize me with fear. You are a mountain, and he is the king. We battle for advantage and forget why we came to you to begin with.
Joana I need something that I don't have. 990715
*nicole* do we ever really need, or is that just a state of mind? 990827
valis try meeting some of your needs ... face to face in a dark alley 991210
trakie seemed so silly to be so dependant on someone. why would i need anyone but myself? but that was before i found her. i need her more than myself, and the craziest part is, i need her to need me. 991228
RoMiEttE i need him.... more than i've ever needed anything in my entire life 000301
aeiou what is need? do we really need anything? we need what do you need? 000324
lotusflower i think i'd rather be loved than needed. they're two different things, i believe.
love should be greater than need.
WoNDERGIRL I need to need you
whether or not you agree
to my circumstances
moonshine don't confuse your need s with your wants.. 000602
Harvey All i ever wanted to be was a wooly muffler on your naked neck. double wrap me when its cold
But you pulled a little tight just now
and im afraid...I feel a choke hold...c-c-comin on....yeah im afraid i feel a choke hold coming on.
silentbob You are what i need most in my life
The water flows
the grass grows
all because of you
the earth needs the sun
people need explanations
children need laughter
and i need you
because i love you and you are the only thing that truly makes me happy
all the others are cheap substitutions of life that i consider blasphemous and crude.
stan commonly confused with want 000730
evi I need to know what you're thinking 001002
David Mitchell it is a need older than the hills (shaped by water, shaped by wind, shaped by them). him for her, and her for him. 001004
Cat ^.^ I need someone...I'm too tired of waiting. I need smile that puts the fire in the dawn... I need more than I've found. Humm...I need to stop worrying. 001214
chanaka shit!! why i do i need people? why do i need connection? someone tell i weak, or simply human? (which may be the same thing) 001214
Bobfather what i want...what's most important to that i have a guarantee. No more attempts on my fathers life. 001214
cazzi i need to be needed 001228
twiggie why is it that whenever i really need someone to talk to no one is ever there? 001231
jackie love, but those i do push me away
i need you
and i need you to need me
13lueee I need to do it...just one cut and i'll be fine but then people will notice...I need the feeling of pain to keep me from goi n g insaNe...but if i do people will notice and they will ask questions and it will start all over again 010321
nocturnal that's why you do it where they won't see, if you wear pants no one will ever know if you cut your leg, especially right above your knee. that was always my favourite, doesn't hurt all that bad either, just enough. 010321
Aimee I need a hug... and maybe a backrub... but I just really need a hug 010321
vampers answer 010403
keeper to sleep with your arms around me again 010403
florescent light I've come to realize that I don't really need to have someone love me.
It is just a particularly desirable convenience. Especially since I am surrounded by it.
Like having cable television or a computer.
It is not necessary.

I've always believed that it was
13lueee i do do it on my legs and arms so now i'm stuck wearing pants and long sleeved shirts but my friends ask me if i've done it and i know when they see a cut or scratch on me they know 010405
like rain. you want to leave?

but... i thought... you said...

(i believed you when you said you needed me.)
Allie when do we stop needing? 010506
Nicc bleed out my fears,and fear to bleed. 011008
Toxic_Kisses To be accepted
To learn how to spell
A thicker/stronger wall
A hug.
me why would anyone want to be needed? Wouldn't you rather be wanted? Wouldn't you just want someone to be with you because they WANTED to, not because they feel they NEED you?! 011028
ME need is un-needed 011106
Gunel - "Galina" I shed a tear, you didn't catch it.
I laughed, you didn't respond.
I said "I love you," you said nothing.
I tried to kiss you, you pulled away.
I tried to hug you, you turned your back.
I said what's wrong, you said "nothing."
I tried to understand you; but you've closed yourself up to me.
I tried to change, but you still stay the same.
I asked you a question, you raised your voice.
I asked you for a favor, you said I was selfish.
I asked for your time, you gave me your excuses.
You see me different, you expect something else.
You don't need me because I don't feel needed.
You have what you need in your life, and I am sorry to say, that I'm not one of those things you need.
Wondering how come "need" and "now" always go together? 011106
Toxic_Kisses Weather or not I like it I
To get some sleep to night
Its 12:28 as it is
Who knows @ what
Hour they'll feel the
To wake me @

Sleep well
fellow Blaterers
searching to find some purpose, something that makes me feel happy or maybe just content. i look at the people who surround me and they all seem so happy, so carefree. why am i so bogged down? why do i think so much? i need to be normal, like everyone else. if i could do that, maybe i would feel less isolated, less alone. maybe i would be able to understand then. i want to be fun, to not care, to live and enjoy it. no worries, no regrets, no fears. why can't i do it? 020120
Bizzar "And I need you now, somehow.

Open fire on the needs designed on my knees for you..."

Baby, I need you right now more than ever. While Im still living with the pain from the past, youre finally healing me over. Nothing seems bad when you hold me in your arms. Please dont ever go.

I need you more than Ive ever needed anyone. I love you Baby.

"And I cant say that I dont know how far Ill go."
Syrope i need luck, love, hugs, a massage, comfort, a purpose, happiness, silence, noise, water, air, a challenge, good books to read, a cause, appreciation, encouragement, to confess, money, time, trust, friends, a plan, someone to tuck my hair behind my ears, a secret, better organizational skills, to stare into the nightime sky, birth control pills, more freedom, more cd labels...
but i only want you
gelfling I need to know that you'll still be here tomorrow,
or at least the day after,
so that I can live through today.
tricky you told me that you need me but really you don't treat me like you need me. you give me a lot of bullshit that doesn't need to be there. you have hurt me so many times, and never once have i hurt you. truly and honestly i don't know why i'm still with you. maybe that's just because it's the easiest thing to do. it's easier for me to let myself get hurt than to hurt someone i care about. "yeah but you're too awesome of a person and i just don't like to see that happen to someone who's as great as you are..." that's what one of my friends said to me. i could be better friends with him but you don't trust me. if you needed me you would trust me. it seems to me like all the evidence is against you. sometimes the evidence gives the wrong idea though. sometimes i'm just looking for these kinds of reasons and i don't notice the opposing ones. maybe that's what keeps me here with you. the chance that i'm wrong about you. the chance that you actually do love me and need me. 020624
*silent screams I'm at pease with myself, yet hating the feeling. I need to talk to u in order to feel okay. Where are u at this very second..and why aren't u here by my side? All i want right now is to feel your arms around me, i need u right now and ur not here. Can't u feel how much i need u inside? 021206
Rickster We lie to ourselves and others using compassion, we tell the other people that its something we desire. Yet we lie to ourselves only knowing in the end, this wasn't the right one and you knew it from the start. If you find yourself happy and content with living a lie, then soon you shall see things will change before you die. Only lying to yourself and praying they love you, hanging on by a thread and never letting go. You obsess with them and never let go, yet you know they have no feelings to share with you the same. It's quite painful but it's life working its ways, you should be taught these most important things in these horrible ways. Why can we just sit there and praise to our God, we feel that we need him like he is something that makes us free. Eyes are closed now, everburning fires are consuming my past. I don't want this anymore, I didn't ask for shit but you had different plans in store, perhaps you wasted my life for that while I was under your spell, but now I'm back and I've brought you a little gift of hell. I'll teach you again why you shalt not fuck with me, stay out of my forest and dont play with my fucking tree's. You are evil bitch, so evil its wrong, I used to adore it now I hate it. This was the past for me at one time, but I lived my life and learned my lesson the first time.
Do not live your lie when hearts are at stake, some people can take it, while other people can easily break. You toy with emotions and you set off the storm, some damage is unfixable and theres never going to be a cure.
Chilly D There's a difference between desiring and needing. Not a lot of people seem to know that sometimes... 030110
devalis here 030110
Insat The need to be needed. 030204
Rick0la There is a difference among everything, yet each can be next to each other to represent a more "meaningful" definition. Desire and Need's are not far apart, they come hand-in-hand in life. Despite what you think, you are given what you truly need, your desires are what leads you on to the gratification. 030220
she "now and then...its clear to me...that need is love and love is need....oh, marie" 030312
angie not just i want to be with you
i need to be with you
if only i could come to you now
i miss you so much
i wanted to talk to you so bad tonite
i know i cant always get what i want
i just...dont like going to bed without having talked to you first...
it makes me more comfortable
i can sleep better...
its bad enough that i have to sleep without you...i just want to hear your voice so i can sleep easier
maybe its not the same for u...
Glory Box Sometimes I need the keening, the wasted hours and I love the dreams that come the shine of new love and hunting for avacados in the starklit grocery store and I would do anything for you right now and all you need to do is ask me and I'm writing myself into love and for once I don't have time for this shit. 030614
the oneders because when i looked into your eyes
i was lost for words
they seemed so sparkle and draw me closer.
the girl i'd never understand.
the girl i'd never even dream of.
you dance in your mystery
your smile
and in the knowledge that there is something different about you that no guy can put his finger on.
and then. . .
oh god, you grin because you know how many hearts you break and how many you fill with joy when you shoot a look their direction.
why am i the lucky one?
you even know that i feel like one of the chosen few who gets to grace your presents, but you would never say that.
you don't even carry grace.
maybe that's why i will never understand how you caught me in your web.
you didn't do a thing
and i don't even mind feeling this helpless.
nomme eden 030721
counterentity ambition 030722
sirflaccid I need air. No matter how dirty or disgusting it is, whether I want it or not, I have to have. It is required for my survival.

I don't want dirty air. I don't want disgusting air. But, I must have it any way I can get it.
Chuy I need to wake up, but first I must know whether I'm asleep in life's waiting room. 030831
imposter Need. . . I need so much.

Right now, I need to write.

I can feel it, coming so slowly.

This is painful.

I need.
Bissa I need sex. man or woman it doesn't matter, just to be desired and to have that amazing animal fucking. clawing hair pulling slap me around a little fuck. it's been so long. 031218
Fierce I need him.
I need my sanity.
it rhymes with greed.
and seed.
and feed.
and read.
and lead.
Fuck you.
i'm weird. i know.
but you don't know me.
you don't need to.
emmi you do not need me, i know 040225
holly you 040308
her royal highness the quirk i'm in need of someone like you
will you be my eddie
ethereal What I need and what you think I need are entirely two different things. 040403
klllllynt shit i need to know what i need 040417
shit brettt i blathered 040417
black&red all you need is party
trapped there is something I need;
more than I need the air the smothers me,
more than I need the rain which drowns me,
more than I need this life which destroys me.

if only I knew.
Syrope forever impressed at how things keep coming back 041013
witchesreqiem i need another choclate twinkie 041014
witchesreqiem i need another choclate twinkie 041014
Staind_And_Souless I need you here again. 041102
BitterSweetDream You need everyone 041102
Staind_And_Souless I need you 041102
ninecat Is need defined by what would kill us to be without? Do we need existence? 041203
angie i told u i needed u hear today
u dont care
u would rather drink
i told u..
i need u
i need u
and now you are gone
and i dont know what to do
saturn rox i hate needing ppl with a passion, i dont want to need anyone at the moment i hate needing someone i feel like i give a chunk of myself to someone, and most of the time that person dosent even want that chunk so im left there with a mangled bloody peice of flesh in my arms and tears running down my face and have that constant voice in my head saying why dont you want me, am i not good eneough!?! i dont like being there very much thats why i have need i dont need anyone. 050731
Q13 fuck 050731
mt attatchment
little miss ordinary to feel the flowers grow while I'm sleeping, and the cold breeze left from the storm.
the grey hovering above my mind, to clear when the morning comes.
the great love I'll never have..
no reason to fucking get out of here
who i am doesnt matter anymore what if i told you i needed you now?
i dont understand why. i dont understand how.
when im loosing sight of everything around me, the thing keeping me from loosing it are thoughts of you.
but time will run out before my need for you is filled, by then ill have lost it all.
*SuPeR^ChIcK* i need a guy. he doesn't have to be a boyfriend. just a guy to talk to, flirt with, act like an idiot around, have fun with. i need to be hit on. i need to be picked out of a crowd. i need to feel beautiful and sexy. i need to feel wanted. is that too much to ask? 060218
caroline the night. i need the night.
it gives me strength.
somebody the desire of our spirit is as much a ~ as air to our body 061204
z i did not post any of the above blathes. 070604
no reason i really feel like
i really need you right now
camille something we all have.. 090218
no reason i really just need to get_out 090318
sirflaccid To escape is to remove
That is not the device
To add
To supplement
To amplify
That is my pursuit
what's it to you?
who go