~gez~ this one time, at band camp, we were playing football, and this guy did a bicycle kick, but he missed the ball, and hit someones glasses, and they broke, and glass went in his eye, so you could say he has a glass eye. [read in a question statement tone] 020823
unhinged ouch

beyond hurt_feelings

f I'm not sure how aware you are of
what the
real problems are
I can promise you none of this is about
impressing people
it's about getting through to the other side
the money would have helped me
to make this process faster
or even safer
there wasn't any offered to me
maybe nobody had any
they could give or
lend to me.
nobody has to help others become rich and famous
but someone should help people that
are in desperate need
no for a career
or to be happy
they aren't safe.

you can't ever say you love someone
when you simply watch them

so my evaluation of all of this is:
there isn't anyone out there
that wants to help me.

so why then should I help
all of these people
without anything
to show they are thankful
not to be in my position
right now.
what's it to you?
who go