psyki is what i've got left when i'm done 000311
sabbie i spoke to a man from Coporate today named Nhon.
and i remember thinking that with a name like his
he should be stalking through medieval forests
with bow in hand
clad all in green and brown
or skulking down post apocalyptic mega-city streets
with deck in hand
clad all in shiny black

not working behind a desk,
phone in hand,
wearing an ill fitting pinstripe suit.
Gonzo None. More one. Plus. Done. 1 011028
Your Friendly Neighborhood Logan as worshipped
as sought after
as loved by me
as needed
as treasured you
Christopher Kendalls On Valentines Day
By Chris Kendalls

The love of my wife and the women in our families
Times when I did not have a significant other
This becomes primary and singular with the vows
Someone is lonely and someone else is just hooking up
Emotions will get you to do some strange things

Alcohol aside I want to think clearly and remember
Just a few days you are obligated to express ones feelings
Yet the love is there at all times
Sweet and beautiful language as a means to express
You do not hear those infamous words anymore

On the other hand, perhaps not as much have perceptions changed?
Beautiful hair long or short, perms, natural
Bodies some thick some thin, short, tall whatever
I could not have it any other way that is life
Birthday of earth’s love what better way to celebrate!
what's it to you?
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