josh I'm Mr. Natural! 991220
dizzy not artiffical, but natural, the shroom and the weed, natural.. 000219
amy unpure, maybe 000418
michelle it's no comfort to know that what I feel is natural. If it were not, then perhaps I could "cure" it with a bit of this or that. Instead, I have to cope with it and I feel rather sad. 000625
Amy pure, no masks! 000727
Wisdom "you wear nothing but you wear it so well"-- dave mathews-- he is the king of "la natural" 010612
black-dyed gel product Dave Matthews Band is music for people who don't listen to music. No offense, I just don't care for them. 010612
dis Twelve of the finest days.

He thinks my mind may be clouded,
mired in Monday bliss,
unable to determine what I want.

But he does not discourage me.

If my mind was clouded, so, then, was his.
He swears his words were honest.
So, then, were mine.

It's true, I was ecstatic,
but to this minute I promise you it was his honesty that thrilled me.
He told me the things he had held back,
and I hope he will not retreat again.

Tonight I am tired, but calm and reassured.
We have nothing but time, he and I.
B.A.Dorman It is natural for women to grow hair under the armpits 030408
TheMadness Do what comes naturally, Like your step-sister. 130320
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