psyki see: ignorance 000209
typhoid staying up late at night playing board game in german eating the heads off hundreds of gummi bears...
then walking home in the rain
sabbie All I know is the way to the dark
shine me a light, I’ll walk in its shadow
twilight comes and it calls me to follow
I am the night and the moon is my lover

Under the stars, under the trees
I’m lying open like a flower
Im summer scented heavy
And I can feel the stars
Caressing me

All I know is that night is a woman
Risen in stars, her hair is the shadow
Venus falls like a kiss from a lover
I am the Earth, the Earth is desire

-Wendy Rule
dumbhead holding that girl's hand for the first time, the exhilirating rush and flush and sigh of relief, not able to focus on the movie you're watching because every minute crevice in her hand is so engrossing. 010412
java-jim Sandals. Summer. Iced Thai coffee. Daffodils. Be-bop. Opening day on am radio. Children laughing. 010417
marjorie when it's all okay. 010529
tiny snapdragon the shine of the new moon
the first star of evening
the second before a kiss
the mad fancy that maybe, just maybe
it's true
kx21 The state of enlightenment... 010710
baby satan the state of eternal constipation. 010710
Becky It's dark in the room and
He's laying behind me,
His arm draped over my side.
He whispers..
"I love you".
(you're so wonderful).
mmm what else did u expect me to wisper... "i really like u"? i just figured i love u was better 010711
Becky shut up. u ruined my prose. 010713
mmm i'm sorry (wispered into ur ear softly) 010713
Aimee last night. I saw you for the first time in over a month, and I had the same frightened/nervous feeling in my stomach that I had the first time you kissed me. Oh goodness. Just seeing you, gazing at you was enough to make my heart pound. The safest place I've ever been, is in your arms. The only place I want to be is where ever you are. 010714
j poo 010808
niki father...i killed my monkey
i let it out to
taste the sweet of spring
wonder if i will wander out
to test my tether to
see if i'm still free from you

tori amos
distorted tendencies bliss_product 011019
optic discretion bliss is the feeling of being loved, bliss is lying under the morning sun with the one you love.
Bliss is being able to wake up each morning and say "I love you."

True love is bliss ...
Lime Rider Love and music... a crazy mix of emotions. Lying together, talking, or not. Feeling the warmth, feeling calm... and music to sooth, and let it all out. The silence. And then laugh, with a deep voice, let the air escape before you can make your laugh hard... And the feeling on that moment is forever and never... till it's over. It's never over on that moment.

Bliss is fun.
Scarlet there is a bridge in Tulsa, OK, that crosses the Arkansas river. Its a pedestrian bridge and its covered on top and open on the sides.

there is a boy in Tulsa named Will.

will and I went to the bridge the other nite together. Our 2nd date. We talked mostly, held hands and then...

it started to rain.
Late spring rain just does something.

It was real Great Expectations. Kissing in the Rain. I have never felt such bliss.
Calculus Luver #46 Not so much feeling it now.
Not anymore, anyways
Any days
Crazy, hazy
Feeling this way.
So hey, here I go,
Watch me go.
Rickster I woke up this morning never having felt this good,
A smile upon drew upon my face like it should,
I could think nothing of happy things today,
I feel as though something has changed in every way,
Perhaps I was blind to it before the start,
Or I was unable to reach it from the back of the cart,
Stowed away for so long I've sat there and pondered,
Why things happen the way they do and why the bad seems to matter,
Good is something that seems a myth anymore,
It's just the same as fate a cold knock on the door,
You run to the door to open and welcome it with open arms,
You find yourself staring at nothing this wont do you harm,
A reflection of ourselves draws upon the lake of our soul,
We choose to acknowledge what other people think and keep it as some kind of goal,
Ask yourself first what it is that you want,
Your a ghost in your own house learning how to haunt,
Altho some vessels are dreary and old,
This is something that everyone should know,
Love thyself only enough to make you content,
Learn how to look beyond and get rid of the resent.
:-P see: what_turns_you_on 021227
IKC 56-80 people who use the phrase "find your bliss" are usually an impediment to mine 021227
Lindsey i was lying on a makeshift bed with six of my best friends, spooning danny and holding his hand and he said, "i feel like your baby."
i don't think i'll ever be that happy again.
taintedluv if bliss was ignorance, many ppl would be ORGASMIC!! 040228
brynn she said to me: "this may sound contrived; but never in my life have i felt so beautiful." 050518
misstree the kisses, they were amazing
and the pair that dealt them
and it's so wonderfully free,
soft and smiling and full of laughter
and there are echoes and cigars
telling me, yep, this is Right,
at least for the now, and as always
we shall see what tomorrow brings,
but i bet it'll be rainbows.
ajg honey barbara 070430
hsg blISs the spiritualistic reductionist's only sound conclusion for the rationalization of waking up dirt into the realm of self_realization.

there's a mathematically sound formula for continuity of awareness... a certain peace of integrity that cannot be shattered.


love, serve, and remember, too... love, serve and remember.
what's it to you?
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