unhinged in seventh grade we were standpartners
serious as a heartattack
every saturday at the conservatory
and i ate dick's bakery
things were as serious as a heartattack back then
and when i moved
the first morning of the first day in a strange place
she came up to me
and i couldn't believe it
i forgot where she lived;
we lived in the same place
and then a year later
we did the bach double
for solo and ensemble contest and
she graduated
and she came back to go to europe
and we were standpartners again
touring all over central europe
like it was our jobs
and in vienna she got me contraband
the first person i got drunk with
in budapest we sat in the dark stairwell
ashing in window boxes
the first person i got smoked a cigarette with
standing on the balcony in brno
smoking cigarettes
toliet papering doc's house in blue and pink
sitting on the curb in front of tif's house
smoking cigarettes
and then nothing
and a year later she walked into my backyard
with a halo around her head
it could have been the humidity
and she lived an hour up the road
and came to visit me almost every weekend
and we started the tradition of fuckedupedness
kent with full moons on friday the 13th
'are you a pothead fokker?'
it was like that
every guy i know is in love with wendy
or at least finds her irrestistbly attractive
there is one word that describes her better than anything else
we go for months without speaking
but we both know when we are forty
we will be driving down some highway somewhere
smoking pot
telling stories
talking about mike roberts
cause it's always crazy when you're with
blueberry Wendy Helga O'Neill

god wendy helga o'neill.

she's cool.

bill the asshole says "just o'neill, helga... please kneel, o wendy... please stop the raging yellow mustard from spewing out of my ass... oh helga, helga, just kneel."
littel_elf Wendy Darling... she should have never left never_never land. 020912
nomatte wendy's chicken nuggets are the only fast food I eat. 030916
unhinged i want to call you
but it's been two years
since i last bothered

i wonder if you still have
the same phone number
. . 111025
unhinged one of those situations where
weren't appropriate

people grow apart
some roads never cross

i hope you are well
what's it to you?
who go