daxle lost 990707
OTK Too much time.
Too many days between the lines.
Too few hours of sleep.
Nothing adventuresome about black-tie road-kill.
Colleen My brother cut Chuck Norris off on the highway. I have respected my brother ever since. 991111
Benji life is a highway.... I'm gonna ride it 991117
gaudior ongoing toward the Eternal Motel...and the ultimate destination, who can say? 000114
marjorie the first time i drove on a highway, a dalmation jumped out in front of my car.
black and white and simple
either one way or the other
or so i thought
and now everything is gray
or grey
and i find that i can drive without stopping
and i can sleep without dreaming
and i can live without living
and it is pure hell.
lokkust Full speed ahead on the highway to nowhere! Yeehaw! 000703
Glory Box Oh, the highway, the open road, the ultimate freedom. Your soul cranked up to ten, a journey of laughter and precious moments, like the special sparkle of a particularily witty joke, or the stormy silence that ensues after a poorly placed half-joking insult. Hours lost waiting for replacement parts and gas money. The ways that you rise out of this experience, this voyage, this quest, a totally different person. What kind of person? Who knows, but you are never what you were, no matter how hard you try. 000718
silentbob lose the auto body blues!

sitting on the corner selling flowers
with a book in his hand
with a black and white cover
trying to scrape out some money
from this tired lazy life
fish and shrimp baskets for $5.25
these monticello days are ENDLESS it seems.
can you help me from being lonely when theres no one around
or help me from feeling lonely when there is...but not you?
the clouds outline the entire plot of the scene
south on crow river towards minneapolis
to bind a union on hold
67 in checking
spare no expense
to entertain the notoin of not feeling alone
and he makes hid day better by thinking of her name
and she makes it worse by not feeling the same
the sun is in a different position
now on exit 26
in a Certicare parking there by hisself
and he doesn't really care that their lost
and he makes his day better by not feeling the same
and she makes her life easier by placing the blame
daxle who wrote that? 010107
silentbob who do you think wrote it 010107
daxle the poetic genius that is you 010108
god escape_velocity 010508
rubydee someone once said we should all throw pot seeds out the windows of our cars. soon the weed would sprout up everywhere and there'd be nothing anyone could do about the prolific abundance.

another someone once recommended that since everyone throws their trash out he window anyway, our highways should be our dumps. think about it. with the nasty oil/gas/car run-off and degradation of wildlife habitat, we'd might as well make the most of our efforts. who cares to see a pretty median when driving anyway...

although in the south they've started planting wildflowers. red, blue and yellow vibrance amongst the black asphalt...
torus "The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began...."


Inevitably we reach our destination.

When I was a child, we'd drive out to the east coast every summer in my dad's VW camper. I used to become hypnotized by the yellow dashes as they passed under the car. I'd try to see how long I could keep up with counting each one as it swept by. I could never keep it up for long.

The highway is within me, just as it is without.

Bless THAT highway, I hope you all get to travel it someday...
----- defining_moments 011003
ClairE where does that highway lead to? 011201
Boymansonbowie there's something about driving on the highway. i'm always glad knowing that i am leaving, but i wish i could keep driving until i felt like stopping, not until i got to wherever i was obligated to go, and i wish i didn't always have to turn around and come back. 020806
Death of a Rose glory box, I want to follow all "roads" to your highway. 031010
sailor salient ride cowboy ride surfman 051014
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