head south round here things go
from gray
to black
and back to gray again
its gray It makes me wonder
Will it ever work out
I don't know
And it makes me feel so down
So down
Oh so down
Well it's graaaaaayyyyyy
torch some people find gray a depressing color. i don't. there are so many different variations of gray...there's a bluegray, a redgray, a greenish's sort of its own independent rainbow. i like that in a colour. maybe if we all worked together as we should, we'd be a big world of various shades of gray...but no one would ever think of it as ugly. far from it. because i'm not talking about an asphalt planet, i'm talking about a world where our positives enhance and our negatives cancel into a melting pot of joy and a deep multigrayed rainbow. 000206
lotusflower i always thought it was g-r-e-y. to me it will always be grey. 000319
Brad a depressing color for underwear. And yes, I, too thought it was spelled 'grey' 000319
MollyGoLightly I hate this color. 000321
freakizh the difference between a "gay colored world" and "a gray colored world" is the awareness state rather than the spelling. 010715
nocturnal I still think it should be with an e rather than an a. grey. doesn't that look better? I think so. 010715
unique butterfly the color of my new kitty. she was white feet though. 010912
jane it is spelled grey 020612
Mary Sunshine Gray day
gray sky
gray blanket
enveloping me
Blue sky
Blue bonnets
blue mood
takes over
sunny day
sunny side up
sunny disposition
to everyone else
blather spell check actually jane, it can be spelt either way. 021029
Rhin i concur. 021029
jane i'm just opinionated sometimes 030613
Zeke the center of the color solid it is both dark and light it is the perfection of color balance it is lack of saturation 031117
Astrea Is there something wrong with me
Because I can only see in shades of gray
My eyes can see, my mind comprehend
But my own soul cannot under stand
Why they pass me by this way
Why they look at me this way

They say time is made of memories
So I'll stumble through them now
Staring blankly at the scenes
They say make up my life
Is there something wrong with me
Because I cannot claim my memories

Is there something wrong with me
Even when I ask, they will not tell
I can hear their words, only nonsense
I don't understand why they don't say
When they hear me yell like this
When I scream inside myself

They say that monsters are always black
But they don't look so to me
Shades of gray, some light, some dark
But is there something wrong with me
That these monsters look like me?
zeke a color is an imperfect gray 031212
ofsuch not quite black
not quite white

crossing lines
walking the edge



room to do whatever you want to do
silentbob It was raining when i woke up today. Everything was wet and gray and i wondered why God would make it a rainy day on this of all days, such a random day to make rainy. I wondered about His ways and what reason He might have. He probably made it rainy for one person in particular. Maybe He was answering their prayers, maybe He was preventing them from leaving their house. Or maybe He wanted to make it difficult to drive, so that certain somebody would come into a bit of trouble. Maybe God wanted them with Him. This thought always made me feel good when someone died, but thinking God made it rainy to ensure someone died, that just made me feel ill at ease. 060327
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