djdown not extreme, and not deadly, and not insane, a lot of nots that don't make any sense to begin with 980826
eric a state of tension. 980828
charley bars are yummy. (especially the yogurt peanut ones) 980907
Caine When one lives the golden mean. When one doesn't allow his arete to breed hubris and cause ate. 981001
ceorl constant motion, never stillness, swimming fish, soaring bird, spinning worlds, lovers. 990418
daxle when the opposing forces are equal
the see saw with twins on it
alyssa assuming the fulcrum is in the center and the twins are equally distanced from it and the see saw is uniform 990629
silentbob wishing i could take a match and
just burn out the pain circulating around the bottom of my heart and the top of my stomach
something physical brought on by something emotional
it would take away my dirty little thoughts
and insecurities about myself
and make my life so less stressful
and make my hair so less grey
which is now completely black
and i look FOOLISH some say.
I like the way my hair looks when its wet
and i like the way my hair looks when its black
its all about me this time and how i feel about myself
but what i wouldnt give to just have
some kind of shared emotionally-satisfying co-existance
i could take bricks to my head sometimes
instead of knives to my heart
and maybe then id feel some kind of balance
in the sickness of my emotions
feeling the same pain for too long
it just gets kind of boring.
god now
think about how
many people have seen my aunt rose's
hair on fire with windless motion.
baby's on fire was all she sang.
do you know the way to san jose?
plan a trip soon.
begin in cleveland.
balance your tires.
rhymes pass the times away.
scuzz My own balance is something of a falling leaf. In Fall, leaves fall from nearly every tree. This occurs anually, and has become predictable by certain observers. The leaves slowly change from a brilliant green to a bright red, then, right before the collapse, they dull, fade into brown, reflecting the ground they fear falling to. Every leaf only falls once, but another one inevidably grows to fall. 021205
coldmeshach BOOM!

Who is this doin this?

Just don't leave.

Im trying to keep a delicate balance.
I don't mean as I say.

Whats on your mind?

Im going to find your thought text if I have to. I know you have one around somewhere.

Color: Blreedioletorange
g somewhere in between good and evil, happy and sad, tired and awake
finding that space where you can go and not be anything else than who you are
revel in your own person
find out where you belong and who you are
that space
is balance
too angry for tears I was so close to achieving it again, but now you've gone and fucked it all up 030616
the oneders achieving level ground is a difficult task when the world shakes and you can barely keep your balance. all you see is a beautiful girl's gaze and a chill up your spine. arrows point to different corners of the earth but i'm just following her brilliant glow until i die. that's all i will ever be able to do. you wrap yourself in blankets, walls i cannot break. don't shut me out. drag me in, push me away. wrapped around her finger, i hardly know any better anymore. i need a decent nights sleep. 030729
phil touch my ear
touch my other ear
rub my arm
rub my other arm
rub my nose
rub my nose the other way
wipe both sides of mouth
itch my eyebrow, itch every itch
shuffle my feet
armpit feeling itchy, remember
to use less deoderant on that arm
to take a shower
to brush teeth
avoid sleep
avoid scratching eyebrow
elbow hurts
remeber to use other arm later
hsgatincamail function 040701
illusionary_reality and death...
...dreams and reality...
...yourself and your image...
illusionary_reality and death...
...dreams and reality...
...yourself and your image...
illusionary_reality and death...
...dreams and reality...
...yourself and your image...
camera I can balance my typewriter on my head. I learned when I was about five and living in Idaho. Now I can do it without thinking. It's like it's been becoming a second nature to me. 040821
cpgurrl standing
for a second.

nearly falling,
a familiar rush
of panic
down my spine.

the walker handles tightly.

(you must not fall. you must not fall.)

carefully on un
even ground.


(you will not fall.)

a crack
in the sidewalk.

a deep crack.

(you must not fall. no!)

carefully maneuvering
into the crack,

stepping down
into the soft, wet dirt.
i nearly slip in the mud,

(no no NOOOO!)

and i feel like crying.

but i don't.

balance, poise.
Syrope lopsided

only one of my nipples is hard, because i keep accidentally brushing it against the edge of the desk when i rock in the chair or reach for a pencil or open/close the window.

the other one isn't sympathetic at all. it couldn't care less.

it's a really odd feeling.
z a color is an imperfect gray 050907
ergo and the lack there of.
It is our "sense" of balance
rather than an understanding of balance.
REAListic optimIST We must strike balance
before the balance strikes us.
This is a haiku.
unhinged i am fully tipped back towards the female side of my sexuality these days 190730
what's it to you?
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