badboyxoxo and then what?
I don't know. Into the great abyss, into the darkness, I jump with every second and every passing breath
amy alrighty then. night-night, socks! 000107
psyki i didn't think that a pencil
if someone dropped it
off a skyscraper would break,
burst, and shatter into
a million tiny pieces, in fact,
i was pretty dang sure it wouldn't,
but still i wasn't absolutely certain
that the pencil wouldn't shatter
into a million tiny pieces, so
i asked a pencil expert about it
so that i could ease my mind.
he said, "no, it sure wouldn't"
monadh it was only a game 010310
Chrity go to:
bloody potato chip the_urban_pirate_reversal 010624
Kate Then is a word of endless possibilities. Then fills all tenses, and perpetually moves forward. Then is planning ahead, hoping, and all things excitable. 020421
youinquired an unending ball of yarn- everchanging and methodically intertwined into endless possibilities of knots 020426
coldmEshach Are you Amalgamable?
No, not 'Do you gamble'...
No, I'm not speaking latin...

Jees...Why do people just hang up like that?

Huh? What was that little fella? People don't give up finding answers because of you.

No...Windows ME has a bunch of security stuff.

Yeah, I little mouse, you.
(I wonder what the fuck that mouse is talking about? Guess I better leave him alone and let him decide)
Um, yeah I gotta go mousy, see you later.

Jees, why does that big fella just gotta cut me off like that?
BATTLOW then the music faded...... I woke up in a funeral parlor with 2 other people who appeared to be lizardmen with large hands... Very big hands....

I think this was a dream but when I woke up? I was at the bus stop. It was probably a dream. The bus stop was there and I went back the next day to check.
secret4185 "Every now and then, I wish it was then, instead of now"

Dunno who said this or where I heard this, but it rings true for most moments since March.
serratemplar it was time to go
the wind stirred the trees outside
the blinds sway
cold sting of sweat on my forehead
and still I see it
and still I see it
and still I do
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 070611
martin THAN NOT THEN, you retards

ha ha, people who don't know the difference fail elementary English. If you're foreign, fine, but otherwise you should learn some basic english grammar, retards. Or maybe I should say reterds?
THAN = comparison
THEN = time
Lemon_Soda Were you...touched as a child? 081129
what's it to you?
who go