psyki i am the walrus.
i flail about.
i am dying.

i am the tiny tree.
i wish i were taller.
i smell like cinnamon.

i am the broken glass.
i shiver when stepped on.
i stick to your bleeding hand.

i am the fish without a head.
i gasp for oxygen automatically.
i slowly relax and go limp.

i am the helium in your balloon.
i kiss myself with reckless abandon.
i eat one cheerio at a time.

i lost my mind a while ago.
i am just another loon in the bin.
i try not to think about it much.
god apes 010224
zenfishsticks with pink hair
and tulips
she bites down hard
on the unintelligible
explosions of mischief
and wickedness
and tiny sins
unhinged i cower in you
your towering heights
things i could never reach
i do not deserve to be in your presence
like the ants
you crush with your fingertips
crawling industriously
looking for a way to continue
their meager existence
until one by one
they were snuffed out
by your fingertips
their voices too tiny
to hear them scream
melinoma tiny people all around
with tiny thoughts
and tiny dreams
from up above
i sit and watch
the tiny people as they march
into wars and into death
i expect to much from my own flesh
andrew but having great worth 050918
niecespieces Tiny Vessles breaks my heart.

Can you believe it?
That I'm beautiful but don't mean a thing to him?

I can.
hsg do you mean more than tiny to you? 081003
what's it to you?
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