fyn gula i was giving away tulips
to the ones who couldn't stand to see them thrown to the garbage

but it is the one who came desiring colour who receives more than friendship

yet, it is my heart that breaks and i know it not

i play the game

i speak the language

i say the right words

but falling in love is a costly mistake and i lose.
moonshine Daddies little girl. The only one yes, I hope. I wonder if you feel the same. Your somewhere out there? abandonment by will , abandoment by death. I was 8 months you were 53, and you brought her pink tulips when i was born. What did she bring you in your untimely exit. I brought you red carnations, I was 15. A litte late but better then never. Do you have your fill? Do you wonder the things i do? Hope your not plaqued by these ills. Finding and wandering, looking for some substitue. Anyone,anywhere any how. You say the doors open but no ones home. 000602
amorfus In Amsterdam in the 1700's or so, there was a tulip craze.. people wanted more and more tulips until the price of tulips skyrocketed to about the price of a house... 000602
yoink eye halve two lips 010722
kerry there was a joke about tulips...

i forgot it. sorry.
sheena lilies and daisies and roses are good. 020322
p2 what's better than a rose on your piano?

tulips on your organ
Mo when tulips were first introduced to the netherlands in the late 1500s, artists were facinated by them. (alot of very famous artists from that time in the ntherlands) anyway, that was the first time they started to paint still lives of nothing but flowers...and this helped to create the tulip craze in the 17th century.

yeah i just took art history....
ever dumbening "but now it’s ranunculi"

-Dean Young (thanks paste!)

damn, synchronicity is some weird shit sometimes
Syrope roses are better, but all flowers are magical. on a good day, they can even rival complete_forgiveness. i didn't get any flowers today, but i had two good naps, i began learning esperanto, and i was the first to hear erin's new song. my sad faces on IM are more expressive than other people's. thats why i'm going to go learn how to play racquet ball. and i'll imagine tulips instead of the snowy-slushy-mud we'll walk through. 030124
jane i want to feel your tulips brush across mine 030124
starry eyes paint my toenails pink, like the tulips outside
kiss my eyelids softly
reach out to me

i want nothing more than to shower you with all of heavens glory
the gollum formerly known as barrett Yes Precious, half as good as four. 030413
a thimble in time tulips - the kind of bulb that always lightens up my day 031022
laddy buggz is there anything interesting here? 031029
Tulip Are wounds.
Thanks, Sylvia
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