typhoid any of you could do it.
any of you could see.
anyone, anywhere
could reach through and touch me.
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freakizh think of the week
take a random pick

you can have any of these days
fulfilled with joy

but only mondays
will include the cheap breakfast
and the void of an orgasm.
endless desire Dirt roads embracing chill
Smell of death lingers harmlessly
Round the circle goes
As the cycle laughs
As the screaming wind blows.
Tangled in ocean's mist
Twirling with the dance of sparkled dust.
She likes to see her dress spin.
And then smile found her face
Because trash is beautiful too.
randomly recent any. it doesn't matter. who cares?

GoddessEris He watches and waits, wanting. There is nothing left to keep him here. She sits silent, excuses flee before his broken eyes. She wants to give him something but she knows what it is worth, knows he will take it only as far as away.

He waits, still, for this thing she cannot give.
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amy nada old tree deserves an old story. 100328
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