theopco If I had a silver bullet
and you were the queen of France
and we screamed like ravens all night long
would the sun never rise, in it's tedious majesty, to torment and mock

and would these prison weeds that thrive on the burning light,
blacken and die?
distorted tendencies This to last forever. I've ever wated anything to last forever before and I've never feltl ike this with anyone before, at ALL. Tonight was so perfect. Beyond words. You are so perfect. Please don't let this end.. I wanted to cry tonight because I knew that it would someday. But I didn't. I'll just keep on hoping and hoping and wanting and needing. Needing you more than ever before. I want you. Need you. Please, I'm fucking begging just anything out there that listens.. let this last forever.. I'm wanting it more than anything. Wanting this not to be another hopeless want, some childish fantasy. I want it to be real because I am in love, true love. For the very first time. 010929
sim Ah, yes. There's that crazy desperation I know so well. It mellows with age, I'm relieved to say, but the uncomfortable, winding weeds of manic supplication never really die.

Deep within greasy, grey folds, hidden behind rational defenses, fear lives in secret, tickling one's vulnerability. It makes a person do stupid things, honey, goads us into awful games.

Be kind. Be fair and constant, and be generous with your love. Never bow, but sometimes bend. It's all gonna be okay.
josie Into the water, who's very being drowns me although of him i know no fault. On the end of my very breath i whisper your name, and the feeling for every sorrow bears no pain.
Who's touch like water's edge can draw me in, with fingertips so close i fall within, afixiating eyes who'll tear a child from the arms of it's very mother, away to another.
no reason ugh, i'm starting to do that thing. that thing where i want things that happen occasionally but are in no way expected to happen all the time or even somewhat frequently. but i want them all the time regardless, and if i don't get them, it's unsatisfying in a pretty irrational way.
usually i have methods of stopping this. but this time i don't want to go away.
no reason actually, this probably should have been under
Syrope never gonna find a man as good as my daddy

not even sure if i'm ever gonna find a boy i can see becoming a man at all
what's it to you?
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