somebody she will join him, as expected, forever and i will leave, go far away, as expected, and from many states away i will miss her and mourn her, but through each state i will grow, hopefully stronger, as expected...so much pain breeds empathy at least 000911
Luke Brannon and there I was just sitting
sharp shining of her buttonfly
caught me unexpectedly
love hangover what i expected and what i wanted were two very different things

to me expectation equals demand

so i prefer to expect negatives, that way if that demand goes unmet, it means something positive actually happened

(yeah, i'm a flaming fuckin' pessimist, the world can try and sue me already)

i EXPECTED to be on the shit-list and in the doghouse from the word "go"

i EXPECTED i would be left sitting alone in that little room for the entire week

i wanted certain things to happen, yes...but it didn't ruin things for me that i didn't get all that i wanted...that's just how things work out sometimes.

and it bothers me that you believe i would think less of you for that.

if you want to call me a friend, at least try and have a little faith in me in that department, please.
god i got a caterpillar named tonka 030613
person don't expect anything. you'll get your hopes up. just take things as they come. 040626
what's it to you?
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