nameless no room, no room! 991218
valis my parents, always used to send me there, thinking it was a punishment. to this day i'm wondering if i should have felt bad, being alone. 991223
camille a place to gather thoughts. Shelter from the storm. 000125
amy my room is always messy. that's how you can recognize me. 000209
lagado Hitler needed a living room, one the size of Russia. 010418
plastic einstein and bohr proved there is no room 010706
casey Here in my bedroom, I can turn on my black light and lie in my bed. Then I light a stick of Darkside of the Moon Incese and I meditate with soulful music playing in the back ground. 010706
eddie monster hitler and einstien probly spent quite a bit of time jackin off in there room 020707
eddie monster sometimes he just needs his room
doesn't really have much to do with you
give himself a rest
figure out why he's so depressed
a room in a room
in a room in his head
a place untidy
where feelings are bled
this room can never realy be cleaned
its closets are full
of skeletons that plead
forgiving yourself
and others too
leaving the room
you start anew
Valentine four walls
and a shower
to wash of the blood
from your fingers
but the stains won't come out
and you are left
cold and wet
in a room
inside yourself
with no door
lollirot the room in which she kept me in. never to look on the outside...only in. x ray vision will not save me now. her drunk cold dead body lay next to me...i shall win this. 031123
imsotired how sad, this is what your life has been reduced to, a single room apartment containing no more than a matress. How sad that the strings have been removed from the blinds, and all the outlets have been painted over. The television screen is streaked with blood, smeared from your knuckles as you were trying to punch it out, but didn't have the strangth, or maybe you just weren't trying hard enough. Startled by a knock at the door, you rise for the first time in three days, but you can only greet the visitor with one short statement, "Hello, my first name is distance and I really don't care if i never wake up again." 040111
Fireapple red How beautiful it is to have a haven, a world inside the world where you can escape. How magical - a place full of your things and your memories where you can be any one of your many selves. Full of incence, full of music and the tapping of a keyboard. I don't really want to wake up either especially if I'm in a delerium on a life support system. 040220
bum bum olivia I've barely left this room in the past week, due to the failure of my friends to actually live up to that title. 040813
acidshank my room is my canvas. my work of art. i love it. never want to leave it.

no. just lovely
nom i called about a room today i hope i didn't sound 'too stupid' i'm waiting to hear "if i can come take a look" it sounded nice 061010
nom "if it's the place it'll be my place" 061010
nom "if not there's some other place waiting" 061010
nom this is going on too long

i'm going too fucking stir_crazy again
what's it to you?
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