joy less painful than truth 981026
Pacia the soul's own brand of ebola, deliberately invited to dine. 981107
Rainer Krauss useful device if you don't dare to hurt people with truth 990208
alyssa don't fucking lie to me
and not to yourself anymore
because it makes you lie to me
don't fucking lie to me mother fucker
pete echo what isn't a lie? 990702
deb don't lie to me
don't fake it
don't touch my heart
you'll break it
hahaha sometimes, telling an obvious lie is a lot easier than telling the truth. and then you're not really being decietfull (if you do it *really* badly like ummm err...I errr..) 000119
lauren atleast have the decency to tell 'em a good lie 000131
Brad dice Pablo. 000310
Brad "¡Mentiras!" dice Pablo. "Mi perro no está libre. Tengo una cuerda para él." 000310
ana all you see
is my innocence
are you hear are my lies
you have no idea
how fucking stupid you are
the only person i love
is myself
Christy I used to think people were lying to me everyday when they told me I was something special. Now I know I was lying to myself when I told myself I wasn't. 000321
Brad I always wondered why sleeping dogs would prevaricate. 000321
MollyGoLightly They do, brad. But only when a body meets a body coming through the lie. 000321
Brad touché, molly, touché. What i want to know is who this Catcher person is, and why he is Holdin' on to Caulfield. 000322
Tank i told one recently when i said that i didn't know you loved me and then i cursed your name and called you the liar for telling me your truth. how i dare i curse your name and defoul it with this accusation, when it was i who was chained by the devil and feared to tell you so... 000702
alikat a lie is something that comes from the deepest depths of what evilness we have
try and understand it...
because the day you open your eyes and find out you've been lied to is like a thousand knives stabbing you in the heart
and all you think about is the pain.
Seth A blantantly obvious attempt to escape from reality. The same people that lie are the same people that tell me drugs are bad. Hmmmm, what's that supposed to make me think. 000926
b0 it's
y0u see
what's inside
0f me
black and white
day and night
and still s0mewhy f0r it
i fight

thr0ugh life i have but f0ught
til n0w
and always w0n s0meway
i run t0 safety just
in time
n0 0ne sees
the pain
is mine

i l0se in spirit
i l0se in heart
but n0 0ne sees
s0 n0 0ne grieves
except f0r me...'s hard t0 live a lie
[R5]Syckle my lie is that i do not
know what i want with my
life when i honestly do

my lie is that i do
nothing about my life when
i honestly really want to
... to me to not hurt my feelings. tell me the truth to let me know you care. 010121
Deniedu I'm only perfect, when I lie. 010326
13lueee he lied to me he said that if i didn't cut myself for 3 weeks he would call him for me and he never did and he never will...but i guess it's all the same because i lied too...i never stopped 010327
Robert A lie is a lie is a lie 010407
patrice I never lied about lying, I am lying now and I will never cease to lie, I am human like the rest of you and I will continue to lie and lie to be happy and peaceful and if an apology is what you want, fine...I'm sorry. it's a lie anyway. 010504
nemo i have a lie... its called "swell"... people ask me, how ya doing kim - i'm swell. people ask me, are you ok - i'm swell... well, i hate to let my secret out but swell is just another wonderful lie. 010605
evolutionending "silence is a 5 story stairwell" i say
and thas all i can think of
in my brandon-eyed dead of day crawl.
and i can barely sqeeze that lie through the plaque-clogged pin hole
between my two front teeth-

i ve kept a razor under my tongue
since i was a toddler with a tight belt.

i havent been able to kiss a woman
with an open mouth, my friend,
cause im afraid that id split her-
is that sick?
Norm I like to lie about obviousl and small things. 010901
Devious1 would be a dishonest summary in reference to my inner persuit for me hopefully meeting a perfect liar (or one who claims to be perfect when they lie 011027
Norm "Whoa, your late. you should have left an hour ago!" 011030
pralines&cream to lie is instinct. But the truth should come out as soon as possible. 011112
Norm Honest men make good liars. 020325
v21 contrast truth. see truth 020325
clyde a necessity 020327
Soulbird Shame whoever dares to lie to me! It is I that is worthy to lie to me!! 020611
sandy ryan is a liar 021118
peaharp shame that you must 021118
kaiba don't sit. don't stand.
whether waking or not. a measure of truth.
without cause for reform.
sit and be honest.
cevvie a lie is a piece of curling smoke that gets tossed in the ocean- better remember the shape it takes.. 030131
emo Suckers.
Why tell the truth when a lie

is so much more fun?


I can be anything that I want to be.

I can be your friend.
I can be innocent.
I can be responsible.
I can be the same as you.

It is all in how you look at it.

A lie begins small,
but it can build your whole world.

My life is infested with lies.
Squirming under between my toes

Everywhere I walk.

They make Me who I am.

They make the stench around me.
Miranda to me
it's easier than seeing you squirming
when I ask you to be honest.
Please, just lie.
oldephebe to lie so blithely and so uneccessarily,
to me is an irredeemable act upon the relationship - na indelible blight upon something sacred, a violation - i don't countenance lies very well - not holier than thou - i just hold myself to a certain standard when dealing with people i love and or care about - more to come later

is not infallible
Lisa she does, and I don't know why... I wish I did...

there should be no reason for her to lie to me... I thought we were friends... true friends... I don't understand it... what went wrong...?

neverisalways "And they say that the truth will set you free,
But then so will a lie
It depends if your trying to get to the promised land
Or if your just trying to get by"
Ani DiFranco
someone empty promises
a dream crushed by your lie
shattered hopes
took from the know
ill break b4 i bend.

]what i see is insanity

rised \\ by me dad
z an alteration of the future 040328
Natalie It started with one lie that he told me. Now I lie incesantly. It eases the pain. 040507
kx21 M Definition in the sphere of "Bush":-

The Spin of Moment_of_Truth...
witchesrequiem Ashley 040508
Forming Mind we lay, side by side. entertwining arms with thoughts that dance upon one another like an unrhythmic beat of a drum. I lie to make rhythm of our minds. I just crave the presence and understanding that I lie. I lay face down in the mud to conform to get what I wish. And when I open up, I'm to be pushed under again. But the closest I come is when I lie. To lay and lie. Let me in. You've killed me once too many. 041212
refracted hiding in a lie
run away little girl

the curtains opened
the fog lifted

all you have left
is a lie
jl i don't care if you lie to me.
so long as we both know it's a lie.
peyton a kiss with opened eyes 050713
Harlequin I told you an untruth. A lie.

Three words, so you get three guesses, and the first two don't count.
Harlequin I told you an untruth. A lie.

Three words, so you get three guesses, and the first two don't count.
Farool Excuse the conceit. Directed at moi? 060420
Harlequin No. And as it turned out, I don't think I lied at all. 060420
Farool That's a really good thing. Lying sucks. Well, it's not nice, that's for sure. 060420
jordie My great great great great grandmother was Pocahontas. 060524
superleni sometimes lying is the best thing to do. for example, if you will be punished (especially unfairly) for telling the truth. or if the truth is too bad for someone to know ... and it isn't going to be relevant for very long, say if they are karking and and they ask if you love them and you don't really, but you say you do cause it's what they want to hear. why not?

that said, i've only ever lied under coersion. one of my employers made me lie to some authority figures. another of my employers developed quite a grudge against me because i wouldn't lie for them. employers who ask you to lie generally suck all around.

but i would lie for a good cause. no fear. i guess i'm an ends justify means sorta gal.
Emptyness Alive im a pathological liar. i find it easier to lie than tell the truth. even when i now in the end i'll get caught or that the truth wont get me in trouble 060525
superleni how can i believe you about that? you're most likely lying. 060526
superleni which reminds me of:
"one of us always tells the truth, one of us always lies. he always lies."
and i've never tried to figure out if sara worked it out right or not ... something to try on a rainy day.
Emptyness Alive lying is easy but lying on blather is stupid. when no one knows me why should i lie 060526
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