silentbob i curse the day you came to sleepy hollow 001015
kate "how you thought i was witty from my eyes" 001110
birdmad the hour of my birth? 001119
deadorpheus a curse might be worse
but the thoughtless blessing
is (well)
balishagimous I was cursed to become a saint
I said in my sleep one night
and she awoke to hear only the word
saint... then we fucked until
the first light of dawn.
god then the sun turned black and we slid out the back.
i turned to look away from the dark,
but i forgot about it real fast.
Keemeers There's a curse hanging over my head I swear.

It can be shown by the way I hit every object with my toe even though it's not even sticking out or ram my foot into a soft thing that turns out to be rock hard.

Then last Friday I made myself neocitran because I had a cold and ended up burning my leg. I went to emergency, pain blazing.

Saturday I nearly missed work.

Sunday I fell over.

Monday I went to class and ended up being hit on by some miserably undesirable bar whores.

And my wisdom teeth came flying out to the sound of the drill on Tuesday. To have a midterm shoved in my face.

Wednesday I woke up to write my midterm to find out it was only worth 5% which is nothing in the scheme of things.

Today, another midterm but in Geography where I haven't showed up in 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I don't think I'm getting out of bed. Gnite.
kx21 Evil prayer... 020321
kx21 False_prayer... 020322
kx21 ^@#$%&* 020322
daj they make it our curse. they shove it in our faces. they make it so they use us to know more. they experiment on us like we are an otherwise useless resource, there for their science, to keep their jobs. they dont know what they're getting themselves into, but they dont care 020831
blackmajick birdmad cast_a_frightful_spell 020831
tourist May the grass grow up around Your Doorsteps. (Irish)

May You Live in Interesting Times. (Chinese)

Damn You. (American)
guy on shrooms is it the winter of silos and the best of the sands in the galaxy it stretched the likeness everywhere slit the beatles without gray skis and the Canada wish was without woman with wales winston war 030119
whitney if you're giving up on me
just dont think that youre the first
if you consider this a failure
well you're wrong its more a curse
Eowithien A silly word that is a real word that someone announced to be bad. Thats so silly, they all have several meanings. Jesus rode to someplace on an ass. "Oh shit" should be expressed when one steps in poop. No sense, is it? 030307
shadow haha! you think its a swear!! hehe, i didnt...hmmm, you no this isnt a really accurate thesaurus afterall, is it? 030613
emily post_office 040212
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