mareberry i'm hanging on your words
i'm falling under your spell
i'm tearing through the distance
to dive into your eyes again

i'm sighing when i think of you
i'm crying when i miss you
i'm longing to just kiss you
i'm dying because you might not feel this way

tell me
tell me
how do you feel?
niai hanging
hanging from your daisy chains
swinging in the trees
running from your enemies
and falling on your knees
and falling on your knees
on your knees!
on your knees!!!
get down on your knees!!!
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Timmy What the only good nigger is doing.
OOOOH! that's gonna stir up some shit.
distorted tendencies from a noose [wish i was] 020302
yummyC yeah timmy,
you are a bastard.
*silent screams I'm haning by a thread and every move i make brings me closer to the fall... 030206
unhinged it's amazing how strong one tiny little thread can be

and soon the sound
of the alarms and bells
are blocked out
and my shoulder aches
from hanging on
but i'm testing this thread
seeing how long it will last
before i snap and fall
the ledges that catch me
lower each time

it's amazing how strong one tiny little thread can be
rage so desperately want to fall and escape

but knowing i can't keeps me hanging
what's it to you?
who go