spikey-ho Look for some inner stregnth somewhere, whatever it is that's held you up so far. But you don't know what it is or where to start looking. 000105
JessieLee Strength is from the heart. 010122
cyb aa quad from starbucks 010129
girl_jane I wish I were strong, but I always seem to break. 020310
sigma You told me to be strong.

I am trying so hard to take your advice...

I hope I can. I hope this works. Oh it has to, it must, or I'll be weak forever.
LilyDragon So, is it strength or weakness
to send one's own children
into the fire?

Is it pride
of thinking you've done well enough
for them to be able to hold up?

Or is it weakness
and using them as a shield
that is your motive?

Such a quandry...
emily is it better to be strong in your body....
or strong in your mind
im not either.
lol i spose im neither then DER
i used to be physically strong i got a lot of medals and shit for discuss shot put and javelin
btu then when i got depression well before i knew i had it i just woke up one day and said whast the point its not proving anything
but im nto strong in my mind either. i dont say somethgn definately i say it and then think for hours if it was right if there are other ways if theres another answer there if somethign has changed. or have i changed its hard i guess because i knwo what im doing but i cant get out of it. i remember being definate once but that was before and if i have to go back to before to be sure of myself id rather be insecure forever.

i think i've got off track

are you strong?
look at your best friend
look at your mother
your father
the one thing that ever mattered
if you had to
REALY had to
woudl you kill them
to save a hundred thousand people would you kill them,kill the one thing that ever made your life worth living

or would you kill you

but then were you being weak if you killed them were you being weak for not killing yourself fopr lettign what you loved die

or if you killed you then are you weak too? becuase you didnt stand up and do what woudl save thousands?

its hard isnt it

to knwo whast right

to know what it is to be strong?

to know what IS strength
emily infinate

sorry i just wanted to go to that blather
tr one can never be too strong to break... believe me, i know what I am talking about... 040603
(_) her arms are not strong enough
to hold them all
they falter so quick
an unsafe prison stall
with so many cracks
darlings get away!

from the wheels stuck in rut tracks
like people afraid to die
lather, rinse, repeat
'cause everything's the same
wake up trapped in sheets
nothing to do but stay

where she may not be wanted
but can't leave.
ungreat my doctor said i was strong as i was crying in front of her because i was alone. She said i was strong when i felt the most vulnerable and weak. I think some one drank the kool-aid, and i refuse to be brainwashed and convinced that feeling the way i did and being a mess and falling apart will ever make me strong. I'm better now but not because i'm strong, it's because i've grown callous and jaded to the world around me. I guess it was just emotional growing pains. Strong I am not and will never be. 070809
no reason i think i am 080625
lick lick hmmmm....
yeah... i can feel it too..

what ya gunna do about it?
Anna Holds tenaciously
Irrevocably recovers the lost
And flies despite grounding pain
That which moves gently with the wind
or ducks humbly beneath the roaring gale
Fold upon fold
and quietly mimics stability
Risen After another shitty day, with something absolutely horrific happening to me, I came accross the most apt little eCard picture today.

"Dear Whatever Doesn't Kill Me,
I'm strong enough now.
Iren3_adler Hope you're okay. Thoughts are with you. 151023
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