donaldson is one of the most underrated words in the whole wide world (sometimes it's spelled cuz, which is useful, but it can also be with a little ' which isn't as so)

it doesn't really mean anything in and of itself, except that maybe you're in too much of a hurry or too casual to allow the "be"
marjorie and effect.
if you do this, this will follow.
if you follow, you will die.
if you die, you are truly alive.
if you are truly alive, you cannot possibly be dead.
if you were already dead but are alive now, you seem to be caught in a paradoxical situation.
perhaps we will let you run around in circles...
like a hamster, but in your own human wheel...
spinning endlessly.
be wary.
Tink cause me to become quite ill. fascinating that cause and effect are such a powerful concept that einstein used THAT as his primary justification for the assertion that nothing could travel faster than light. he forced the math to fit THAT. and now it's being shaken.... 000405
Grievance you don't know how extradanarily beautiful or beneficial one can be.

or how utterly destructive
The Devil i don't have one. 020611
nom "what caused the cause" 060721
what's it to you?
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