psyki it was such a disappointing day.

that's okay.

i don't think it matters anymore.
amy good word, such. gots a whole bunch for us to munch, such. such. suches. such as it is. definitely for eating. 010527
god screaming lord sutch 030625
untamed_ such is life
such is death
such things
such pain
such blame
is it such a bad thing
to have such a dream
to believe in such things
to live in such a world
at such a time
when we're all so blind.
hsgatincamail ofsuch 040411
ofsuch you are such...

and so you see, i am of such

of such i am, of such my body is
cpgurrl i am in such a position
to do such a thing
as make such and such birds sing
in this and that way.

i am of such means
to make unseen bells ring.
and float on the sky's wing.
people will do anything i say.

i am nobody.
me? brendan is sexy 040810
Syrope i applied for two jobs today
its such a ridiculous situation...i am employed 3 places and still don't work enough to keep me ok.
what's it to you?
who go