starved while you sat silently suffering and i searched vainly for an entryway to the place in your soul where your sorrows reside, there was a faint spark that got lost in the glittering sand

i keep it in my pocket with my cigarettes it makes my heart beat, i hope i can give it back some day
Aimee as far as you take me
that where i believe
the realm of soft delusions
floating on the leaves....
In the slip stream
of thoughtless thoughts
the light of all that's good
the light of all that's true...
freakizh i may seem totally complete. not dismembered nor scractched in my back. i know every single bone is rightplaced, and what's better, i eat fruit and my cheeks are colored.

however, what it hurts, cannot be seen and cannot be touched.

i cannot estirilize this bleeding soul.
girl_jane it's ok

not many people do see me...

what's one more
ferret what's one more? one more loss to all who cared, although you might not have seen them, they saw you. if you go, they will miss you. and even if they all forget in a year or two, i will not. 030524
case of space keep fighting the good fight is what i say. to see what we cannot, or will not, or rather not.

to the end there will be more unseen than seen.
jeudi i long for unseen lover, until now a voice in my ear and nothing more. when face to face, how will the intimacies translate? with intense heat, passion, devotion. forty days. 050528
Syrope the night would have been a fraction better if you'd come. it was surprisingly fantastic, don't get me wrong. but you even messaged me to tell me for sure you were coming...the first time you've ever initiated contact online, actually.

you were still there, for me. as i got ready, wearing something more daring than i had planned, as i flirted my way across the room, imagining that if you were there you'd be shyly watching me with the face i tease you is so_serious, but that your smile would light up when my eyes met yours. i really miss that smile.

now i'll have to get a different dress to wear next time. it's a shame, i think you would have liked this one.
caresscoffee I'm unseen.. I could go to a small party that I was invited to and nobody would notice me.. I didn't go to a party once after I had said I would.. but nobody noticed I wasn't there.. in fact they asked me later if I had fun at their party.. it made me really sad that they didn't notice I wasn't there 080713
tourist I Am Wind On Water
Force Without Form

After My Passing
The Water Remains
NoOneUknow being unseen is something I've always found peace in. I only reveal me when I feel safe.
which makes it that much more difficult when after so long

after so much

I feel unseen once again.
what's it to you?
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