psyki all you ever say is what i want to know but do you even care so where i want to go is near your open mind and if i like it there you see my broken heart but do you even care i don't think that you do but i don't have a clue i'm getting in the way and that's how it will stay 000404
For sure! entertainment! Incredible! Tnat's (not nearly) all, Folks! 001211
dusttrails Eternity within stars 010201
katie this is REALLY weird this is a freaky site. omg weird! 011003
Dack Rambo is my father Not really. 020407
maybejustkidding that's okay,
i don't like you anymore either.
maxp not really 031001
Cherry_Springwater all folks!
a spicy meatball!
not right!

the coolest thing I've ever seen!
clockwork it is though isnt it? yes it is. isn't it though? 031124
Joel Young here is a magic land, full of thinking from peoples.uh 040203
bw the way I like it... 040409
Pazma All she wrote 070514
what's it to you?
who go