jennifer wow... this one's undone? 000102
deb something in the stars
amidst the wind
and in the trees
secrets softly to the open ear

once i listened intently
but i think i forgot how
and it's a good thing
oodles Love at first sight. Soul mates. Chemistry. Magic does exist, and all of these things are perfect examples of it. That feeling that pulses through your entire body and let's you know that you've found true love--that's magic. 000128
psyki pete the magic leopard.
tammy the magic hyena.
nate the magic chimp.
timothy the magic wasp.
misty the magic tarantula.
henry joe the magic kitten.
vern the magic hog.
lilith the magic goat.
bob the magic rat.
lucy the magic cocker spaniel.
bill the magic castrated ox.
plush the magic otter.
jake the magic snail.
oscar the magic walrus.
husky the magic parrot.
len the magic hummingbird.
speedy the magic rhinoceros.
arnold the magic hen.
stella the magic turtle.
mike the magic cow.
cinderella the magic ape.
heroin the magic golden retriever.
ursell the magic ant.
kameesha the magic dove.
tommy the magic poodle.
redundant the magic grasshopper.
cody the magic shark.
juanita the magic cricket.
walter the magic cheetah.
cornchip the magic alligator.
jack the magic iguana.
floppy the magic aardvark.
herman the magic vulture.
cake the magic owl.
bernard the magic wooly mammoth.
willy the magic toad.
hamborg the magic grizzly bear.
petunia the magic clam.
wilma the magic gopher.
integer the magic zebra.
roger the magic seahorse.
dan the magic elephant.
cucumber the magic bunny.
kelly the magic wildebeest.
horace the magic camel.
samantha the magic raccoon.
gene the magic flamingo.
binary the magic duck.
sara the magic whale.
lloyd the magic moose.
ed the magic fly.
porky the magic yak.
paul the magic dung beetle.
veronica the magic porcupine.
jose the magic penguin.
willow the magic tapeworm.
gertrude the magic flesh-eating pirhana.
randall the magic bumblebee.
limp the magic cobra.
melissa the magic firefly.
blop the magic octopus.
hank the magic tadpole.
cupcake the magic mule.
lolly the magic jellyfish.
ricky the magic stegosaurus.
purple the magic canary.
oliver the magic swan.
iliad the magic deer.
todd the magic bull.
meggie sometimes mr bilodeau my math teacher gets angry at people and uses his magic to kick people out of his room he goes, "DETENTION! BE GONE!" and they are instantly gone, it's really quite pleasant to see someone get what's coming to them 000302
MollyGoLightly "De Alto Cedro voy para Marcane
Luego a Cueto voy para Mayari"
---Francisco Repilado
amybeary magic is the most important part of being human. if we all payed more attention to the magic in our lives we would relax more, be more thankful, and chase after foolish things much less. 000409
Tank Women are magic... 000702
Zatumushgir Magic is, was, and always shall be.
It is the Light in Darkness,
The Darkness in Light,
And all that lies between.
It comes from within,
It comes from without.
What is magic today,
Was Science yesterday,
And shall be again tomorrow.
Therefore, thank Who you will
And learn to embrace the power of Magic.
justa guy Magic, the ultimate power, does it really exist, can anyone truly possess another through the use of supernatural powers? This is a debatable question that must fall into different religions or religious beliefs. Magic is Evil to some religions, yet good to others.... why not just accept its existence and move on with our lives? 001210
Rhin "I knew it. I knew it the very first moment I saw her. I was just taking her hand, as she stepped out of a cab, and I knew. It was.....mmmmagic!" 001210
vampers magic is my life force......its is me 010324
violette this morning i found a turquoise feather on the staircase when i first woke up. i knew it was from the feather duster, but i refused to believe it. i decided to take it as a sign of magical things yet to happen today. 010409
phil Sometimes I see what people were thinking, and once in a while they were thinking that I would be thinking a certain thing. It looks to me like that's what I should be thinking. I wonder why not?

Are you reading what I'm writing, or just thinking what I'm thinking? OR is everything out of order, and I am writing what you will be thinking or reading? Maybe I'm not thinking at all, maybe I'm not even writing. Are you smiling yet?
phil magic is getting more than you expected 010426
John P.Melvin it´s real unless declared as integer 010515
ladybird you *have* to believe in it 010515
carlos santana dun dun dun dun duh... "got a black magic marker..." 010522
DOT I_am_magic 010524
holy a vampire is magic... 010528
Fire&Roses Darkens your eyes as they stare down into mine. Leaves a trail of warmth across my skin where your fingers have traveled. Creates a timeless world of peace. Allows me and you. 010726
terry do you see my magic? Has it become painfully evident to you yet that it's all just blue smoke and mirrors? Or do you want to believe me so badly you will overlook what is obvious to the rest of the world. abracadabra! 010821
snow angel THERES NO MAGIC WHEN I GET KICKED OUT OF CLASS!!!! i dont like it at all....i would rather run up and say "NO YOU LEAVE...I HAVE some stuff thats NEED to be SAID and you are just PRETENDING to know what your doing." 011004
Ian I have magical powers. Do you? 011107
Casey I believe in magic. 011107
the one i believe in YOu 011203
ClairE "you can do can do anything that you can do--you're the one who can put out the fire.
you know darn well when you cast your spell..."


(you hypnotize with your eyes)
sphinxradio sally-magic in the comics. 020115
ellen cherry charles peek under the rug. 020425
mae Magic like magi
like a mutilation of my name
in Spanish;
how fun is that -
how far is that?
But it works
especially when it's found within -
or maybe from without?
posession isn't so much 9/10 of the law
when you don't know you have it;
it doesn't work so well
But magic is more than
to be posessed
think more like a match
that came from a box
stashed so far back
you swear it was lost
and you forget

It takes someone else's fire
see the flicker
of another flame
to recall vague memories
of when you could burn
hell; you still could!

a jealous pride in awe
pains to remember the days
you could do that
you were hot shit
even if only you felt the heat
it was your own little flame
all your own

So you go back and crawl
under your bed
under your closet
under your doubts your fears your insecurities, yourself
and tenatively, not daring to hope
envisioning no fire
but already feeling the heat
you emerge victorious
one match
you're on fire
THAT is magic
good people did anyone play that card game, magic the gathering? i did. i still have all of my cards, too. it was a super-dork game, but i liked it. 020426
girl_jane something about driving on an empty highway with the windows down on a hot summer night... 020426
embryo it glows.. 020502
blown cherry I played it a few times, but a long time ago, and with borrowed cards, but I liked it.
And it WAS NOT(!) super-dorky!
photophobe the super dork super dorky my ass. I still have abot 1000 cards. and thats after losing my deck 4 times (stupid ban at school - the teachers obviously didn't realise just how much money they were taking off us. At one stage I had a mostly dark black/green deck worth almost $700 (according to wizard) $700 for 40 cards! thats was more money than I had ever seen back then. 020502
good people the dork that was my admitting to be a super-dork, so dont get all defensive everybody. i still have like 2000 cards, and i will never part with them!!! 020503
girl_jane ben folds

girl_jane From the back of your big brown eyes
I knew you'd be gone as soon as you could
And I hoped you would
We could see that you weren't yourself
And the lines on your face did tell
It's just as well
You'd never be yourself again

Saw you last night
Danced by the light of the moon
Stars in your eyes
Free from the life
That you knew

You're the magic that holds the sky up from the ground
You're the breath that blows these cool winds 'round
Trading places with an angel now

Saw you last night
Danced by the light of the moon
Stars in your eyes
Free from the life
That you knew
Saw you last night
Stars in the sky
Smiled in my room

Ben Folds Five
jg THAT song makes my stomach ache. 020614
User24 I believe in chaos magic, check out and my humble fofering to the interweb, 020617
tourist I'm with Tank!
But sometimes Magic can be
A Pain in the Ass.
Mahayana we see magic when we are basking in the light of love for the human heart is a crucible within our hearts lies the greatest potential for transformation for transmutation and for evolution in a compassionate heart we may find our greatest opportunity for growth for expansion and for embodying our truest purpose as a human being

[in its deepest context, magic may simply be our innate human ability to allow the flow of love, the flow of creativity, and joy, peace, wonder, gratitude and humility that pervades the universe to pass through us]

::allowing, blessing, honoring::
[~all that is~]
god tommy bolin was the second guitarist in the james gang 020618
pixellore that was one of the most magical nights I have had in years. Thank you so much for being so amazing and for showing me it's ok to not look back. It started off so weird and once again, I was shown that in just one moment, everything can change. 020927
mae feeling strained by a nostalgic ache for the ephemeral miracles vaguely remembered, craving just a taste... 030524
Lindsey is when you call me beautiful. 030725
queen of darkness ...i believe in magic... 030829
ni magic
so many things are magic to me
the way the sky changes colour when the sun sets
the way the birds sound when they chatter in the morning
the way new life can be created from tiny cells
the way life itself is created by tiny atoms - themselves created by protons, neutrons, electrons
the very same protons, electrons and neutrons that form the chair i sit on, the planet i live on, the air i breathe
magical yet confusing
the way pressing these keys can send my deepest thoughts to thousands of minds around single planet
the way his planet formed
and he life on it
the way we can learn
the way we are
ni the way i can make so many spelling mistakes in my typing...
that possibly is not magic :)
ROFL a young girls heart.... 031011
the_priestly_jellyfish A magic spell for success and happiness:

Step 1 -

As you walk down the street, try to see every face that can be seen. See them as they familiar faces, not as the strangers that they have always appeared to be.

See the old man, see the young couple, see the little baby and his mother. See the policeman and the bus driver. See the shoppers and the stompers and the bikers.

See them and imagine their story, imagine their lives, imagine what might be their dreams..and their dilemmas(of course in a big crowd...just work on seeing them all.)

Imagine what their wives and children might look like, where they might live and what they might do for a living. Imagine that they are your uncle, or your aunt, or perhaps, your little brother. Imagine that they are your big sister, or that they are your teacher.

Imagine that they know you, and just forgot to say "Hi!"...maybe their minds are on their troubles. Perhaps they could use a friend, perhaps that friend could be you. Perhaps they need advice or a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps they have no friends and they have been looking for you everywhere.

Get in the habit. Force yourself matter how foolish you might feel, or how afraid you might be that they will take your searching eyes the wrong way. Don't stare. Just look and doesn't matter if you are wrong about them, as long as you always imagine the very BEST and most positive image of them that you can come up with.

Do this for 4 solid weeks or as long as it takes to really get into the habit.

Step 2 -

Start to approach the ones that seem most approachable, no matter how embarrassed you may be, or how unapproachable the most approachable may appear to be.

As you approach them, think of something simple to say.

"Hi, I couldn't help but notice your ______. I just wanted to tell you that I think it's cool." (It doesn't matter whether you do or not, IMAGINE that you do. You should be pretty good at that by now.)

If they respond negatively, just smile and say "Just thought I'd let you know...sorry to bother you." Then move on.

If they respond favorably, ask them another "So..where'd you get _________, if you don't mind my asking?"

Continue to ask and answer questions for as long as they seem interested, and respond favorably.

The minute they seem to become too uncomfortable or suspicious, excuse yourself and move on. There are no end to the number of questions that you can ask them, but ASK! Most people love to talk about themselves and their lives.

Step 3 -

Repeat step 2 for the rest of your life.

You will find yourself quickly surrounded by familiar faces, by people who know you and who share something with you..a connection.

Your world will suddenly seem a smaller and safer place to live in.

You will make contacts that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

You will find jobs that you could have never known about, you will learn where the best deals are, you will learn about the most delicious recipes and what the best techniques for doing all manner of things are.

You will learn how other people live and what they do, hope and dream.

You will have stepped outside of your box and into the reality of a dream.

First spell's free. Second one is going to cost you. The price isn't too steep though:

Simply follow through with this first bit of sorcery and when it has worked it's magic, smile. Know that you are not only blessed, but have blessed yourself.

Then come ask for another spell. It will be yours for the taking.


falling_alone i believe in magic. 031102
pipedream if i have enough faith, it will come to me.
if i'm a good person, good things will happen.
if i open my eyes wide enough i will be able to see it all.
if i hold on to my belief i will survive.
schadenfreude. until life comes up behind you with a sock full of quarters, and next thing you know you're nowhere near where you wanted to be, and things are getting scarier by the moment... 031103
Lemon_Soda is what you believe it to be. 031103
Dafremen Oh life's an adventure to be lived and quarters are cranked out by the billions by the system.

Make life magical and f*ck the quarter-filled sock-carrying thugs. Let them play the part of Shangai Lilly in my adventure, I welcome the plot twist!

I'll pick it up where they leave off and they can kiss my hairy tookus for their troubles as I march off toward the sunset.
pipedream you go, daf!

and you don't have to march off, you can foxtrot away, because you will be the bearer of hope and happiness (and a hairy tookus)
daf : ) 031112
PimpTitty I've got the magic stick 040106
time_warp sorcery?
self-serving ripples?
or something different entirely?
smurfus rex ________: The Gathering.

Oh, how I miss our afternoon duels.
misstree mine were usually late night duels, in coffeehouses or living room floors, caffeinated and intoxicated and only occasionally supercompetitive, with decks that would put the hurt on with style. good times. 040115
smurfus rex my favorites were red & black and green & white. I had a bruise deck that most people hated, and a friend of mine had one called 'Customer Service' that we ALL hated. After a while, if he pulled out Customer Service, I'd give up before the first draw.

If you've ever worked at Target, then you understand why we hated the Customer Service deck.
u24 "The universe is not a machine, and magick is not the secret formula for manipulating the machine. You don't stand here, say this, do this, pull the lever and out comes your instant gratification. Magick is a profound spiritual process that's rooted in the idea of co-creative partnership with deity, with indwelling deity, a deity that surrounds us."
-Phyllis Curott

pd i am tired of finding it, looking for it, waiting for it, nobody believes except for me and i am tired of being lonesome. 040212
Jared Frye magic is just reality having a little fun 040223
Justine<3 never-never land isnt just in Peter Pan. its such an awsome place. makes you want to dance. i cant describe it to you... but when you get there youll know where you are. ive been- its magic. 040227
krupt science defines the impossible to be inconcievable to every degree, yet anything assigned to this category is seen only as something that has not yet been understood, but will be eventually... i however have learned that it is much easier to accept these things as magic... 050210
krupt science defines the impossible to be inconcievable to every degree, yet anything assigned to this category is seen only as something that has not yet been understood, but will be eventually... i however have learned that it is much easier to accept these things as magic... 050210
krupt science defines the impossible to be inconcievable to every degree, yet anything assigned to this category is seen only as something that has not yet been understood, but will be eventually... i however have learned that it is much easier to accept these things as magic... 050210
realistic optimist faith applied reasonably is practical magic 050302
banjo Awake in me for four years now, always hidden from others, who i am. denial. despondancy. despair. Acceptance creeps up on me and i realise my existance is about to blossom.
Synchronisities between people's speach and my own thoughts, moments prior becoming so subtle as to read it as almost second nature.
Time spent isolated and hidden is now spent with with comfort as it's purpose among my loved ones .
My veins and my body charged with it, strange and wonderful shadows and outlines in my vision. And everything i'd imagined it to be comes through as i work through my mother's volumes.
This spring is beautiful, the world yawns - vibrating with life and hope.
Keil I still play every once in a while (the gathering i mean) I get about nine or so people and we play during our 24-minute lunch break. They all borrow a deck of mine because the are too cheap to spring 4 1 of their own. It started when I made a deck for a friend to borrow b/c we planned on going to a tournament (we got massacred), and before long people were giving me cards to keep as long as I let them use the decks I built. We never finish any games (unless someone is REALLY unlucky), but we like it that way. 060421
triplesix Magic is where you find it. :) 070206
Soma When I was younger I used to cry that I couldn't ever be a magician, or a sorcerer, or any sort of magical being. Sometimes, I wake up, and I still have the longing, or the hint of a dream. But magic is where we make it, and for our eyes only. Never seen by anyone else, a secret. Perhaps I chose to be an artist because it was the closest thing to magic, making things from the nothingness in my brain. Oh, if only there was more to it. 150128
Soma When I was younger I used to cry that I couldn't ever be a magician, or a sorcerer, or any sort of magical being. Sometimes, I wake up, and I still have the longing, or the hint of a dream. But magic is where we make it, and for our eyes only. Never seen by anyone else, a secret. Perhaps I chose to be an artist because it was the closest thing to magic, making things from the nothingness in my brain. Oh, if only there was more to it. 150128
what's it to you?
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