pajaro enojado no te entiendo

y no me entiendes
Toxic_Kisses That’s really all I want out of life (Besides being a VS Model any how) is to be understood, I want some one to relate to and to be able to share my secrets w/ I want to be able to hold conversations fore hours about the mundane, or deep, about the silly or phelosical
I want us to see though each others eyes. W/ crystal clearity and understanding of one another and the world around us.

But you don't always get what you want.
deb understood is something i am never. 020517
Jon Impossible! For comprehension is a fleeting whim based upon flimsy preconceptions. What basis of comparison do you have to relate what you know and what you do not? For in the grand scheme of things, everything you know is, in fact, nothing. Dwell upon this and your infinitismal insignificance. Were you to die tonight, the world would keep on churning, as it has since time began. Some would remember, fewer would mourn, and the majority? We scoff, we laugh, we scorn. And comprehension we still claim as ours! I sincerely doubt even God realizes the machines he set in motion that fateful day that he created man. 020823
qwerty I shared a seat with a new friend on the bus driving into the mountains of Banff. Inky clouds smudged a burnished steel sky. Light ebbed. We talked and talked, our words tumbling out in un-careful rushes: Buddhism, spiral dynamics, epiphianic moments. We guzzled each other's sentences, slacking our thirst for connection-- so hard to find in a world of pillars-of-salt people.

He asked if I had a partner. I tried to explain the marvel of you and me, fumbling to describe a love unlike any other I've known. Passion and comfort, sureness and mystery. Nothing I said quite captured what I feel. My friend nodded. He said he was married to a woman for 20 years and never experienced that kind of love. Now, divorced and re-partnered, he thought he knew what I was trying to say. "It's about more than loving and being loved," he said. "For the first time in my life, I felt truly understood."

Later, alone in my hotel room, I think of you and the word -- "understood." It is not quite right. The truth is this: When we discovered each other, every cell in my body sang out in recognition. There was no meeting, truly. Just a sudden awareness of each other on a path we'd somehow always shared. We are two souls drawn from the same well of consciousness. Like Rumi and Shams.

My love, if I spent the rest of my days kneeling with forehead to the ground in prayer, I could still not repay the universe for sending you to me. I can only offer my awareness, my reverence, these grateful tears.
unhinged i got it. i understood what you meant before you actually said it. and it pained me. maybe it even broke my heart. 'i just wanted you to know that if it wasn't for you, i would have never gotten up off that couch.' i wasn't just some lifeless apparition sent down by christ. i guess rarely words fail me, but i couldn't think of anything to say. i understood. my purpose was done. i forgot for awhile what it felt like to cry out of despair. but once again, that is understood. 030601
standing on the doorstep of infinity pondering whe hay debrarr, it's a mere phd 031027
queen of darkness i wish i understood...

ich verstehe das nicht (german yay!)
monika is that understood?
nothing is ever understood when you think it is
you understand me as much as anthropologists understand prehistoric people
you take your clues, you guess
but to know the truth, you need to see it, feel it, you need to become a part of it

Who will become a part of me?
nighean_siofra i don't have to respect your decision
nor approve of it
but if it helps you
rest a little easier
just know that you are understood
what's it to you?
who go