what? I failed a few exams today and I don't care 000106
nullspace i've failed many exams.
i've failed many classes.
i failed out of college.
i used to get all a's without any effort
the something happened
who knows what...i think maybe i just
realized there are more important things
in life than grades.
plus i was lazy and fucked up all the time.
i tried to get back in, but i failed at that too.
"lack of maturity and judgement"
it's true, i can't deny it...i was that way
but i am not now
i am not wanted
EECP You only fail if you refuse to continue. You will always be wanted by the ones who love you. Don't forget the ones whe love you. You are more to them than they can ever let you know.... 000126
klarchen Failing is like falling.
Once you fail, you have to get up, again.
Well, if you fail you naturally must get up again.
But how?
Well just stop crying over the the milk that you just spilled.
Do not even attempt to mop up the milk.
Just step over the milk ever so non-chalantly and go outside.
Outside is the place where the milk is just an abstract memory, that is soon faded by the sun.
valis people can't be failures.
failure is a temporary state.
freakizh failure is good.

you have a life to be better.
and nothing at all to loose, you wuzz.
god spilled_milk 011222
flo I did the exact same thing, thought i could win with no effort and so let what i thought was my future slip away, i was down and thought i had nowhere left to go and let myself slip into a deep dark depression.

And do you know what, i went and had a future anyway full of fun and women booze, success, failure, friends, enemies, laughter and tears. Dont be downhearted, go out tonight, get blasted and shout, and tomorrow get on a bus and do somthing new.
aero i falter; my confidence wavers for a moment and i'm flailing, frantically trying to pull, too late.

i've failed again.

if i wasn't so pale i'd grit my teeth and try again, but i've lost my will and my spirit is broken. besides, the sun hangs so low in the sky and it's getting cold... i'll try again... just not today.

i am exactly the person i don't want to be.

(nullspace, you sound exactly like me. flo, good advice.)
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021212
will you be lonely with me? we could be lonely tog i've failed myself. i love you but i shall not tell you. the feeling of failure with you makes me scared to try at all, and i know failure is inevitable because i fail myself each day i lie to myself, pushing away these feelings. is a cold heart better than a broken one? i fear i have both. will someone come to ease my pain? to be with me forever? to love me? i fear i cannot take it much longer... please someone, dont let me fail longer than i have to. 041201
Risen I failed.

I reached out.

There was nothing. Less than cold. Ice. Heartless.

God, how could I have ever believed that she cared for me? I don't believe you could ever watch someone you love suffer without doing anything.

She never loved me.

That realisation brings with it some peace.

God, I can't believe I got so angry. It hurt. That complete cut off. That complete withdrawal. How could she?

Then that's such an easy answer. Because she never cared.

The old me would have raised hell. But I could barely bring myself to threaten. Why bother? Why hurt all those people? What for? What would it accomplish? Nothing at all, just more pain and suffering.

My own is more than I can handle.

What I do know now, though, is the Truth.

I was something she used. A toy she grew bored of. Picked up and dropped as the mood suited her.

And when I needed her? She was gone.

I failed. She lost.
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