me spin.
my tail.
my yarn.
valis watch the eyes. 991221
crissa i watch you as you use me
you aren't even aware.
you don't know how well i know you
you think you are so smart,
that i don't know your little secrets
you think i don't get your perversely mean jibes and comments that you throw out without actually saying what you mean.
what you don't understand is that i am exactly as you are, only more subtle and knowledged. you think i haven't played this game? i am the master of it, and i will win without you even knowing.
freakizh i can see you from here.
white shirt, baggy jeans, worryness disolved into silly things.
i see how you throw your body into her, letting yourself to be loved, aware that i'm watching.

i might be far away from there, but still i can hear your voice. harsh, irrelevant, drop that breaks seas. i wonder how she's not deformed by it and how she's not turning into a colored wave like i do when i hear you. i want to scream. scream to shut you up. scream ten times louder and unnecesary. i want to get lost in myself and to never know about yourself again.

even though, i'm here watching you from a third floor, hoping for a natural miracle that could force you to meet my eyes and feel threatened.
want somebody to save me
J watch me try to go down on myself 020829
outov I got a watch and its digital
its also solar powered.
I got another watch off Al
& got it fixed for $5.
watch out
watch in
watch time is it?
outov oclock
charlie company watch him squirm
can't decide
stuck on a pin
look at him go
strange i found a watch, on top of a car. noone belives i found it. they think i stole it. i didn't though. 040620
Lila Pause I just bought a watch off ebay.
For $91.
- I think it's the last of the seven signs.
Finish up that last crust of pie...
For the end is nigh.
sentinel jack what time is it? time for me to get a watch. actually i have one. i just dont know where i left it...its prolly on the floor of my car, ticking away, telling time to the dust. 041230
marjorie i wear my ex-boyfriend's watch.
he's dead and has no use for it.
or so he told me.
when he was still alive.
No idea how much I miss the bastard.
holly myself... holly 050603
laurah caroline has three old watches that she wears everywhere and she still doesn't know which one is right. 050910
what's it to you?
who go